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Archive for the ‘grammar’ Category

loads of stuff

Posted by willkay on October 10, 2012

Pablo was up early this morning to watch an attempt on the world freefall record. Unfortunately (for him) for the second day running the attempt was cancelled. The next attempt will be on Sunday. That’s good news for Pablo, he can go back to bed afterwards!

The Homeless World Cup is being held in Mexico City. Seventy-six countries are competing. You can catch up with all the details here.

Next Sunday (that’s the Sunday after this Sunday, this Sunday being the Sunday coming up, which means that next Sunday is actually the Sunday after the next Sunday…confused yet?) it’s The Mini Olympics. Yes, I know it is a Sunday. Yes, I know that it is early. However, this is an event not to be missed. This is the sixth grade, this is the students’ final year at BAI. As each day passes, they are slowly ticking off things they will never do again. This will be their final Mini Olympics. Many of the students will not compete again at sport for the rest of their academic career. None of the students will ever compete again at a BAI Mini Olympics. As each event rolls round, the students should embrace them, partake in them, and store the memories. True, at the moment they might not feel like wanting the memories. However, one day, they will look back on their time at school, and all they will have is memories. And, let’s face it, no one remembers the day they sat at home doing nothing, and thinks of it as a day well spent. However, this might be the year that Mr. Kay actually wins a race! And it would be a terrible moment if it was missed. [Please note: Mr. Kay will not be entering any races, so he won’t be winning any. But, who knows what he gets to say this year…I hope they have the theme tune from Rocky, I love that song!]

Maths was comparing fractions. English was regular and irregular plurals. Geography was WW2. The students also squeezed in a computer lesson, a Spanish lesson, and a music lesson. At some point I made Paola cry. With laughter. And there were a couple of other students laughing as well. So, that was a good thing. Oh, at another point the bell rang for recess, and no one wanted to go outside because they all wanted to stay in and listen to the lesson. So, that was a good thing. And Roberto has just become my friend on Game Center [sic].  (Center shows up as a spelling mistake on my computer, because centre should be spelt centre!) This should be a good thing. However, I can now see his scores on Temple Run (over 13 million), PvZ, and Where’s My Water. Suffice to say, all of his scores are better than mine. Plus, he finds time to read over 2000 pages a week! I need to go and practise a bit more. And read a bit more too.

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growing pains

Posted by willkay on October 3, 2012

There is (at long last) some action in the cauliflower pots. Oddly enough, not in the pot we are just giving normal water to, but in the pot that we are just adding blue water. I thought that it would never grow, or if it did, there would be very little difference. However, the hot weather means that the blue cauliflower is now growing. Outside, the radishes have been struggling. Fortunately, Sr. Francisco has been planting other stuff on the side of the hill. This means that he has been tending his plants, and at the same time has been watering our radishes. Unfortunately, when I planted the seeds, I over planted – putting too many seeds in the bags, and not spreading them out far enough. To be fair, I was desperate for something to grow, because I wanted the children to see some “action”. However, this has meant that although there are some shoots, only a couple of those shoots have gone on to produce radishes. My cunning plan was to grow 40 radishes, so that every 6th grader could have one. It looks like there will be only four. Ooops. Never mind. Everything is in place (in my mind) for 2013. Once we get to March/April, I’ll have a go at tomatoes!

Yesterday, in maths, we did the rules for divisibility. That was so that today, we could work out the difference between a Prime number and a Composite number. First we made A Sieve of Eratosthenes. Eratosthenes was a Greek mathematician from the 3rd Century B.C. If you want to see exactly what we did in class today, click here to see an animation. [note: this is not an animation of the classroom, this is an animation of the sieve.]

English was fast, quick, and easy – it was Common and Proper Nouns. Then on to Geography which got very complicated, very quickly. We were supposed to be speaking about France. However, the conversation took a dramatic turn, and we ended up talking about politics. How good intentions can sometimes go very wrong if left in the wrong hands. How capitalism can change into Fascism and Socialism can move quickly into Communism. And also, how these two extremes can go badly wrong. There will be more of this conversation when we study Germany and Russia.

For me, the rest of the afternoon was spent on administration: exam grades have to be combined with classroom grades, to get an overall grade. These have then to be entered into Escualenet, so that the parents can see the final grades on Friday. The students had computing, followed by music.

