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since when has there only been 60 minutes in an hour?

Posted by willkay on October 8, 2012

No photo.

Sorry, there’s no photo today of the readers of the week. This is not because there are no readers of the week, there are – and there are lots. However, someone (and I’m looking at me) didn’t get round to taking a photo. It all went wrong for me today. Not seriously wrong, don’t start to panic, but I seemed to be ten minutes out all day.

Instead of a one hour maths lesson, we ended up having a two hour maths lesson. This, in and of itself, was not a bad thing. Whilst trying to tell Raul what he had missed due to his four day illness, I discovered that many of the class had failed to pick up some basic concepts along the way. Therefore it became a review lesson. We went through the terms: factor; prime; composite; prime factors; common factors; greatest common factor; multiple; common multiple; lowest common multiple. These were terms (and concepts) that I thought the class knew and understood. Oops. However, two hours later, most of the class seemed to understand what was going on (and had been going on for the previous four lessons), so it wasn’t wasted time. It did mean though, that I was criminally behind for the rest of the day. Desperately trying to make up for lost time.

Eventually we got round to collecting in the reading numbers. WOW! and indeed WOW! again. It is important to note that my target (my unofficial target) is 140 pages a week. That’s all I ask for. However, I believe that reading is important. The reader has to understand what he is reading, he has to make mental pictures. All of this stimulates the mind. Also, reading involves sitting still for a period of time, concentrating. This, I also believe, is a good quality to practice. I am a firm believer that reading, and the activity of reading, makes you a better student. Plus, it can be jolly good fun. I always, always advocate reading a book that you enjoy. If you are not enjoying the book, stop reading it. Read something else. Out there, in the world, there are millions and millions of books – way too many for one person to read in one lifetime. And definitely too many to waste any time on a book that is not enjoyable. Read a book, read a book that you enjoy. You can’t go wrong.

And these people didn’t go wrong this week:


  • 2456 pages: Roberto

  • 2138 pages: Andrea

  • 1176 pages: Ana Sophia

  • 708 pages: Manuel

  • 634 pages: Julien

  • 540 pages: Kristina

  • 504 pages: Carlos

  • 477 pages: Luis Francisco

  • 457 pages: Juan Fernando

  • 450 pages: Osvaldo

  • 382 pages: Yolitzin

  • 326 pages: Anafernanda

  • 315 pages: Paola

  • 3o8 pages: Alexa

  • 300 pages: Pedro

Fifteen out of 39 students read over 300 pages. PLUS, look at Ana Sophia, joining the 1000+ Pages Club. I am really impressed with the amount of reading that is going on. Added to these numbers is the fact that another nine students read over 200+ pages. Well done to everyone!

The writing assignment is a horror/ghost story (if the student wants to write one). Otherwise, it is just a story about an old abandoned building at the end of the street. It’s been empty now for nearly 60 years. I wonder what happened there? I wonder what happened to the last people who lived there? I wonder? Of course, with there being no school on Friday (for some – not the teachers) the writing assignment is now in on Thursday!

The spelling list was all about multisyllabic words. The hardest word being peony. Notice I said it was the hardest word, not the word with the most syllables. And then it was onto science and a multisyllabic word that I always, always, always fail to pronounce/say properly: Deoxyribonucleic acid. Every year we study this. Every year I practise saying it. And every year I fail miserably when it comes round to saying out loud! So, in science we studied D.N.A. – that I can say. I left the students with a project that they can do on Friday, while they aren’t a school, making a model of D.N.A.. These need to be brought into school next Monday!

And then the bell went for the end of school. I hadn’t taken a picture. I hadn’t even visited 6B to see their Reading Log scores. Aaarrrgggghhhh! Bad teacher that I am. Hey ho! Tomorrow is another day. I’ll go visit 6B. Congratulate them on their scores. And I should get round to taking a picture and posting on here. Right, the New York Jets are losing to Houston. This could be because I’m not watching them, and cheering them on. So, I need to go and shout at Mark Sanchez! Or, if this continues, Tim Tebow.

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I love it when a plan comes together

Posted by willkay on September 19, 2012


Brilliant start to the morning.

