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Archive for the ‘special event’ Category

A Christmas Carrot

Posted by willkay on December 15, 2013

One of my students, Carmina, wrote a fantastic Book Report about David Copperfield. I was telling my class this, and mentioned the author:

“Charles Dickens. You know, the author of A Christmas Carol. You’ve heard of A Christmas Carol, haven’t you?”

“What’s A Christmas Carrot?” asked Victor.

And from there the story grew. What started as a daft idea in the classroom, led to a weekend sat at the keyboard, finished with a Christmas presentation to the parents. I am sure that someone (somewhere) has a video of the final performance – and can I say, the final performance was excellent -, and if I can get my hands on a copy I will try to load that up to YouTube. However, I do have a copy of the final rehearsal.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, can I proudly present:







Act One

Act Two

Act Three



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story telling

Posted by willkay on February 18, 2013

On Friday, while most of the school had the day off, some of us were working! Some of 6A came into school and performed: Little Red Riding Hood .

And I ran around the playground, shouting a lot:

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Visit to the Orphanage

Posted by willkay on December 22, 2012

playing a game

On Monday, 17th December, the sixth and fifth grade visited an orphanage run by Professor Israel’s mum. As the value of the month is Charity, we all took presents so that we could share the Christmas spirit. Before the presents were given out, the children mingled, and then, as children do, played. After playing we all went into the large hall that is associated with the orphanage and gave out the presents. The children from the orphanage then did a short presentation – they sang and danced. If only we’d known! We could have really prepared “The Eight Days of Christmas”.

It was a wonderful way to spend a morning. Thank you very much to the orphanage for having us. And thank you to all the children who provided gifts.

You can find some pictures from the day here.

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8 Days of Christmas

Posted by willkay on December 18, 2012

Yes, I know, there are supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. However, when this was planned we didn’t know about the trip to the orphanage. Then, once we did know about the trip, we didn’t know about the timing. Then, once we did know the timings, they ALL changed on the day. This meant that we had under 50 minutes to rehearse, and twenty minutes for filming. The filming went horribly wrong (my fault), as I couldn’t juggle the iPad very well whilst walking backwards on a bench.

All of that said…here’s an attempt at The 12 Days of Christmas…or Three-Quarters of The 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy:

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a collection of stuff

Posted by willkay on November 1, 2012

At morning line up, on Wednesday, Miss Gaby presented an award to Ana Sofia.

This was in celebration of her reading 3019 pages in one week. I get the feeling that, with exams finishing and a whole day off on Friday, there are going to be a couple of students who will rise to the challenge of 3000 pages. In fact, I don’t know if I should be excited or a little bit scared of the Reading Log numbers on Monday.

Of course, Wednesday was Halloween. This year the staff divided into teams and designed areas of the school to look like Disney films. Or films. Or storybooks. Or…you know, the school was decorated:

Mrs. Kay and I chose “Pirates of The Caribbean“. Now, it is important to remember that Mrs. Kay is an engineer, and I am a mathematician. Now, this doesn’t mean that neither of us is artistic…however, when it comes to building an area that resembles “Pirates of The Caribbean” we were always going to struggle. Thankfully, the fantastic Sr. Francisco came to our rescue! He provided the huge pieces for our display. Then Anafernanda’s brother gave up a couple of items. Miss Tere Rochin had a treasure chest…and then Miss Lilian took pity on our ineptitude. Rats, cats, skeletons, bottles, jewelry, spooky pictures, black-drops, in fact 90% of our display. Hurray for Miss Lilian!!

Not many sixth graders turned up. However, it was really good to see these who did. Everyone looked fantastic. But, the bestest costume? That goes to Leon. For some time now, I have been mentioning that Leon is a trained ninja. He is in charge of “naming-and-shaming” the children in the classroom who cannot read the question. However, after two months of saying “Leon’s a ninja”, he suddenly turns up dressed as a ninja!

The really scary thing? He can be a ninja with his eyes closed.

Oh, and Professor Rodolfo wanted a team photo from P.E.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by willkay on May 10, 2012

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Diana and Azereth’s Party

Posted by willkay on April 9, 2012

The luvverly Mrs. Kay spent some time at the computer yesterday. During that time she set to work on some of the photos she took at Azereth and Diana’s Party. She has now uploaded some of the photos (31 of them) to her Flickr page. Also, as a one time event, she has taken off the blocks for downloading. This means that, if you want, you can download the photos from her photo site.

However, if you do download a photo, it would be polite to say thank you. Mrs Kay can be contacted at The bonus about contacting Mrs. Kay is that she has the photos in a much larger size (better quality for printing). If you were to ask nicely, I’m sure that she will be amenable to sending you the larger sizes. In other words, if you want to download and print photos to send to your granny, ask. But, if you are just downloading the photos to put them up on theFaceBook, please say thank you. Also, it is only correct to mention that the photo was taken by Mrs. Kay. Credit where credit is due.

