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Archive for the ‘chess’ Category


Posted by willkay on January 29, 2010

An early start for me, I had to be in school, in a meeting,  by 7:15am. Caught up with Professor Rene’s news: The Dark Knights (the school’s chess team) did very well in their competition. Thanks to victories by Alejandra and Guillermo (and other members of the team), they came second overall! Congratulations.

The meeting was about teamwork, how we should all work together as a team so that we can achieve our goals. Ha! A meeting that the sixth grade could have taken, and told all the teachers about how well they were working together in class. We also discussed celebrating differences, how we should appreciate the fact that everyone is different. Then it was time to leave school, and go on the course at the CECUT.

I didn’t go.

Unfortunately the whole weekend is in Spanish, which means that I wouldn’t have been able to partake. This is slightly disappointing because I have been on courses like this in England, and they are very informative, helpful, and exceedingly useful in the classroom situation. I will look forward to discussing the course with my colleagues when they return. No, instead of interesting discussions, group meetings, a chance to improve my teaching ability, I was stuck in school with a desk full of marking. There were exams to check, lessons for February to plan, and monthly grades to calculate. There might have been no children in school, but there was still a full day’s work done.

I also moved the Science experiments outside, put them on the wall, in the sun. Hopefully this will speed up the evaporation process and there will be something to actually see on Tuesday when we all get back to class. One can but hope because it is very, very cold in the classroom when there are no students in there. Believe me. I spent the day wearing a hat and gloves, wishing I had brought a thicker coat and a scarf!

Attendance: 23 absent.


  • Reading: Please, please, read.

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Posted by willkay on January 28, 2010

Another three students late this morning. Any chance we had of winning the “Punctuality” competition has gone. Which is a pity because up until Monday we had the whole thing won. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

A strange start to the day for the sixth grade and for me. I had to teach the fifth grade because Professor Rene wasn’t in. He had taken The Dark Knights (the school’s chess team) to a tournament, and I had to cover his maths lesson. I had a lot of fun. And while I was away the sixth grade also had a lot of fun. As part of their Computer lesson Professor Mauricio was helping their teamwork with some team building exercises. These turned out to be a great amount of fun. Or I assume so, considering the noise coming from the IT room, plus the fact that the students were full of stories.

In celebration of their new-found understanding of team work, I decided to continue with a maths lesson where they worked in teams. Success! One team managed (much to their and everyone else’s surprise) to get every single question correct. They worked together, talked through the problems, discovered that four heads are better than one, and scored a perfect ten. Well done team AAJL!

After recess we went straight into a spelling quiz. Normally I tell a story about secret agent 008½ and his battle against the evil Dr. Evil. As I tell the story I manage (somehow) to force the words from the spelling list into the action. However, today was a bit of a rush so the students had to make do with a story about secret agent 003½ who had taken a ride in a time machine. From the spelling quiz on to Geography. Yesterday we discovered that Central Europe was full of countries – 18 and a bit to be exact (the bit being a bit of Russia). Today we decided to concentrate on just a few countries. Drawing a line down from the Baltic Sea, through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and into the Dead Sea.

The Science lesson was all about experiments. We set up three different experiments, which we will have to wait until next week to see the results. Unfortunately none of the students brought in any material to help complete the experiments, but fortunately I managed to provide everything – even if the bowl with a glass inside was actually a CD tower lid with a fabric softener measurer in it. Just chance to take down the new Reading Log totals (Scarlatte moved into the 3000+ page category), before it was time to go home. Although it wasn’t home time for everyone. The Honour Guard were staying until 3pm so that they could practise for the competition.

No school tomorrow, Friday, for the students. No school on Monday. A long, long weekend. I have to be in school tomorrow (Friday) bright and early – earlier than usual.

Attendance: 2 absent (well, not really absent because Guillermo and Alejandra are playing in the chess tournament).


  • Maths: Practice 7-6 No: 2,4,6,8
  • Geography: Why is The Black Sea called The Black Sea?
  • Reading: With a long, long weekend ahead, most students should be able to get in four hours of reading!

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