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The Scale of The Universe

Posted by willkay on February 19, 2013

As promised, here is a link to the website we were looking at in class today. Click here and it will take you to the page. Or, if you like typing in links (why?), here’s the address:

Please note: you need Adobe Flash installed to play it…which means that you need a desktop or laptop computer. It probably won’t work on a mobile device.


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Posted by willkay on August 30, 2010

Hello to those of you who are here for the first time.

This is my blog, my day-to-day writings about what has happened in the sixth grade classroom.Here you will be able to read about what we have done during the day. I also post the homework. Please feel free to comment at the bottom of each post if you wish to ask questions or add to what I’ve said.

I also have a Flickr page, where I post pictures that are taken during the day. [Click on the link to go there.]

And there is a youtube page, where I will post the odd video that I might have taken. [Click on the link to go there.]


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Posted by willkay on April 14, 2010

In The Sixth Grade We Blog

Little did I realise what an understatement that was going to be. Yesterday, Tuesday 13th April, the sixth grade managed to write 38 posts and make 157 comments – in seven hours! True, they didn’t make all the comments, I’d like to thank Miss Lilian and maria for their input, however it was fast approaching over 100 comments. If you are a parent or just a visitor to this blog, could I ask you to visit their blogs, read a couple, and leave a comment?

Just click here, pick either a name from the sidebar, or a blog post from the list, read, and comment.

Thank you.

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(april first) Thursday

Posted by willkay on March 31, 2010

Do not go here.

Do not press the red button.

Seriously, do not go to this site and do not press the red button.

I warned you.

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Miss Lilian writes

Posted by willkay on March 27, 2010

Those of you who look through the links, on the sidebars, will have already noticed a new addition: The Head Mistress Blogs. This is Miss Lilian’s blog. Now, as well as being able to read about the sixth grade, what they have done, and what I have done, you can also follow the day-to-day story of the life of the school’s Head Mistress*. Do click on the link and go and read, you will find it very informative. Oh, and it is reading, which is a good thing to do.

*In England the Principal is called a Head Mistress or a Head Master. As this is the blog of an Englishman, and I am desperately trying to retain as much Englishness as possible, I shall refer to Miss Lilian as the Head Mistress here.

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(sugar high) Thursday

Posted by willkay on March 25, 2010

Did anyone else think that today went really quickly up until recess? And then, did anyone else think that today went really slowly up until home time? Or was it just me?

Everyone in through the front gate and onto morning line up. My first thoughts, that today was going to be difficult from a teacher’s point of view, were confirmed in morning line up. Normally the sixth grade are quiet, settled, and attentive. However, today they were all over the place. It was Jose Manuel’s last day and the students were planning…

In computer class, Erika and Scarlatte designed a PowerPoint show. They managed to get everyone in the classroom to write something, and then produced this: A goodbye message to Jose Manuel. (Hopefully this will run when you click on it. I should remind you: It’s powerpoint.) The maths lesson suffered slightly from people having to leave the classroom to go write on a giant card that was signed by everyone. This made the maths lesson a lot more complicated than it needed to be. We were doing a calculator crossword – you know, where you do a calculation, turn the calculator upside down, and read the word – or that was the plan. It became very difficult to a draw the actual crossword, difficult from a teaching point. Did I mention that the kids were all over the place?

English and diagramming sentences. This sounds more fun than it actually is. You don’t really get to diagram anything, you have to decide what part of speech each word is. Whether it is a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, pronoun, or interjection. Again I found myself repeating myself, time and time again. Students really weren’t listening to what was being said. At the end of the lesson, as we were going through the answers, the students became even more excited as they spotted Maria outside the classroom. We finished up, put away our books, and then posed for pictures. And that’s when the pizza arrived. The pizza, and the spaghetti, and the crisps, and the Takis, and the soda, and the lollies, and the thirty tons of sugar that was pumped into each and every students’ bloodstream.

Recess – which wasn’t long enough to run off the excess sugar. It would never have been long enough.

After recess we went to the library to fall asleep push the chair of the person in front of us fidget watch a BBC documentary called Wonders of the Solar System. This is the most fantastic series, the episode that we watched was about the sun. It included a total eclipse and shots of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). We needed a break half way through, to run round the playground. Then settled in to watch the second half. I don’t know about the students but I learnt a lot!

The final lesson of the day was geography. Time to name and place some of the countries of Africa. Then it was time to say goodbye to Jose Manuel – although there might be another chance to say goodbye again tomorrow when he pops in to pick up his books.

Something New: The best excuse since “the dog ate my homework”. You may have read Heriberto’s comment yesterday (if not you can read it here), in which case you already know that he and Jose Manuel had their backpacks stolen yesterday. Of course, not just the backpacks were stolen, everything in them was also stolen. Which means that their homework, workbooks, homework notebooks were also stolen. This led to the reply to a request for homework: some hobo has got it.

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): Best. Lunch. Ever.

It was a day full of wonderful moments. Oh, I know that I’ve mentioned it was hard work, but no one ever said teaching was going to be easy. Within all of the excess-sugar moments there was still a really feeling of friendship and bonding between the students. As some of them mentioned in the PowerPoint file, they might not have known Jose Manuel well, but they recognised him as a wonderful person. There was a feeling of unity, a feeling of friendship, and a genuine sadness to losing one of their classmates – a classmate who had only been in school for eight months! So there were plenty of FMOTDs for me. The one that I’ll write down here was the quandary that Camila faced. Today she brought lunch (as we all did), but it wasn’t any old lunch. According to Camila it was the best lunch I have ever brought to school. Unfortunately (for Camila) Jose Manuel’s dad also bought lunch…for the whole class. What should Camila do? It would be rude to turn down the party food, but she had the Best. Lunch. Ever. in her lunchbox. Isn’t that always the way?