Oh, don’t forget to visit the site later on today or tomorrow or the next day. Mrs. Kay has a lot more pictures, and she will upload them when she has finished processing them. Yes, you are getting a professional treatment of the photos. She is not just uploading the photos, she is running them through Lightroom and Photoshop. Let me assure you, you’ve never looked so good :^) Might be an idea to say thank you.

[I am sorry to go on about this but Mrs. Kay’s other job is a professional photographer. If the photos are good enough to “steal”, they are worth saying thanks for them. Just sayin’.]

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breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel

Posted by willkay on December 16, 2011

Last day! Despite all my encouragement (:grin:) seven students turned up! And then, later in the day, Andrea turned up too. The Magnificent Eight! With only twelve people in 6B, Mrs. Kay and I decided to combine the two sixth grades for the day. We read through Hatchet in Reading Street. We had a PE lesson. We had a Spanish lesson. We had computing. We went home.

Have a great holiday. Read. Read lots. Speak English. Speak English as much as you can. And rest. When you get back to school, we will be working hard. So be prepared.

And, if you have been following my post titles for the last week, this will come as no surprise to you. Enjoy:

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sun in the sky, you know how I feel

Posted by willkay on December 14, 2011

Well, that went well. Except for the last ten minutes!

The whole sixth grade gathered in the 6A’s classroom. We moved all the desks back and sat on the floor in a circle – it was present giving time:

There were some lovely gifts, that showed a lot of thought had gone into them. The highlight was probably Marissa’s gift to Sergio C.. She had spent a lot of time, and put in a lot of thought, with the wrapping. It was a huuuuuuge box, that had a smaller box inside, that appeared to be full of popcorn but in fact contained another box. And when Sergio finally reached his present, he was very happy. I also liked Enrique’s gift of liquid paper to Diego L.P. – it’s an in-joke-type-thing. If you want to see pictures of the exchange/opening you can see them here. [You might notice that I have had to remove some photos from the sidebar. Unfortunately the place I store photos on the internet is full and, as much as I like you, dear students, I don’t like you enough to start paying to store pictures of your aliens and DNA models. So, go see the pictures now, while they are still there!]

Some watched Flushed Away while others played Monopoly. Even though I had mentioned that it might be a good idea to bring something in to do, most people decided that the best thing to do was just eat sugar and then try and sit still for a whole day. It didn’t work. After Flushed Away we moved on to A Christmas Story – the highlight being the moment one of the characters got his tongue stuck to the metal flag pole. While that was playing, the food arrived. At first I thought it was going to be enough pizza to feed both sixth grades. However, it appears that some members of 6A have the ability to eat their way through anything – oh, and drink! I know that one girl had nine Capri Suns and another had seven! Mind you, all the effort that went into eating the pizza meant that when it came to the twisty-donuts most people were full!

Recess, and a chance to run off all that sugar.

After recess there was a card exchange in Spanish, and then Professor Marvin took the music lesson in the classroom. I was hopeful that the end of the day would see everyone settled and calm. I gave out my presents to the students, and left them to go put people in cars. Another day got through!

Tomorrow is a normal day in school. You will be expected to wear PE uniform. There will be lessons. I can honestly say that I will not be teaching anything that will appear in an exam. I realise that some of you might not be in school tomorrow because your parents have made that decision for you. Do not worry. You will miss nothing. And, on the plus side, I have already filled in the grades on the computer – which means that I have also filled in the days missed. So, if you miss tomorrow you won’t be marked as absent. Result! If you do come in to school, expect to have lessons. There will be no point moaning and whining and demanding something else. It will be a normal day.

Mrs. Kay’s Interesting Fact Of The Day: If you place the two different sides of a precision scale so that one of the sides is left in shadow and on the other you allow for light to land on, the one with the light falling on it will slowly sink. Light has “weight”. It is calculated that the pressure light exherts on the surface of the earth is about 350 grams per square kilometer.

  • Something to do
  • Laptops: charged
  • Read: 20 minutes

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Thank You

Posted by willkay on November 19, 2011

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our wedding.

On Wednesday my students threw me a surprise party. There was pizza, there were drinks, there were balloons, there was a card, there was a present and there was a cake! Thank you very much to everyone who contributed. It was much appreciated, and a great surprise. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and I managed not to cry.

At the end of the day I was called to Miss Lilian’s office. There I discovered another surprise party! There was food, there were drinks, I was wearing a balloon, there was a card, there were presents, and maria was there! Again, it was very much appreciated, and it was a fantastic end to the day. And I managed not to cry.

On Thursday we got married, 4:27pm 17th November, 2011. And I cried but I got to kiss the bride.

From there we went out for a meal and spent some time in San Diego. It was a brilliant evening. maria spent her time announcing to everyone that, “We’ve just got married!” Everyone was really kind. By the time we got home, it was past midnight. I realised at that point that I had been running on just my nerves for three days, and I was totally exhausted. Miss Monica had demanded that I took Friday off school, maria had asked me to take the day off, and my body decided that I needed to take the day off. That’s why I didn’t come in. Instead I spent the day with my new wife. I will be back in school on Tuesday!

Again, thank you to everyone who made this day so very special for maria and I. It is very much appreciated.

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