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    Every week I take in how many pages each student has read. Below is the "Wall Of Fame", the top readers for the week, and "The 200+ Club", all the students who have read more than 200 pages in a week. Congratulations to all those mentioned!
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Archive for the ‘wall of fame’ Category

6th -> 12th October

Posted by willkay on October 23, 2014

Here we go:



  • 1750 pages: Sara

  • 1507 pages: Alexa

  • 1000 pages: Fernando H.

  • 940 pages: Camila M.

  • 750 pages: Sofia

  • 570 pages: Natalia

  • 561 pages: Renee

  • 422 pages: Raul

  • 400 pages: Fryda

  • 379 pages: Vartine

  • 356 pages: Abel

  • 305 pages: Juan Luis

  • 300 pages: Edleberto

Another fantastic week! Keep it up!

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only ten days late on this one

Posted by willkay on October 10, 2014

I am playing catch up, and I am really good at it. Shame I am not as good at playing “staying ahead”. Here we go…more names!



  • 3497 pages: Sofia

  • 1140 pages: Sara

  • 893 pages: Fernando H.

  • 890 pages: Camila M.

  • 454 pages: Teo

  • 366 pages: Alexa

  • 355 pages: Natalia

  • 341 pages: Renee

  • 335 pages: Abel

  • 329 pages: Fernando O.

  • 320 pages: Vartine

Yes! You did read that correctly. It says 3497 pages!

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Did you miss me?

Posted by willkay on October 10, 2014

My biggest problem is time. I just never seem to get enough of it. This is late…very late, and I apologise.


  • 1581 pages: Sofia

  • 1445 pages: Sara

  • 943 pages: Fernando H.

  • 639 pages: Fernando O.

  • 513 pages: Raul

  • 416 pages: Teo

  • 369 pages: Alexa

  • 352 pages: Abel

  • 350 pages: Natalia

  • 320 pages: Camila M.

  • 307 pages: Vartine

  • 303 pages: Maria

We are doing so fantastically well! Keep it up! And my apologies again for the lateness of this post.

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And then there were two

Posted by willkay on September 23, 2014

Yippee! Last week Sofia broke one thousand, this week Sara joins her. Last week we had nine people on The Wall Of Fame, this week we have eleven! This is going really, really, well! Congratulations to everyone!



  • 1722 pages: Sofia

  • 1466 pages: Sara

  • 900 pages: Fernando H.

  • 590 pages: Camila M.

  • 570 pages: Alexa

  • 462 pages: Vartine

  • 402 pages: Fernando O.

  • 382 pages: Abel

  • 364 pages: Isabela

  • 339 pages: Teo

  • 300 pages: Victor

Exams start next week…don’t forget to read! Reading MUST still be done!

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Week Three – Sofia breaks 1000

Posted by willkay on September 9, 2014

It normally takes a month or two before someone actually reads more than 1000 pages. But this year, we have already broken that barrier. However, it is not just about one person, the good news is that there are now 17 people reading more than 200 pages a week! This is excellent! I would like to say that ALL the sixth grade are reading over 100 pages a week…but I can’t….YET!



  • 1211 pages: Sofia

  • 942 pages: Sara

  • 763 pages: Fernando H.

  • 569 pages: Camila M.

  • 516 pages: Teo

  • 422 pages: Alexa

  • 352 pages: Vartine

  • 324 pages: Juan Luis

  • 315 pages: Fernando O.

Well done everyone! Looking good!

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Week Two…and we are rocking it!

Posted by willkay on September 4, 2014

TEN! Ten students read more than 300 pages this week! That is very good. In even better news, only four students read less than 100. We are getting there…and we are getting there at a very dramatic speed! I am really looking forward to next week and the Book Reports. Wait! What? Yes, Book reports next week. Then we shall see how much they understand. But for now, here is this week’s: THE WALL OF FAME!



  • 871 pages: Fernando

  • 791 pages: Sofia

  • 485 pages: Camila M.

  • 432 pages: Alexa

  • 411 pages: Juan Luis

  • 390 pages: Isabela

  • 361 pages: Vartine

  • 346 pages: Teo

  • 345 pages: Renee

  • 314 pages: Angel

Well done everyone! Nice to see some new names. Let’s see if they are still there next week.

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I love reading!

Posted by willkay on August 25, 2014

One of the things we really, really promote in the sixth grade is reading! This is the students’ final year in BAI, and Mrs Kay and I really emphasise reading, writing, and oral work. And we love our reading!

