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    Every week I take in how many pages each student has read. Below is the "Wall Of Fame", the top readers for the week, and "The 200+ Club", all the students who have read more than 200 pages in a week. Congratulations to all those mentioned!
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Archive for September, 2014

And then there were two

Posted by willkay on September 23, 2014

Yippee! Last week Sofia broke one thousand, this week Sara joins her. Last week we had nine people on The Wall Of Fame, this week we have eleven! This is going really, really, well! Congratulations to everyone!



  • 1722 pages: Sofia

  • 1466 pages: Sara

  • 900 pages: Fernando H.

  • 590 pages: Camila M.

  • 570 pages: Alexa

  • 462 pages: Vartine

  • 402 pages: Fernando O.

  • 382 pages: Abel

  • 364 pages: Isabela

  • 339 pages: Teo

  • 300 pages: Victor

Exams start next week…don’t forget to read! Reading MUST still be done!

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Week Three – Sofia breaks 1000

Posted by willkay on September 9, 2014

It normally takes a month or two before someone actually reads more than 1000 pages. But this year, we have already broken that barrier. However, it is not just about one person, the good news is that there are now 17 people reading more than 200 pages a week! This is excellent! I would like to say that ALL the sixth grade are reading over 100 pages a week…but I can’t….YET!



  • 1211 pages: Sofia

  • 942 pages: Sara

  • 763 pages: Fernando H.

  • 569 pages: Camila M.

  • 516 pages: Teo

  • 422 pages: Alexa

  • 352 pages: Vartine

  • 324 pages: Juan Luis

  • 315 pages: Fernando O.

Well done everyone! Looking good!

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Week Two…and we are rocking it!

Posted by willkay on September 4, 2014

TEN! Ten students read more than 300 pages this week! That is very good. In even better news, only four students read less than 100. We are getting there…and we are getting there at a very dramatic speed! I am really looking forward to next week and the Book Reports. Wait! What? Yes, Book reports next week. Then we shall see how much they understand. But for now, here is this week’s: THE WALL OF FAME!



  • 871 pages: Fernando

  • 791 pages: Sofia

  • 485 pages: Camila M.

  • 432 pages: Alexa

  • 411 pages: Juan Luis

  • 390 pages: Isabela

  • 361 pages: Vartine

  • 346 pages: Teo

  • 345 pages: Renee

  • 314 pages: Angel

Well done everyone! Nice to see some new names. Let’s see if they are still there next week.

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Assembly Rehearsal

Posted by willkay on September 4, 2014

Obviously, before we did the assembly, there were rehearsals. I managed to video one of the rehearsals. I’m sorry, the quality is not good. The sound is awful. And the camerman isn’t that good at his job. But here it is, enjoy:

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