Mrs. Kay needed a little help with 6B, first thing in the morning, straight after morning line up. I turned to my class, told them to go into the classroom, and informed them I would be there in a minute (or two). Three minutes later, I walked into my classroom to discover:

  • a pile of homework diaries on my desk
  • every student sat at a desk
  • every student had their maths books on their desk
  • workbooks open to last night’s homework

It was perfect. What a brilliant way to start the day. And, you know what, from there on the rest of the day went well (for me).

In maths we went through yesterday’s work and corrected ALL the mistakes that were made in the homework – although that could have been my fault (bad teacher!). Then we moved on to the last topic before the maths exams, exponents. Fast, quick, and easy. Except, fast, quick, and easy does not mean you cannot concentrate. Sometimes it is when doing easy things that students make the most mistakes. [I hesitate to use the words careless mistakes, but you can probably see where I am coming from.]

Much to the students’ disappointment, it was straight into English and the new spelling list. I’m not sure that they were really disappointed, however they seemed to be looking forward to their Spanish lesson. That occurred after English and an explanation of the week’s words  [and no, a briefcase is not a case for briefs]. There was also time to fit in the first Earthquake practice of the year.

Spanish was working in teams, on projects. The students seemed to enjoy this tremendously, as they did not really want to settle back down to English again.

At the beginning of recess, we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Professor Marvin. This led to the first conversation of the year about “Cha-cha-cha“. In the sixth grade we don’t “Cha-cha-cha“. Ah, those sixth grade teachers and their grumpiness! After recess there was enough time to finish the spelling list and move onto the workbook. Then the day finished with computing and music.

Busy times ahead. On Sunday there is the Ice-Breaker. Mrs. Kay and I will be there very early! On Monday there is 6B’s assembly, and then there is the maths exam. Followed by a whole week of exams. Students should be organising their study guides, realising that they need to get these exams right, as good grades set the tone for the rest of the year.

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looking for the hook

Posted by willkay on September 18, 2012

Teaching maths is great, mainly because you get loads of “aaahhhhhhh” moments. In other subjects the “aaahhhhhh” moments can be few and far between. Let me tell you, no one ever goes “aaaahhhhhh” when you explain the difference between a vascular and a non-vascular plant. But maths lessons can be full of those moments – some days it can be like standing on Main Street at Disney, watching a fireworks display. Of course, the art of teaching is trying to get those “aaaahhhh” moments, those moments when everything clicks into place, everything becomes understandable, everything makes sense, and the student finally “gets it“.  And it is when your lesson is full of those moments that you know you’ve taught a good lesson. Of course, you can have a good lesson without those moments, but it is the most obvious moment that learning is “getting done“. Unfortunately, trying to capture those moments is like trying to capture lightening in a bottle. What works for one group of students, does not necessarily work for another group. And often, what works is never tangible. I talk to a lot of teachers, and eventually we all get round to telling a story about a lesson that was perfect – but the reason we tell the story, is we are hoping the other teachers will be able to point out what we did right. Often, I can have brilliant lessons, and I have no idea how or why – they just happen. However, the key to good teaching is experience. Everyone (EVERYONE) has one good lesson in them, most people have two or maybe three. What makes a teacher different to everyone is that they have 1000 good lessons a year. A teacher has the ability to teach one good lesson after another. A teacher can keep a group of children interested, excited, controlled, and awake lesson after lesson. That takes experience, an ability, and hard work. And so, it is with a heavy heart that I say, in all honesty, I had a really bad day today. Except, I admit this to the world with no regrets because, I did some real teaching today. It’s odd, because I don’t know how it happened, but I had a disaster of a maths lesson. It all seemed to go well, I taught the stuff, students answered question, on the surface it was successful. But when I saw the books at the end of the lesson, it was as if I had been speaking a foreign language.

I tried again in the English lesson. I thought I’d go slow, start with a spelling quiz which would settle me into my rhythm, but even a spelling quiz seemed beyond me. At that point I reached for my safety blanket – The Reading Logs.