Books are wonderful. They can take you away to strange new worlds, they can make you fall in love with characters, and introduce you to villains! You can learn so much more about the world and your place in it. You laugh, you cry! Books are brilliant!

So, in the sixth grade, we read every day. And, every day, we read for a minimum of 20 minutes. This means that most students read over 100 pages a week! Which is good. But, as we all know, if it is a good book, sometimes you can’t put it down, and you have to read more than 20 minutes. This means that some students read over 200 pages a week! They are doing very well, and they get to join The 200+ Club.

And then there are the students who read more than 300 pages! In a week! They have done so well we like to put their names on THE WALL OF FAME!



  • 575 pages: Sofia

  • 480 pages: Alexa

  • 450 pages: Vartine

  • 390 pages: Fernando

Congratulations to those students! Well done! And now? Well, the target has been set. Can the other students rise to the challenge? We shall see.

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where does the time go

Posted by willkay on September 26, 2013

wall of fame sept 26

Sorry, I’m late. It is, as you probably know, exam week. So, most of my evenings have been taken up with marking exams. Plus, Mrs. Kay and I have been working very hard on mental maths. We’ve been trying to increase the speed of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth graders in doing their number bonds. There are still children using their fingers, instead of “knowing” the answers. At Fourth grade level this isn’t very good…don’t get me started on what I think about the Fifth and Sixth grade still using their fingers. However, all these Mental Maths tests mean that they have to be marked. 100 questions each student, and I teach a lot of students, means that time has been passing me by. HOWEVER, enough of my problems, let’s get down to the good news…


  • 793 pages: Patricio

  • 645 pages: Carlos C.

  • 420 pages: Victor

  • 402 pages: Luis Angel

  • 380 pages: Ricardo

  • 367 pages: Andres

  • 360 pages: Carmina

  • 350 pages: Nina

  • 321 pages: Jimena

Fantastic! Nine students on The Wall Of Fame and there are eleven students in The 200+ Club. Quick bit of mental maths [9+11] means that over twenty students have read over 200 pages. Of course, a little more mental maths [26-(9+11)] leads me to the conclusion that six students are reading under 200 pages, but let’s celebrate the achievements of the readers!

Well done to all!

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100 Cupboards and more

Posted by willkay on September 19, 2013

wall of fame for september 16th

Mrs. Kay recommends books that I should read. The way she does it is by putting the book into my iPad, where it joins the long list of books that are waiting to be read. It is a rare moment when I get to recommend a book to Mrs. Kay, she is normally far ahead of the game. So, it was with some surprise the other day, she asked me to move a book into her iPad/Kindle. it was a book recommended by a student! This is brilliant. The sixth grade are starting to read, really read. They are recommending books to each other. They are talking about books. They are asking each other what they are reading. And, they are recommending books to Mrs. Kay! Sat on y iPad is 100 Cupboards, waiting to be read…once I finish David Mitchell’s autobiography.


  • 805 pages: Carlos C.

  • 581 pages: Patricio

  • 560 pages: Andres

  • 425 pages: Luis Angel

  • 347 pages: Allan

  • 344 pages: Jose

  • 314 pages: Carmina

  • 305 pages: Ildefonso

  • 301 pages: Emiliano

  • 301 pages: Jimena

Added to those names are the 8 students who made The 200+ Club. Which means that 18 out of 26 students have read over 200 pages. Well done all round!

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Now we’re cooking with gas!

Posted by willkay on September 10, 2013

the wall of fame

Now I’m a happy bunny. Just look at these numbers.


  • 649 pages: Angel

  • 351 pages: Mariana

  • 347 pages: Patricio

  • 320 pages: Jose

  • 313 pages: Victor

  • 308 pages: Allan

  • 305 pages: Hector

  • 303 pages: Carlos C.

How happy does that make me! Eight out of twenty six students read more than 300 pages. This is fantastic, especially when you consider that there has been a change in the Reading Logs this year – I no longer count pages read in Spanish. Congratulations to these eight students. However, if you are handing out congratulations, don’t forget The 200+ Club members. If you look at the top of the page, there, to the left…can you see it? The 200+ Club. Seven students read more than 200 pages! And, if you include The Wall Of Fame readers, that means there are fifteen out of twenty six students reading more than 200 pages!

This is what the sixth grade is all about!

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