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Archive for the ‘photos’ Category

….and so it begins

Posted by willkay on August 17, 2014

Hello, and welcome to the new readers!

This is where I write my blog about school…however, this year I am not promising to write every day. This year, Mrs. Kay and I intend to keep a photographic record of the school year. Basically, we are intending to take as many pictures as possible. Plus we will also be taking video. WordPress, where this blog is based, is not the ideal website for hosting photos and videos. So, although we will be posting some stuff on here, most of the pictures will be found on Flickr.

Videos will be published on YouTube.


In the left-hand column you will find clicky links that you can click on! These will take you to our pages.

Any questions? Please ask. Use the comments or send a note into school.

Thank you.

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The Pizza Year

Posted by willkay on December 15, 2013

Normally I am asked (or Mrs. Kay is asked) to “make a slideshow” at the end of the academic year. This means that I (normally) have over four hundred pictures – having collected pictures throughout the year. However, this year I was asked to make a slideshow for Christmas. Going through my pictures, it appears that I have only taken out my camera when there has been pizza involved!


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Big Sister/Little Brother

Posted by willkay on December 22, 2012


On the last day of school before Christmas, we had our final Big Brother/Little Sister event. This time it was making a photo frame. The sixth grade got to help their little sister/brother with the glueing and sticking and cutting out. At the end of the activity all the first graders had a photo frame that they could take home and keep…or give as a present to their parents.

I took some pictures of the children all working together, you can see them here.

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Visit to the Orphanage

Posted by willkay on December 22, 2012

playing a game

On Monday, 17th December, the sixth and fifth grade visited an orphanage run by Professor Israel’s mum. As the value of the month is Charity, we all took presents so that we could share the Christmas spirit. Before the presents were given out, the children mingled, and then, as children do, played. After playing we all went into the large hall that is associated with the orphanage and gave out the presents. The children from the orphanage then did a short presentation – they sang and danced. If only we’d known! We could have really prepared “The Eight Days of Christmas”.

It was a wonderful way to spend a morning. Thank you very much to the orphanage for having us. And thank you to all the children who provided gifts.

You can find some pictures from the day here.

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reading to the first grade

Posted by willkay on November 9, 2012

Today we had the second Big Sister/Brother event. This time the sixth grade got to pick a reading book from the library. Then they went to the first grade to pick up their Little Brother/Sister. Then they had to find a place around the school where they could sit down and read to their Little Sister/Brother.

I took pictures, which you can find here.

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big sister, big brother

Posted by willkay on September 21, 2012

One thing we do in the sixth grade is “adopt” a first grader. School can sometimes be a big, scary place, especially when you are five. So, we ask the sixth graders to become a “big sister / big brother” to a first grader. For the first grade student it means that there is always someone bigger on the playground, who will look out for them. And for the sixth grade student it means that they get some sense of responsibility, and a chance to look out for someone smaller than them. Today was the first event, a “getting to know you” moment. Cards were exchanged, presents were given, and pizza and juice were drunk. There are pictures of the event here.

Maths review. Maths review. Maths review. Oh, assembly practice for 6B. The real business of being in the sixth grade starts on Monday. Six exams in a week and a day. Mrs. Kay and I are confident that every question has been studied, every student knows how to answer the questions, everything is prepared. Now it is just down to the student themselves – how much they study, how much they prepare, how much they want a good grade.

Have a good weekend – but STUDY. I shall see you on Sunday at the IceBreakerInThePark, so long as you are there early. Or else you can catch me later in the day at The Shakespeare Grille eating fish, chips, and mushy peas. I am quite excited about Sunday – not just the IceBreakerInThePark nor the chance to eat fish, chips, and mushy peas…but Mrs. Kay has promised me a present. A present from The Apple Store. I might not sleep tonight – too excited.

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bad moon rising

Posted by willkay on September 20, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are some pictures here.