  • 770 pages: Andrea

  • 720 pages: Roberto

  • 555 pages: Raquel

  • 382 pages: Luis Francisco

  • 300 pages: Osvaldo

You see, somewhere, somehow, no matter how bad things seem, there is always a ray of light. SEVEN HUNDRED + PAGES! FIVE HUNDRED +PAGES! How cool is that? And along with these five students, seventeen (SEVENTEEN) other students read over 200 pages. WOW! Aren’t kids brilliant!

And that is the point. Even though I can have a bad day, the real art to teaching, is making sure that your students don’t have a bad day. So long as everything is working correctly, so long as everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, then even if one person is having a bad day, the rest of the class will carry them through. And there’s the hook! TEAMWORK. Thanks to teamwork, hardly anyone noticed how bad my day was going. Oh, there were a couple of blips and bumps and bruises, and there were a couple of times that students asked what was wrong, but in the end, everything turned out well.

Now, does anyone know how to pronounce Lieutenant? Listen carefully to what the Oxford Dictionary says here.

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how much did we cram into one day?

Posted by willkay on September 11, 2012

Hello. Can’t stop, as The Red Hot Chili Peppers would say. An incredibly busy day has been extended, and I have loads of stuff to do. So, you get the first bullet point blog post of the year:

  • Three people absent!
  • Science – experiment to see if celery is vacular
  • Maths – addition and subtraction of integers
  • Spanish – they “sang” their way through it
  • 5th Grade – I went and sat in on Miss Julie’s lesson
  • Maths – multiplication and division of integers
  • Spelling – vowel sounds with r
  • Reading – still haven’t finished Old Yeller
  • P-A-R-T-Y – happy birthday Alfonso
  • Recess – Mrs. Kay came to the rescue because Mr. Kay is scared of spiders! And it was HUGE.
  • P.E. – Anafernanda scored a goal, Andrea got hit twice with the ball and an elbow, and Marcella had fun
  • History – Playdoh? Playdoh?? They were using Playdoh to make ancient tools
  • Science – it appears celery IS vascular
  • Home time – 6B girls are choreographing a dance for their assembly
  • WAIT!?! WHAT!!??!! Three people absent? Don’t they know this is the sixth grade? We don’t do absence!

Have I mentioned that La Vuelta has finished? Have I mentioned that The Tour of Britain has started? They went near my mum’s house. Anyway, I haven’t got time to discuss cycling, I’ve got stuff to do, bills to pay, and a cake from Mrs. De La Torre to eat. CAKE!!!

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Next time, let’s be LOUDER!!

Posted by willkay on September 10, 2012

So, the assembly was fun. EXCEPT, all week Mrs. Kay and 6B were complaining how LOUD we were in the classroom. When we hit the playground on Thursday and Friday, I got complaints from teachers that we were too LOUD. And then the assembly came along and…well, we weren’t very loud. You only get these opportunities once. You will never get to sing Firework in front of the whole school ever again. However, school is a learning experience, and (hopefully) we have learnt. Next time, and there will be a next time AND a next time, we will be louder. But, the dancing was brilliant!! Well done.

Maths was back to addition and subtraction of integers (positive and negative numbers). The cunning plan that Mrs. Kay and I had devised, to teach it once on Friday and then again on Monday, seemed to work. Instantly, most students immediately remembered what they were doing and how to do it. This should have led to ultimate success! Unfortunately, some studetns took it to mean that they didn’t have to think too hard, and when it came to the exercises there were some mistakes.

In English the Reading Log numbers were taken in. At the side of the blog (up there, on the left), you can see how well everyone did. It was then time to explain how a Book Report is written in the sixth grade. Rather than a synopsis of the story, we like the students to write about their favourite character. We feel that this gives them a chance to express an understanding of what they are reading. Also they get to tell their feelings about a book, which makes it a lot more interesting (for the writer AND the person having to mark it). We then moved on to the next spelling list, after a spelling test.

In science we studied the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, and divided the vertebrates into five different groups. Although we talked about mammals that lay eggs (duck-billed platypus) and birds that can’t fly (go on, you know you can name three), we didn’t have enough time to talk about the fish that lives on land. So, here’s a short video:

There was enough time to squeeze in the different ways we can classify plants (vascular/non-vascular), before it was time to go home. Although, in 6B there was singing at the end of the day. Me thinks that they are now practising for their assembly. Let’s home that they sing LOUDLY.

