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Archive for December, 2012

Big Sister/Little Brother

Posted by willkay on December 22, 2012


On the last day of school before Christmas, we had our final Big Brother/Little Sister event. This time it was making a photo frame. The sixth grade got to help their little sister/brother with the glueing and sticking and cutting out. At the end of the activity all the first graders had a photo frame that they could take home and keep…or give as a present to their parents.

I took some pictures of the children all working together, you can see them here.

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Visit to the Orphanage

Posted by willkay on December 22, 2012

playing a game

On Monday, 17th December, the sixth and fifth grade visited an orphanage run by Professor Israel’s mum. As the value of the month is Charity, we all took presents so that we could share the Christmas spirit. Before the presents were given out, the children mingled, and then, as children do, played. After playing we all went into the large hall that is associated with the orphanage and gave out the presents. The children from the orphanage then did a short presentation – they sang and danced. If only we’d known! We could have really prepared “The Eight Days of Christmas”.

It was a wonderful way to spend a morning. Thank you very much to the orphanage for having us. And thank you to all the children who provided gifts.

You can find some pictures from the day here.

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8 Days of Christmas

Posted by willkay on December 18, 2012

Yes, I know, there are supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. However, when this was planned we didn’t know about the trip to the orphanage. Then, once we did know about the trip, we didn’t know about the timing. Then, once we did know the timings, they ALL changed on the day. This meant that we had under 50 minutes to rehearse, and twenty minutes for filming. The filming went horribly wrong (my fault), as I couldn’t juggle the iPad very well whilst walking backwards on a bench.

All of that said…here’s an attempt at The 12 Days of Christmas…or Three-Quarters of The 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy:

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