On the way home, we stopped off at Randy’s (it’s opposite Wash Mobile) for a Torta de Loma. I can happily report it was delicious. It also appears that Randy (if that is his name) catered for the opening of BAI. I don’t know if that is true or not, I’m sure Miss Lilian might remember. However, I gladly recommend Randy’s Tortas! And I get no commission for that! Right, back to playing Temple Run to see if I can get anywhere near Roberto’s score!

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I love teaching

Posted by willkay on September 6, 2012

What a brilliant day! Not perfect, but so much better. And this is why I like teaching. Every day is different. You can have good days, you can have bad, but one day is not like the next, they are all different. I realise that the last couple of posts might have been a bit grumpy, but that is because Mrs Kay, Miss Claudia, and I all want the best for the children and from the children. We know what they are capable of, and when we see it going wrong (or off track) then we worry. I get to express my worries on here – which is nice for me. But today was a good day!

It started with a talk, and then into an English lesson. Today we did grammar, Subjects and Predicates. We settled quickly, and got on with efficiently. And, hopefully, we learnt to listen. Not just to listen to the teacher, but also to listen to our classmates – those that listened to Luis Francisco’s where-the-verb-is theory, discovered that finding the verb was easy!

P.E. included a chance for the Honour Guard to practise. That was followed by Spanish, and then it was time to really work on the song we will be singing for our assembly. This was really good fun! Everyone worked together, coming up with ideas, and helping each other. What has often been a fairly frustrating experience for me (my choreography skills are not my best), went really, really well. It was TeamWork in Action!

In geography we talked about Scotland, how they like to wear kilts and strangle cats until they cry play the bagpipes. I also got to tell a story about my dad, which always makes me happy. My dad was a brilliant, fantastic man who (occasionally) had weird and wonderful ideas. I have already told the students about his “two-year-plan-to-walk-the-Pennines“, and the holiday we spent walking along Hadrian’s Wall. But his “week of Nessie spotting” was today’s story. My dad was convinced that The Loch Ness Monster exists. (I say convinced, but honestly I just think we wanted it to be true.) So, we spent a week, sat beside Loch Ness, monster hunting. Actually, that’s a lie: my dad spent a week monster hunting, we (my mum, sister, and brothers) spent the week sat in a caravan playing cards, as the rain fell. Five days in, my dad got very excited, as he announced that he had seen Nessie. Not only was he convinced that he had seen the monster, he had also managed to capture the image on Super8. Later, when we got home and saw the film, we were all convinced that it was just a seagull, swimming along, making the ripples in the water. Not my dad! My dad had his proof. And who am I to argue with him.

There was just time, at the end of the day, to run through the whole assembly one more time. And, not that I want to jinx it or anything, it went really well. True, it is hard for some people to sing-and-dance at the same time. And some of us aren’t as fit as we think we are – out of breath in the first verse???? But it was a really good end, to a much better day. Time for an empanada!

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divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived

Posted by willkay on August 29, 2012

It’s hot! And it is even hotter in the classroom! Oh, I know what you are thinking, surely it isn’t that hot in there? But, let me assure you, it is.  First off, the windows are are closed on one side of the room. This is because there is P.E. or recess happening at some stage, which means there is noise to worry about. Secondly, there is a fan in the classroom, but it is very noisy and has the ability to blow paper all over the place. And finally, there are the students. 19 wonderful students, all exhaling and adding their own body heat to the classroom. After recess, when they all entered, hot and sweaty, I watched the thermometer rise an extra couple of degrees. It’s hot!

Great start to the morning: all the homework diaries in; everyone had done their maths homework! [We won’t mention the English homework.] Straight into addition and subtraction of decimals. The exciting news of the day? Students got to write on the SmartBoard! Yes, for the first time, some students got to walk to the front of the classroom and write on the board. AND there were stickers handed out. Actually, this wasn’t as exciting as I hoped. Oh, it was exciting for the students, less so for me. I had bought some scratch’n’sniff stickers that involved monkeys and bananas. I had assumed that they would be banana scented, and was very excited when I gave Pablo the first one. He scratched, he sniffed, “Mmmmm, gum!” GUM??? I thought they would be banana! Hey, ho.