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Look ma, top of the school

Posted by willkay on August 28, 2012

Day two and we had our first morning line up. The picture is taken from the top balcony, looking down on the sixth grade, as they stand at the top of the playground. There may be some “blurriness” around some of the children in the photo. In this case, it has nothing to do with my photographic skills. Unfortunately, some parents have denied me permission to publish photos of their child. Now I know this, I will try to photograph around that student, and photos will appear on a more regular basis. Also, it means that the video I took of this morning’s exercise routine will have to be deleted. However, I will give it another go tomorrow, and try to get you a “permission granted” video, starring all those students who have granted me permission.

Moving on…morning line up over, Miss Monica gave everyone a bright neon coloured pencil, and then into classrooms. Wait! What’s this? On my desk? On my desk there is a pile of homework diaries. There are 19 of them. 19 diaries happens to match the exact number of children in the classroom! Success. Might call an end to the school year now. My job is complete. I have actually achieved something on the first day that I only achieved once in the whole of last year! Oh, this year is going to be good.

First maths lesson! The start of a year is always fraught with complications: children have forgotten everything they have ever learnt; Miss [insert name here] never did it this way; it’s too hot to work; and everyone is a year younger (except me). The year younger problem is the biggest. As usual, Mrs. Kay and I have planned all our lessons. Unfortunately, the students aren’t quite used to working at our pace – we’re planning for sixth graders, they are still working at fifth grade speed. Plus, it is all new and different. This isn’t a problem, in the long run. Everything will settle down, everyone will get on track, and everything will be completed. However, for the moment, we arrive at the end of each day wondering if we have actually taught anything. But, then I think back to the homework diaries, and I realise that the children are listening, they are understanding, and we are achieving! Isn’t life brilliant!

From maths we moved into Spelling. I always start each spelling list with a pop-quiz, just to see how much they already know. Happily, there was one 10 and a couple of scores of 9.5. Then it was onto copying out the list for realz! I would like to say, I warned the students, I told them that they were copying, I reminded them to pay attention, I gave them every opportunity to get the list right. Some people have extra homework tonight [sad face].

There was a chance for ten minutes of science before recess, P.E., history, and then back to science. A lively debate happened over the different adaptations that had taken place over thousands of years. Of course it is obvious to see the differences in species, but it is also possible to see the differences between individuals, and their adaptations. My fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes were not made for Mexican summers. This led onto other adaptations we have made in our bodies – and yes, we even discussed why someone might laugh until they cry. All of this was very interesting, but we still didn’t get anything written into our books before it was time to go home.

Oh, you are probably wondering about the seeds? That project was put on hold for a day as the guy at Mercado Hidalgo, who had promised on Saturday that the watering cans would be in on Monday, failed me. So, it was down to me to do all the watering. However, my new friend came through for me today. I have just been to pick up three watering cans. The rota will be made tomorrow, via the lollysticks-of-destiny, and it will all fall into the students hands. What’s that? You don’t know what a lollystick-of-destiny is? Ask a sixth grader, they can tell you.


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learning curve

Posted by willkay on November 24, 2011

Last night was spent trying to find the proper uniform for Mrs. Kay. When we got home, I discovered that we didn’t have a house elf. All those times I have come back to the flat to find all the dishes done, the flat clean, and my clothes washed, ironed and put away. However, the house elf no longer visits! Slamming the door, running away from the mess, we went out to eat. Have you ever eaten in Jaggers? Do *not* order the triple burger. Seriously. They warned me off it, and I settled for the double – it was still too much! When we arrived back home, the house elf still hadn’t been. It appears that we have to do everything!

Meanwhile, back at school, we continue to try to cram a whole year’s maths into one week. With the exam to Cumbres next Tuesday, I am trying to cover as much ground as possible. Just in case the exam throws up something that we haven’t seen. Today we charged through Polygons. We also [whisper this] spoke Spanish in the maths lesson! Lo and behold, it appears that maths isn’t in English, nor is it in Spanish, maths is actually in Greek!

There was time for some English as well, and we managed to finish off the work on this week’s spelling list. The good news is, with any luck I might be able to squeeze in a spelling quiz tomorrow. This means that we might hear the end of The Adventures of Secret Agent double oh something, before Mrs. Kay takes over the English teaching for the next three months. Hmmmmm, I wonder what she has planned?