If moving pictures are more your thing, then here’s a video:

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photos, photos, photos

Posted by willkay on September 1, 2012

I understand, as a parent, how frustrating it can be to know very little about what happens in school. Our children spend a huge time away from us, and when they get home they often have little to say. That is why I write this blog. The idea is to give a jumping-off point to conversations about school. Of course, there is the chance that you don’t want to read, you only want to look at the pictures. The good news is – pictures are back!

For the moment, I will be posting pictures on Picassa. The only possible way to see the pictures is by going through the links that I will post here, on the blog. This means that the pictures will not be open to general viewing or to Google searches. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of space available to me. So, there is a chance that later in the year I will have to delete photos to make room for more. However, that is (hopefully) some time away. Until then, follow the links, and you should be able to see pictures I have taken.

First week photos are here.

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Diana and Azereth’s Party

Posted by willkay on April 9, 2012

The luvverly Mrs. Kay spent some time at the computer yesterday. During that time she set to work on some of the photos she took at Azereth and Diana’s Party. She has now uploaded some of the photos (31 of them) to her Flickr page. Also, as a one time event, she has taken off the blocks for downloading. This means that, if you want, you can download the photos from her photo site.

However, if you do download a photo, it would be polite to say thank you. Mrs Kay can be contacted at The bonus about contacting Mrs. Kay is that she has the photos in a much larger size (better quality for printing). If you were to ask nicely, I’m sure that she will be amenable to sending you the larger sizes. In other words, if you want to download and print photos to send to your granny, ask. But, if you are just downloading the photos to put them up on theFaceBook, please say thank you. Also, it is only correct to mention that the photo was taken by Mrs. Kay. Credit where credit is due.

Oh, don’t forget to visit the site later on today or tomorrow or the next day. Mrs. Kay has a lot more pictures, and she will upload them when she has finished processing them. Yes, you are getting a professional treatment of the photos. She is not just uploading the photos, she is running them through Lightroom and Photoshop. Let me assure you, you’ve never looked so good :^) Might be an idea to say thank you.

[I am sorry to go on about this but Mrs. Kay’s other job is a professional photographer. If the photos are good enough to “steal”, they are worth saying thanks for them. Just sayin’.]

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maths, maths, and a little bit more maths

Posted by willkay on December 1, 2011

First lesson of the day: 6A maths

Second lesson of the day: Computer Class 6A maths

Third lesson of the day: 6B maths (one and a half hours)


Fourth lesson of the day: Non-Contact Time 6B maths

Fifth lesson of the day: Non-Contact Time. Worked on photos taken during rehearsal.

Sixth lesson of the day: 6A maths and a bit of geography

Exciting day for me! Over the month of November I have been taking part in a photography exercise. Those of you who follow me on Google+ will have seen some of my efforts. I started really badly, with little idea of where I was going. However, thanks to the help of the person organising the course, and then a lot of help from Mrs. Kay, I have got a bit better. It has been fascinating. I’ve always been a bit afraid of taking photos because Mrs. Kay is a professional, people pay her for her photos, and I’ve always felt a little scared of not being very good. However, I’ve been on a course. I started the month taking photos with my phone. Three days in, and I moved to taking photos with my camera – a little point and shoot thing. Eventually, Mrs. Kay trusted me enough with her camera. Today, as it was the end of the month, she let me bring her camera into school. This was very exciting for me. I had to mess around with aperture speed, ISO, and manual focus – all at the same time. I got to take some photos of the rehearsal. And I managed to take some photos of 6B – Mrs. Kay has already been in 6A and taken photos of them, so I thought I’d try to get a couple in of 6B. I’ve just spent the last hour processing the photos, and then I will load them up. As usual, this takes a little time. However, the photos will eventually be up in my album and available as 9. Assembly Rehearsal and 6B.


  • Maths: Study for that exam!
  • Protractor: for measuring angles.
  • Writing Assignment: 6A Book Report (TOMORROW)
  • Writing Assignment: 6B The Best Christmas Ever. (TOMORROW)
  • Laptops: charged
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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