English was a great lesson, as we charged through the work. There were some silly mistakes made at the end – students need to remember to read what they have written, to make sure it made sense. But, for once, I finished a lesson early and we were ready for Miss Claudia for the first time ever!

Geography turned into a history lesson. Did you know that I am from England, but according to my passport I am from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Yes, I am English, I am a Briton, and I am from the UK. How did all this come about? Ask a sixth grader. However, they might have forgotten what happened to Henry VIII’s six wives. The clue is in the title.

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but what about your beard?

Posted by willkay on November 9, 2011

There was a complaint from my class today, that I hadn’t posted a “BeardWatch” photo. This I found rather strange considering that they can see my beard. I would have expected the complaint to come more from people who can’t see my beard. However, I am easily persuaded, so:

I am quite happy with it – the growth that is. It still itches and irritates me. However, the beard is for our wedding photos, and that is more important. Yesterday I had to trim the moustache part of the beard. I will take that as a sign that it is now fully grown in around the front of my face, it is just the sides I have to worry about!

After having said yesterday that lessons don’t always go to plan, it was obvious that today it would all go wrong again. Except, it didn’t really go wrong. It went very well, thank you for asking. The maths lesson that I taught was not the lesson I had planned – in fact, after an hour, Diana asked me if this was today’s lesson. I think she had already guessed that we were doing something different. However, it was a very useful lesson. I think that by the end of it the class had a much better understanding of percents, and how to manipulate them in problems. This will come in very handy when we have to do “sales tax”. Of course, life is mainly “swings and roundabouts”. Where we used up an hour in the maths lesson not moving forward, we went through two lessons’ work in the English class. In fact, we were on such a roll, I had to go next door to check where the other sixth grade were. As they were two topics behind us in the Grammar book, I decided to call a halt to that, and we went to the spelling book – where we are two topics behind 6B!

A spelling test! How will Secret Agent 003½ escape the swinging pendulum of doom (doom, doom, doom, doom…..)? By using ancient techniques taught to him in a Tibetan monastery that I am forbidden to repeat on here. However, on a serious note: Secret Agent 003½ is so named because he is half of 007! This is a fact that had escaped the whole of my class. But, one thing that had not escaped notice was the fact that 003½ is male! Andrea pointed this out to me today, and I am really glad she did so. Although 003½ managed to escape from the pendulum, he has not managed to escape from the evil Dr. Evil’s hideout. Thus, 003½’s contact, Agent Cinnamon, will pass the task of saving the governor onto Secret Agent 004½, who might be female.

The day ended with Enrique, Andrea, and Hector designing a new method of train transport – the MagnaTrain. Look out for it in the future!


  • Maths: answer the following questions
  1. 35% off $4.72
  2. 12% off $129.42
  3. 40% off $58.00
  4. 33% off $52.13
  5. 85% off $25.30
  • Grammar: Workbook page: 36
  • Questionnaires: completed and returned
  • Laptops: Charged
  • Writing Assignment: Design An Alien (for Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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ten days to go

Posted by willkay on November 7, 2011

This morning, I asked maria to check what the weather was going to be like, I needed to know how many different layers I should put on. I ended up being caught in the rain on Friday, and getting soaked. Unfortunately I caught a chill in my back, and have been struggling over the weekend with the odd spasm. She read me the weather for today, and then paused. She then proceeded to tell me the weather for next Thursday. That’s Thursday 17th November. Yes, we are now so close to the wedding, we can read the weather forecast for the day. Are you nervous? This was a question that Miss Monica asked me this morning, and it was immediately re-asked by Miss Gaby. I replied, “No. No, of course I’m not nervous.” I then walked out of Miss Monica’s office and across the playground towards my classroom. By the time I got to my classroom I was a nervous wreck! TEN DAYS!!

One of the joys of teaching is that every day is a new day, every day is a new beginning. The last two weeks have not been the best of times, however with a weekend behind us all, we can start afresh. There was no official assembly this morning, but there were still honours to the flag, which was done by the sixth grade Honour Guard. Then into maths and percents. We started with some very simple fractions of numbers and then leapt into the wonderful realm of mental percentages. Some students got it straight away. Others struggled. There were several “fireworks” moments. These are moments when the whole class go, “Ahhhhhhhh!” Which always reminds me of a fireworks display when the crowd “ooo” and “ahhh”. Viviana and Maria Rita came up with some excellent ideas, and we crashed through 30 quick questions. Well, some of us crashed through 30 quick questions. Some of us struggled to do mental maths at a grade 4 level. Hmmm!

