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Archive for November, 2012

walls and walls and walls

Posted by willkay on November 26, 2012

Do you remember August? Do you remember a time when Mr. Kay was young(er), full of life and energy? I remember August as though it were only three months away. Yes, I started work after a five week break. My batteries were fully charged, I was ready for anything. I was really, really, really ready to keep the blog going. And then work started. And then there was a little more work. And then there was too much work. And the blog got put on hiatus. And that’s where it has remained. Oh, don’t worry, we are still working. It’s just I don’t seem to have the time to pop in here that often.

And then Pablo told me off – which was fair enough. He didn’t really tell me off, he just happened to mention that I only took pictures of The Wall Of Fame students when he hadn’t read more than 300 pages. I suddenly realised that I hadn’t been keeping up with The Wall Of Fame. For this I am really, really sorry. The students have been very good. Most of them are reading well over 200+ pages, and there are always several students who have read more than 300. Going back, over the last five weeks, can I present:

The Wall Of Fame for October 29th:

The Wall Of Fame for November 5th:

The Wall Of Fame for November 12th:

The Wall Of Fame for November 19th:

The Wall Of Fame for November 26th:

For those of you who don’t know what “photo-bombing” is, ask Hector.

Congratulations to all those students. My apologies for not posting pictures. Well done to Pablo for getting me back on course!


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November 17th

Posted by willkay on November 17, 2012

On November 17th, 2005, I arrived at San Diego airport with one suitcase. Seven years ago I crossed the border and entered Mexico for the first time. At the time, my plan was to make Mexico my home. I’d left England behind and this was to be the place that I would call my home for the rest of my life. Seven years later…still seems a good plan to me!

On November 17th, 2011, I married maria. Happy Anniversary Mrs. Kay. Thank you for this life.



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call me maybe

Posted by willkay on November 16, 2012

I could try to explain this…but I suggest you just watch it instead:

That was fun.

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reading to the first grade

Posted by willkay on November 9, 2012

Today we had the second Big Sister/Brother event. This time the sixth grade got to pick a reading book from the library. Then they went to the first grade to pick up their Little Brother/Sister. Then they had to find a place around the school where they could sit down and read to their Little Sister/Brother.

I took pictures, which you can find here.

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Three thousand, forty-seven

Posted by willkay on November 7, 2012

Three thousand, forty-seven. THREE THOUSAND, FORTY-SEVEN. How many pages did you read last week? Roberto read 3047 pages. I told you that ther would be a backlash to Ana Sofia’s Reading Log. The really worrying thing? Andrea was off school last week for two days. I know she was ill, but I also know that probably won’t stop her reading. As she hasn’t been in school this week (she is very ill), I don’t know what her total will be – nor what it will be for this week.

However, this post is supposed to be all about Roberto. Three thousand, forty-seven pages. WELL DONE!

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a collection of stuff

Posted by willkay on November 1, 2012

At morning line up, on Wednesday, Miss Gaby presented an award to Ana Sofia.

This was in celebration of her reading 3019 pages in one week. I get the feeling that, with exams finishing and a whole day off on Friday, there are going to be a couple of students who will rise to the challenge of 3000 pages. In fact, I don’t know if I should be excited or a little bit scared of the Reading Log numbers on Monday.

Of course, Wednesday was Halloween. This year the staff divided into teams and designed areas of the school to look like Disney films. Or films. Or storybooks. Or…you know, the school was decorated:

Mrs. Kay and I chose “Pirates of The Caribbean“. Now, it is important to remember that Mrs. Kay is an engineer, and I am a mathematician. Now, this doesn’t mean that neither of us is artistic…however, when it comes to building an area that resembles “Pirates of The Caribbean” we were always going to struggle. Thankfully, the fantastic Sr. Francisco came to our rescue! He provided the huge pieces for our display. Then Anafernanda’s brother gave up a couple of items. Miss Tere Rochin had a treasure chest…and then Miss Lilian took pity on our ineptitude. Rats, cats, skeletons, bottles, jewelry, spooky pictures, black-drops, in fact 90% of our display. Hurray for Miss Lilian!!

Not many sixth graders turned up. However, it was really good to see these who did. Everyone looked fantastic. But, the bestest costume? That goes to Leon. For some time now, I have been mentioning that Leon is a trained ninja. He is in charge of “naming-and-shaming” the children in the classroom who cannot read the question. However, after two months of saying “Leon’s a ninja”, he suddenly turns up dressed as a ninja!

The really scary thing? He can be a ninja with his eyes closed.

Oh, and Professor Rodolfo wanted a team photo from P.E.

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