Attendance: All present

Signed Homework Notebooks: 21 out of 21. (That means there were 2 homework notebooks missing – the hobo’s got them.)


  • Reading Log
  • Eggs
  • Construction Paper
  • Talent Show in Music
  • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.

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(brian) Saturday

Posted by willkay on March 13, 2010

You know that moment in class when someone asks me, “what’s it called?” And I always answer, “Brian.” I found a dentist’s office, just off Avenida Revolución, and, surprisingly, it is called “Brian”. Makes sense to mel.

Do you like the new look? I haven’t spent the whole day trying to make the place look pretty. I’ve spent most of my time playing this game. It is really addictive. If you need a break from all your studying for Tuesday’s maths exam, try it. There are also loads of other cool games to play, and pages that will help you to study at Enjoy.

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(good hair) Monday

Posted by willkay on March 8, 2010

I did not cut my hair, I had a haircut. There is a very subtle difference, but that difference exists. There is a famous logic question: You are in a town that only has two barbers. One of the barbers, Brian, has a really bad hairstyle, his hair is a mess, all over the place. Fred, the other barber’s  hair is immaculate, perfectly cut. Which barber do you go to? Answer at the bottom of the post.* However, no one noticed my spiffy new haircut because of Miss Lilian’s hair. Photos to follow.

Morning assembly was presented by the third grade, 3B. They explained the history/design of Baja California’s flag. They then sang the Baja California Anthem, which I don’t remember having heard before. It is a great Anthem! Miss Lilian then presented certificates to the seven girls who represented the school as The Honour Guard in the recent competition. When Miss Lilian came and spoke to the class on Thursday, she talked about the competition. She told the class how she had had a discussion with one of the judges. The judge felt that BAI should have come second! So, repeated congratulations to the girls who represented the school. You should be proud of your achievement.

Art class was followed by maths class. Today’s lesson was drawing graphs given only one coordinate and the slope of the graph. In theory it should be a straight forward problem, in theory. In practice I made it slightly harder, by asking for the equation of the line once it had been drawn. This seemed to cause some confusion. Hopefully the homework will prove to a lot easier, and more understandable.

Toast. I love toast. I can sometimes get caught in a toast-loop, where I eat toast whilst putting another slice in the toaster. This often ends when the loaf is eaten. To aid me in my consumption of toast I have designed a special toaster that will help with the toasting, buttering, dispensing of jam. This week’s writing assignment is to design an invention that will improve your life. On Thursday the students will present a drawing (or a model) of their invention, and will explain fully what their invention does. They should also be prepared to answer questions.

The school has been invited to send a representative from each grade to enter a Spelling Bee competition. This called for an emergency spelling quiz. See how quickly and correctly the students can answer under pressure. After the quiz we continued to read about chimpanzees. Because of topics mentioned in the passage we were reading, we ended up discussing a film called The Cove, that won an Oscar last night as the best documentary.

While the students had a history lesson I did some research on the internet. I discovered that I had missed World Maths Day, which was disappointing. On the plus side though, I did discover another teacher’s blog. This blog describes the day at the International School of Tanganyika in a Grade 2 classroom. It is an interesting read, following what happens in a classroom in Africa. Click here and check it out.

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): 180!

In darts the highest score you can get with one dart is treble 20, 60. In darts you get to throw three darts, so the highest possible score is 180. If you ever watch a darts match, whenever a player scores 180, the commentator will always call it out, at the top of their voice. All this means, whenever anyone says “180”, in my mind I hear someone shouting (with great joy): ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY! I mention this because today I asked about eggs. You remember the eggs thing? Hollow out eggs, paint them up, fill them with confetti. Today I asked if anyone had prepared any yet. Several students had. However, Alejandra has made ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY! That was my FMOTD. What was yours?

Attendance: One absent


  • Maths: Reteaching 10-3 Nos: 4-6 Practice 10-3 Nos: 4-6, 11, 12
  • English: Spelling Workbook Page: 67.
  • Story: Invention (in Thursday)
  • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.

*You should visit Brian, the barber with the bad haircut. As no one ever cuts their own hair, Fred the barber with the really nice, neat haircut must have given Brian the bad haircut. Don’t go to Fred, go to Brian.

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(surfing) Saturday

Posted by willkay on March 6, 2010

I don’t know if any of you have read Professor Rene’s entry on the school’s website. Have you? Go now (click here) and read. I’ll wait.

Are you back? What a fantastic effort by the fifth grade, well done. Having read the article, I then went to the website, and had a go at some of the questions. It really is addictive. Answering questions, donating rice. Could I recommend the site to the sixth grade? Visit, and have a go at the questions. There is an opportunity to change the subject, and the level of the questions. (You should be able to do the level 10 maths questions.) There is also a quiz on the chemical symbols we have just studied in science, plus a geography quiz. A very handy site for doing some studying, plus you are helping others.

I’ve just spent an enjoyable thirty minutes quizzing myself. And in the time I’ve also donated 1000 grains of rice. Why not have a go yourself? Click here and try to donate more than me!

Well done Professor Rene and the fifth grade.

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