The English lesson started, as it starts every Monday morning, with The Reading Logs. This turned out to be a surprise for six members of the class. However, here’s this week’s:


  • 455 pages: Arturo

  • 370 pages: Rodrigo

  • 329 pages: Aleksei

  • 318 pages: Diana

  • 311 pages: Katherine

Seven students got into The 200+ Club. There was then time to finish off the Grammar exercise from last Friday, and start the spelling exercises on the list that we did (all the way back) on Monday last week.

After recess, and some time spent with Professor Richardo, we continued with the English lesson. At the moment we are reading “Goodbye To The Moon”. This is the story of the first person born on the moon and his trip to Earth, for the first time. I find this a very interesting story. It helps the students see their own planet through the eyes of an outsider, and opens up the way for a lot of discussion. And that is what happened – a lot of discussion! We went through “dinosaur killers”, to how short and fat you’d have to be to live on Jupiter, to “visiting the bathroom upside down”, and finally settled on “which would hit the ground first when dropped, a hammer or a feather?”


  • Maths: Reteaching 6-4 Nos: 1,3,4,5,6,7,11,15 Practice 6-4 Nos: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,14,17
  • Spelling: Spelling Workbook next two pages.
  • Writing Assignment: Design An Alien (for Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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chickens – hatch – never – before – count – they – your

Posted by willkay on October 19, 2011

I’ve got my ticket to the Noche Lounge thingy. maria has got her ticket. We shall be at the Noche Lounge thingy on Friday night!

Twenty out of twenty one homework diaries signed. Nineteen out of twenty one homeworks completed. I should have said absolutely nothing yesterday. I should have kept quiet, not made a fuss, and let the week progress as it progresses. However, I did say something, and now I have to live with the high from yesterday, and the dip down today.

I spent most of last night, after writing the blog, working on the presentation for Christmas. 6A are doing Thriller. So, I decided to re-record the song (just in case Quincey Jones didn’t get it right the first time). From there, I spent the next couple of hours watching every single video on youtube, that offered instructions on how to dance to the song. Eventually, I found the one I liked the most. It wasn’t the easiest, but it definitely wasn’t the hardest. It was the most effective one, and one I could teach. maria downloaded it and dumped it onto my phone, so I can now stand in the middle of the playground and watch it. I’m not saying that the song has totally taken over my life, but I did find myself counting out the steps in the shower last night!

It was with some trepidation that I introduced the video to the students. I knew that we had spent 30 minutes yesterday, trying to learn the first ten seconds, and here was I, trashing all their work and starting over again. They were brilliant. The people who made this video:


Also made six other videos, breaking the dance into six parts. I showed the parts, one at a time. We watched them, and then did them, and then did them, and then did them. At the end of the 30 minutes we put them all together and danced through the whole routine twice! Oh, I’m not saying that we are anywhere ready to go out on to the playground just yet – I think we still need the comfort of the SmartBoard – but when you consider how happy I was yesterday with just 10 seconds prepared, this is brilliant! The whole routine lasts just over a minute, which means we repeat it three times. That gives me a chance to make sure that everyone, is at some stage, at the front – I reckon three rows of seven, four boys, three girls – and we just move them around!

In other news, we also did some maths: division of fractions. Except, you cannot divide by a fraction. You change the sign and turn the second fraction upside down (you multiply by the reciprocal). In English we looked at Grammar, and studied possessive nouns.

At going home time, we stayed in the classroom instead of coming out when we were called. I say we in these moments because I am part of 6A, however I should point out I was the person waiting on the pavement for students to turn up! Good news for Naomi, if you are reading this, there is no Grammar homework. However, if you get the chance, watch the video, learn the steps, get well soon, and prepare to dance to Thriller!


  • Maths: Reteaching 4-5 Nos: 1-4, 12-15 Practice 4-5 Nos: 1-5, 11-22
  • Writing Assignment: Book Report
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed
  • Laptops: charged

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guess who’s back

Posted by willkay on October 11, 2011

It’s Professor Israel. Yes, back at BAI is Professor Israel. Once again the teacher’s football team is back to strength. I was a bit worried when Professor Humberto left, but now Professor “sweet feet” Israel is back, we should be alright. In other exciting news: the official trailer for The Avengers is out. I know, I know. It has absolutely nothing to do with school, but I’m pretty definite that the blog’s title is: The day to day happenings of a 6th grade classroom teacher. Which means, I can get my geek on in my own blog.

