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Archive for the ‘olympics’ Category

The sixth grade races from Children’s Day

Posted by willkay on May 2, 2013

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loads of stuff

Posted by willkay on October 10, 2012

Pablo was up early this morning to watch an attempt on the world freefall record. Unfortunately (for him) for the second day running the attempt was cancelled. The next attempt will be on Sunday. That’s good news for Pablo, he can go back to bed afterwards!

The Homeless World Cup is being held in Mexico City. Seventy-six countries are competing. You can catch up with all the details here.

Next Sunday (that’s the Sunday after this Sunday, this Sunday being the Sunday coming up, which means that next Sunday is actually the Sunday after the next Sunday…confused yet?) it’s The Mini Olympics. Yes, I know it is a Sunday. Yes, I know that it is early. However, this is an event not to be missed. This is the sixth grade, this is the students’ final year at BAI. As each day passes, they are slowly ticking off things they will never do again. This will be their final Mini Olympics. Many of the students will not compete again at sport for the rest of their academic career. None of the students will ever compete again at a BAI Mini Olympics. As each event rolls round, the students should embrace them, partake in them, and store the memories. True, at the moment they might not feel like wanting the memories. However, one day, they will look back on their time at school, and all they will have is memories. And, let’s face it, no one remembers the day they sat at home doing nothing, and thinks of it as a day well spent. However, this might be the year that Mr. Kay actually wins a race! And it would be a terrible moment if it was missed. [Please note: Mr. Kay will not be entering any races, so he won’t be winning any. But, who knows what he gets to say this year…I hope they have the theme tune from Rocky, I love that song!]

Maths was comparing fractions. English was regular and irregular plurals. Geography was WW2. The students also squeezed in a computer lesson, a Spanish lesson, and a music lesson. At some point I made Paola cry. With laughter. And there were a couple of other students laughing as well. So, that was a good thing. Oh, at another point the bell rang for recess, and no one wanted to go outside because they all wanted to stay in and listen to the lesson. So, that was a good thing. And Roberto has just become my friend on Game Center [sic].  (Center shows up as a spelling mistake on my computer, because centre should be spelt centre!) This should be a good thing. However, I can now see his scores on Temple Run (over 13 million), PvZ, and Where’s My Water. Suffice to say, all of his scores are better than mine. Plus, he finds time to read over 2000 pages a week! I need to go and practise a bit more. And read a bit more too.

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(it’s not easy being green) Wednesday

Posted by willkay on March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is also famous for two things: the banishing of snakes from Ireland; the use of the shamrock as a way to describe the holy trinity. Yes, there are no snakes in Ireland. Mind you, there are no elephants either! Anyway, this morning gave free reign to the sixth grade girls to go around “pinching” people for not wearing green. This is something that I had never come across before, living in England. I wonder if on St. George’s Day (the patron saint of England – he got rid of the dragons) we can all wear white and red? Just in passing, everyone does know that as a warm up match, before the World Cup, Mexico is playing England, at Wembley. The date (which has yet to be confirmed) is May 23rd. Just thought I’d mention it.

Straight into exams this morning, that is exams in the plural, Spanish and Civics. Miss Claudia had to leave early, to take 4th graders to the CREA for their practice for Sunday’s Mini-Olympics. This meant that I had to invigilate the Spanish exam. Phew, only one question: What does invaluable mean? And I could answer it, assuming that invaluable (in Spanish) means the same as invaluable (in English). After the exam there was time to return the maths exams. Some excellent results, as mentioned yesterday, were greated with joy and the occasional forehead slap as students realised that they had made daft/silly mistakes. In an exam that is marked out of 50, one mistake is worth 0.2 off the total.

Off to the CREA to practise for Sunday’s Mini-Olympics. Thank you to the parents who could turn up and offer lifts. Fortunately we managed to get just enough volunteers to fit the whole class into cars without having to resort to strapping any onto the roof. It was hot. Which is why the Mini-Olympics happen so early in the morning, to avoid the heat – at 10am. It was hot and it was a practice. However, one can but hope that come Sunday some of the sixth grade compete in a slightly more competitive way. You know, like, run faster!!!!

Back at school, it appeared that most of the students’ energy had been drained from their visit to the CREA, because it couldn’t have been drained by their visit to the OXXO, could it? Anyway, the lesson was supposed to be a study lesson before tomorrow’s English exam. However, it was a long hard struggle to get…


…through all the topics. Jose Manuel and Guillermo then talked us through their inventions (Jose Manuel had forgotten to bring his invention in on Thursday, and Guillermo had not come in on Thursday). After that we had the first lesson with calculators. And yes, in theory calculators should make the maths’ lessons easier, but in practice they make them harder. One you have to learn how to use the calculator properly, and two the questions suddenly become less arithmetic and more mathematic.

Something New: A top o’the mornin’ to ya.

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): The Offspring.

As usual, or at least, as usual for me, I found myself speaking in song lyrics this afternoon. This is not a totally rare occurrence. Often I will use quotes or lyrics in the classroom. However, it is important to note that the lyrics I use come from songs I know, not necessarily songs that my pupils know. Often I will say something and they stare blankly back at me (showing me their poker face). But there is one student I can rely on to have some sort of recognition, Ivan. So, this afternoon when I casually mentioned that “you have to keep them separated“, Ivan knew it was The Offspring I was quoting. This, is my FMOTD. I am sure that others had better moments. Please use the comments to explain your FMOTD – I’m looking your way Jose Manuel!

Attendance: All present (for the morning, and then one went home. If he is reading this – could he mention the news from home?)

Signed Circulars: 20 out of 23


  • English exam tomorrow
  • Scientific calculators
  • Circular to be signed: three people have two circulars that need signing.
  • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night. And bring your book to school! You may read after you have finished your exams.

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