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Posted by willkay on November 27, 2010

That Was, The Week, That Was was the name of the television programme that launched Sir David Frost’s career. The title of the show was shortened to TW3.

In 1882 the Australian cricket team beat the English cricket team for the first time. The Times newspaper published an obituary talking about “the death of English cricket” and how “the body had been cremated and the ashes taken to Australia“.  The next year, when the English team travelled to Australia to play the return match, the tour was called “The Quest to Regain The Ashes“. This is how legends are made. England play Australia every two/three years over five games for a small urn of ashes. This is cricket being played at its most competitive and is a fantastic event. Each game lasts five days. Each day lasts seven hours. There are moments of great excitement, huge confrontation, amazing athleticism. However, the thing that I love most about cricket is the moment to moment. To the untrained eye it can often appear that nothing is happening but if you know the game there is always something happening. I was brought up watching cricket, and when I say watching I mean watching. From a very early age I was taught to use a scoresheet and how to keep a record of every single ball bowled, every run scored. Because I am who I am, I loved the statistical analysis of each and every ball. However, there was also the playing of the game. Cricket, although it is a team game, is very much an individual sport. Often it boils down to just one player against one player. It can become like chess, but with more physical activity. I love my football (soccer to you), I really enjoy my rugby, but the game at my core, the one that means the most to me, is cricket. And there is nothing more exciting than The Ashes series. Often people will ask me if I miss England, miss stuff. What people don’t realise is that the world is getting smaller and smaller. Two years ago I missed The Ashes series in England (where England won!). However two years later, thanks to the moving forward in technology, the speeding up of connections, I can catch every single ball bowled in The Ashes. Even better, I’m in Mexico. This means that the games are played between 4pm and midnight my time. Yes, thanks to the internet I am watching cricket. Gotta lurve progress.

However, the cricket hasn’t been the only sport this week. On Thursday the mighty Santos Laguna won 2-1 against America in the semi-finals of Clausura. The New York Jets also won on Thursday. And earlier in the week the mighty Sheffield United came back from 2-1 down to win 3-2. And while all of this has been going on: my step-daughter, Danny, has had two maths exams; my step-son has been going through exams; I took maria out for a meal to celebrate the fact it was Tuesday (as you do); people we haven’t seen for ages have turned up unexpectedly; exams have had to be written; it has started snowing back in England and my mother has had to travel (which is a certain amount of stress); and with one thing and another something in my life had to be dropped. In case you didn’t notice, the thing that got dropped was this blog. Unfortunately Monday turned into a personal disaster area, and once I’d missed one day it became very easy to miss the next and the next and the next.

Monday: Third grade assembly was a re-enactment of the Mexican Revolution, which was fantastic. I love moustaches! In maths we covered volumes of rectangular prisms and cylinders. It was time to write the first Book Report of the year. I like my book reports written in a certain way. I do not like a breakdown, page by page, of the whole book. This took sometime to explain. It also led to the introduction of the book The Twits to the class. As I write this post at the end of the week, I can report that four different students have now read the book. This is what I mean by “a good book“. It is fun, it is enjoyable, and everyone has read it in one sitting. Then moved on to another book. Later in the day we read a story about a boy who had crashed in the Canadian wilderness and learned how to make fire. I’m not so sure that this was a good idea, having watched the class playing with fire at Alexa’s party.

Tuesday: we used protractors in maths. It was all about drawing and measuring angles. Homework was a worksheet that needed accuracy to complete to the satisfaction of the person marking it (that would be the person sat next to you!). In art the students made Christmas decorations. Yep, Christmas is coming. The geography lesson was really more of a history/politics lesson. The geography of eastern Europe is difficult to do without mentioning the dramatic changes that occurred in the 1980s. The next topic, Russia, is even more about history than geography.

W*dnesd*y: And there was no Miss Claudia. I have now discovered a new work-related-injury. When I first started work, over 25 years ago, I used to suffer a lot from chalk dust. This would find it’s way into clothes, hair, lungs and was a problem. The next year I got my first whiteboard. Unfortunately, the pens the school provided me with were alcohol based. This meant that come lunchtime I would suffer with chronic headaches. This year I am now suffering from hurty-finger-syndrome.  I love the SMARTboard, don’t get me wrong, however I do a lot of my wok on the board with my forefinger, especially the tip of my forefinger. Today we did constructions. All week I have been using the ruler and protractor that come with the board and today I added the pair of compasses to the mix. By the end of the day I has all but erased my fingerprint. Even now, as I type, I have noticed that I am not using my right forefinger because it is still so sore. Also learned that there would be no Gerry in school on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday: Gerry was in school. More constructions in maths and my finger has actually gone shiny! There will be a computer exam next Thursday and I was given a study guide. Not sure what I was supposed to do with it, but I have a study guide if anyone wants to borrow i..oh, no I don’t. Miss Lilian has the study guide. Miss Claudia was in school! Hurray! The auditions for The Little Mermaid will be on Monday. Parts of scripts were given out so that lines could be learnt. Of course, it is not just important to learn the lines it is also important to understand the lines, and to act the lines. In English we came across Hieroglyphs. On the internet we found a site that let you type in your name and it would translate it into hieroglyphs. So long as your name didn’t have an x or a z in it.

Friday: normal start for me, late start for the students. There was a staff meeting in which we discussed discipline. Because of the meeting there was no yoga lesson, so it was straight into the maths review. Maths exam on Monday and this month we have covered a huge amount of ground. In fact, in the three months we have been in school we have covered nearly half of the book. This is because in January there will be the Junior High School exams and I want to cover as much ground as possible before them. Hopefully, the rest of the school year will not be as mathematically full. It’s Friday, which means that it is Reading Log day. Now, I was pretty sure that everyone knew it was Reading Log day, however nine people forgot their reading logs – oops. But this means that there are some new names on The Wall Of Fame.


  • 1015 pages: Roberto
  • 648 pages: Polette
  • 438 pages: Ninotchka
  • 311 pages: Marianna
  • 293 pages: Octavio
  • 262 pages: Daniel
  • 250 pages: David
  • So, congratulations to those new names. And boo to those who forgot their reading logs. Some people also forgot their book reports! This was not a good thing to do. They must be in on Monday or they will score a zero! In the afternoon we watched The Little Mermaid so that everyone could have a chance to see the film, and get an idea of their roles. Then it was on to Alexa’s party!!!

    English Word Letter of the Day Week: z. It is pronounced “zed” not “zee”.


    • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

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