Good news! I finally got to bring home the new Reading Log numbers. There are only five names on The Wall Of Fame:



  • 416 pages: Diego L.P.

  • 350 pages: Diana

  • 340 pages: Rodrigo

  • 324 pages: Azereth

  • 319 pages: Maria Rita

However, there are nine (NINE) names in The 200+ Club. That’s 14 students reading more than 200 pages in a week. When you factor in that there are only 20 students in the class and four of them have “lost their reading logs”. That means 14 out of 16 are reading above and beyond! Well done to them. It is really exciting to see kids reading this much!

I am a very happy teacher!

Now, I have to dash. It appears that dishes need to be put away, food needs to be cooked, and maths lessons have to be planned.


  • Maths: Reteaching: 7-4 All of it Practice 7-4 Nos: 1-6
  • Laptops: charged
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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waiting to exhale

Posted by willkay on November 14, 2011

I am *not* closing the blog down, but I am giving you fair warning: there might not be a lot of posting on here this week. My visa expires today. Now, as a UK citizen I have a whole different method of renewing a visa – I just have to try and cross the border. As everyone should know by now, I’m getting married on Thursday, and I’m getting married in San Diego. I need a visa for this, and I don’t intend to leave it until the Thursday to sort it out. So, tomorrow I will be crossing the border after school. This means that there might not be a post tomorrow. On Wednesday, it will be the day before the wedding. At this point in my life, I am convinced that everything is in order. However, there is a chance that something might need doing, something might need attending to do, something might stop me from writing a post. On Thursday, I’m getting married. Don’t expect a post. Friday I will be back in school, but after school I will be celebrating with maria’s children and with friends. There will not be a written post on Friday. I will (if I have any) publish a photo – so you can all go’ “Ahhhhhh!”. So, this could well be the last blog post this week. Enjoy. Oh, and here’s the last BeardWatch picture. I’ve also had my pre wedding haircut as well.

Strange day today. The students were very restless. They wouldn’t settle at morning line up, the were fidgeting through assembly, they were talking throughout the day. We started the day off by finishing Friday’s English lesson. The students have designed their own aliens. Some of them chose to draw their creations, some chose to make their creations. We sill had five students who hadn’t demonstrated and explained their aliens. This was how the first fifteen minutes of the day was spent. We then started to go through last Friday’s maths quiz.

Our review was interrupted by a rehearsal for “Thriller“. Three weeks ago we were really improving at this. Today we took a step backwards. It was as if the kids’ hearts weren’t into the task. This is a shame because they have learnt this dance on their own. Although I’ve been around to help, most of what they have learnt they have taught themselves. It would be terrible to present something which didn’t reflect the hard work and effort they have put into learning the dance. And, let’s be honest, is there anything cooler than learning to dance to Thriller? I know that it is hard to believe it when you are only 11/12, but when you are 20+ and you can dance to Thriller, your street cred goes through the roof! I explained this to the class, they took the information on board, and the second time we danced, we produced something we could be proud of showing to the school. As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. And my other favourite phrase? Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail.

Back in the classroom, I continued to go through every.single.question. in the maths exam. After each question, I checked three times that everyone said they understood what I had just explained. And then? Then I gave them the test to redo. Homework tonight is to redo the exam. Everyone (EVERYONE) should get a 10. Otherwise, I have to ask, what were you doing in the lesson? It was then time to take in the new Reading Log numbers for the pages read last week. Six (SIX) people failed to produce a reading log. This astounds me. Fourteen weeks in and people are still forgetting to bring in their reading logs. Plus, there are still some students reading under 100 pages a week. However, there is (as always) some good news:


  • 562 pages: Gerry

  • 456 pages: Diego L.P.

  • 361 pages: Arturo

  • 355 pages: Diana

  • 319 pages: Azereth

  • 313 pages: Maria Rita

There are also six students who have read more than 200 pages and they are in The 200+ Club. Then it was onto a new spelling list: Schwa. This is when a vowel sounds like a different vowel. For example, the second e in different sounds like a u. This can be a little bit complicated. It becomes incredible more complicated when, as an Englishman, I pronounce the words differently to how an American pronounces them: vitamin anyone?