What is it about Tuesdays? For several years now, it has always been W*dnesd*ys I haven’t got the hang of – as opposed to Arthur Dent who could never get the hang of Thursdays. [What? You’ve never read Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy? Voted the second greatest novel of the 20th Century. Go away and don’t come back until you have.] However, this year it always seems to go wrong on Tuesdays. I came in to school, this morning, determined to be upbeat and ready. I was positive and prepared. This was the Tuesday that was going to break the pattern. I even tipped the class off – told them to be on their best behaviour, just get through morning line-up without anything going  wrong and we’d be golden. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it through morning line-up. Well, we did up to the point when they all walked off, except Miss Gaby was still talking, and yet they all walked off! When I brought them back, they all stood there talking to each other and telling jokes. Then, when asked to walk off in silence, they didn’t. Tuesday morning started with me having to tell the class off, again! Grrrrr, arrrrgggghhhh.

In the maths lesson I explained my reasoning as to why I want the work set out in a particular way. I’ve taught for 25 years (ooooo, this is my silver jubilee year) and I know a thing or two about solving fraction questions. I also teach for perfection. I want all my students to get every thing correct. I want them all to score 10. Every time they sit down to do maths work, their target should be 10. Sometimes students just want to finish the questions with no thought or desire to get everything correct. [becomes grumpy old man: the problem is computer games! They give you another life. Too often children think they have another “life“, and so they don’t take enough care. In the long run, I am preparing these children to sit exams into Junior High. The school of their choice won’t give them another chance, they have to get it correct first time. :becomes happy old man] So, I teach a way of doing these questions so that it works every single time. Follow it and you get them correct all the time. And that is surely the point?

Science was all about DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid (ha! I spelt it correctly…or at least that’s what my spell checker tells me.) Have you every tried to draw a strand of DNA? It is very hard/difficult. Anyway, the task for the week is to try and construct a strand of DNA. Friday will be an interesting day.

Recess seemed to be full of hand-clapping games. And PE was full of a sort of volleyball game.

There are other videos available at my youtube page.

We finished the day off with a grammar lesson on proper and common nouns.

  • Maths: Reteaching 4-2  Practice 4-2 All the subtraction questions that you didn’t do yesterday.
  • Science: Construc a model of DNA (for Friday)
  • Geography: 5 (interesting) Facts about Greece and 10 (interesting) facts about other countries in Western Europe. (by Thursday)
  • Writing Assignment: Survive! (for Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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A, B, and C : back in black water

Posted by willkay on September 14, 2011

Wow! That was a busy day. Somehow we managed to cram two days work (nearly three) into the one day. At the moment we are looking good to arrive at the end of the month exams, having covered everything we needed to. Yay Us!

The day started with the bottle tops being taken up to Miss Tere Rochin’s classroom. I did warn her that it would be better to leave them in mine, and then move them from there to her car, but she said no. I think she is going to need a lot of help tomorrow, moving them from her classroom to the car. Well done everyone who collected bottle tops! It was a fantastic effort and I was very proud of you all. And very impressed with the result. Double Yay Us!!

In the maths lesson we checked out homework. There were still a couple of students who were unsure of how to find Prime Factors. But, you know that magic moment, the moment when Mr. Kay stands in the same room as you, and everything turns out alright? We had a couple of those. Confident that we now fully get the idea, there was time to go back three lessons and check if we remembered how do write Scientific Notation. Miss Esther has hit a bit of a brick wall with the other sixth grade over this topic, and I needed to check that we understood it. We did! Hurray again. There was still time to work on H. G.F.C.s. I’m not convinced that we totally understood the concept – there is sometimes too much, “ahhhhh, we did that last year, we don’t need to do it again“. This can lead to an attitude of not listening fully. But, hey ho – we covered the ground and we are ready for the exams!