There was just enough time at the end of the day to study some geography, and to learn a little more about Russia. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day. The students will be more settled, and less chatty.

  • Maths: Redo maths test from Friday
  • Spelling: Spelling Workbook page:34
  • Writing Assignment: Day in the life of your Alien
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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ten days to go

Posted by willkay on November 7, 2011

This morning, I asked maria to check what the weather was going to be like, I needed to know how many different layers I should put on. I ended up being caught in the rain on Friday, and getting soaked. Unfortunately I caught a chill in my back, and have been struggling over the weekend with the odd spasm. She read me the weather for today, and then paused. She then proceeded to tell me the weather for next Thursday. That’s Thursday 17th November. Yes, we are now so close to the wedding, we can read the weather forecast for the day. Are you nervous? This was a question that Miss Monica asked me this morning, and it was immediately re-asked by Miss Gaby. I replied, “No. No, of course I’m not nervous.” I then walked out of Miss Monica’s office and across the playground towards my classroom. By the time I got to my classroom I was a nervous wreck! TEN DAYS!!

One of the joys of teaching is that every day is a new day, every day is a new beginning. The last two weeks have not been the best of times, however with a weekend behind us all, we can start afresh. There was no official assembly this morning, but there were still honours to the flag, which was done by the sixth grade Honour Guard. Then into maths and percents. We started with some very simple fractions of numbers and then leapt into the wonderful realm of mental percentages. Some students got it straight away. Others struggled. There were several “fireworks” moments. These are moments when the whole class go, “Ahhhhhhhh!” Which always reminds me of a fireworks display when the crowd “ooo” and “ahhh”. Viviana and Maria Rita came up with some excellent ideas, and we crashed through 30 quick questions. Well, some of us crashed through 30 quick questions. Some of us struggled to do mental maths at a grade 4 level. Hmmm!

The English lesson started, as it starts every Monday morning, with The Reading Logs. This turned out to be a surprise for six members of the class. However, here’s this week’s:


  • 455 pages: Arturo

  • 370 pages: Rodrigo

  • 329 pages: Aleksei

  • 318 pages: Diana

  • 311 pages: Katherine

Seven students got into The 200+ Club. There was then time to finish off the Grammar exercise from last Friday, and start the spelling exercises on the list that we did (all the way back) on Monday last week.

After recess, and some time spent with Professor Richardo, we continued with the English lesson. At the moment we are reading “Goodbye To The Moon”. This is the story of the first person born on the moon and his trip to Earth, for the first time. I find this a very interesting story. It helps the students see their own planet through the eyes of an outsider, and opens up the way for a lot of discussion. And that is what happened – a lot of discussion! We went through “dinosaur killers”, to how short and fat you’d have to be to live on Jupiter, to “visiting the bathroom upside down”, and finally settled on “which would hit the ground first when dropped, a hammer or a feather?”


  • Maths: Reteaching 6-4 Nos: 1,3,4,5,6,7,11,15 Practice 6-4 Nos: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,14,17
  • Spelling: Spelling Workbook next two pages.
  • Writing Assignment: Design An Alien (for Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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Posted by willkay on October 24, 2011

I’m marking maths exams.

  • we had a maths exam in the morning
  • we had a spelling quiz
  • we wrote up the new spelling words
  • we watched the last ten minutes of Wallace and Gromit
  • we looked at the physical features of Western Europe
  • we discussed superstitions

we decided that it was probably not a good idea to lick money nor a good idea to throw money away (or at least I did).


  • 816 pages: Gerry

  • 697 pages: Diana

  • 558 pages: Maria Rita

  • 400 pages: Diego L.P.

  • 334 pages: Katherine

  • 334 pages: Aleksei

  •  330 pages: Manuel

  • 323 pages: Hector

There were also seven students who got into The 200+ Club. Congratulations to everyone.

Heads Up!! The History exam will now be on Wednesday 26th October.

Back to marking exams. See you tomorrow.


  • Spanish: exam
  • Read: 20 minutes each day
  • Book: to read for when you finish your exam

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