English. I’m not saying that we did a lot of work but we did manage to cover what the book calls “two weeks” worth of work. We crashed through the Spelling week, and then took on a week and a half’s worth of Grammar. By the time I finished the English lesson, I was glad that I didn’t have to do much more teaching today. Of course, just because I had “non-contact” time, didn’t mean that I got to sit around. There were maths books, science books, geography books, and writing assignments that needed marking. There was also the usual amount of paperwork to catch up with. I spent a productive amount of time with miss Esther, when we agreed what topics would appear in the exams. And then I worked with the new fifth grade teacher, helping him find a route through the maths books.

There was just enough time, at the end of the day, to get some of the story read in Reading Street. Everyone went home with a little extra homework Oh, I understand that Friday is a national Holiday, but tomorrow isn’t, and so a little extra work wouldn’t harm anyone. Also, a day off school should give everyone the chance to read a bit more, so I am looking forward to seeing the Reading Log numbers next week! Finally, as the week was up, I put Algernon, Beetlebum, and Castelina back in their pots. I am hoping that there time out in the air has dried them out enough to start the growing process. At home, in my flat, I am having some great success with coriander (cilantro). I say “I”, when I should say “maria”. I think that on Monday I might bring some seeds into school and see how that goes. Or maybe a lemon tree? I’ve tried before to grow a lemon tree and it worked (for a bit), but then it got too cold. Might be too late in the year to start. [Can you tell I like trying to grow things?] Anyway, the competition is back on. I wonder which one will grow the most.

[Footnote: I will be writing a blog post tomorrow. I promised some of the class that I would find out if they had to bring their piñatas into school on Monday. I will ask tomorrow and post the response. Note: I will be in school tomorrow, working!]



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a world in union

Posted by willkay on September 9, 2011

You might not have noticed it, but early this morning (about 1am) The Rugby World Cup kicked off. The hosts, New Zealand, played Tonga in the opening match. Tomorrow, Saturday there are several matches taking place. Two of those matches have a little bit of importance to the sixth grade teachers. Ireland will be taking on USA, which means that Miss Esther will be following that match. And England will be playing Argentina, so that’s me sorted then. My problem is, the England match kicks off at 1am, which makes it a bit difficult to follow live. Anyway, I hope you are as excited as I am. England have a good chance of going all the way to the semi-finals, and maybe achieving a place in the final itself. Having watched many of the warm up games though, I believe the winners will be either New Zealand or Australia. Oh, you came here to find out about my day at school? Well, here we go with a picture of a piñata. A piñata made to look like a taco. Could you imagine a taco that size? Yum!

After yesterday’s long talk about homework and responsibility, I was looking forward to signed homework diaries and completed assignments. Dream on. Yesterday’s power cut meant that many students failed to produce their stories. Having left them until the last minute they were unable to use computers or printers. Of course, the obvious solution would have been to write (by hand) the story, but that didn’t occur to them. Never mind, the maths homework didn’t need electricity. Surely everyone did the maths homework? No. Four people failed to do the set homework. What about the homework diaries, signing couldn’t have been difficult could it? Five homework diaries not signed. In theory, baldness doesn’t happen in my family. In theory, I will keep a full head of hair. In practice, I might just pull it all out in frustration!

The maths lesson was a strange on for me. I don’t normally write a lot of information on the board in a maths lesson. I don’t believe in that rote learning is the way to go. I think that an understanding is far more important. However, today it was the rules for divisibility, and when it comes to rules you can’t just make it up. Mind you, even with the rules and a promise of understanding, there were still some students who thought that 625 was divisible by 2 and 10.

English and two people hadn’t done the homework for that either. Today we studied subjects, simple subjects, predicates, and simple predicates. Of course, the simple subject is a noun, a simple predicate is a verb – but it really does help if you can recognise a noun and a verb! The English lesson was interrupted by an art lesson. The students are making piñatas and it looked very messy, but good fun.

I spent an enjoyable recess discuss video games with the sixth grade, and then after Spanish it was time to listen to their stories. As previously mentioned, nine students failed to produce a story, however the remaining twelve stories made up for that. Most years it is a struggle to get the students to write more than twenty sentences, this year I think it is going to be a struggle to confine some of them to two pages! The theme was “The Time Machine” and there were some very interesting stories, and clever ideas. With ten minutes of the day left, there was just enough time to remind everyone to bring in their Reading Logs on Monday! Also, I finally managed to fill out the Birthday Chart. Three weeks into school and it has taken me until now to find ten minutes free.

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