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The Honour Guard

Posted by willkay on August 29, 2013

We are presenting an assembly next Monday. Need to practise The Honour Guard.

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happy start

Posted by willkay on September 4, 2012

When the bell rings, at 7:30am, my job starts. One week I am stood on the pavement, in front of the school, opening car doors. The next week, I am stood inside the school, supervising children. The week after, it’s back to opening car doors. To tell you the truth, I like the car-door-opening duty, rather than the supervising duty. The main reason is, I get to be positive when I open car doors. I say,”Good morning!” I say, “Good bye!” (to parents) However, in the playground, it can be a bit negative: speak English, please; don’t run; don’t go there; don’t do that. Oh, there is still time to have the odd conversation, but it can still dissolve into “no-don’t-no-and-speak-English” moments. Today was different. Today, for the first time in [think of a big number, double it, multiply by 8, and then add another 1000 to it] days, I didn’t have to say, “Speak English” once. At all! I was amazed. Well done the sixth grade! Well done in deed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go too well from there. Four homework diaries not signed, two homeworks not done, 12 people haven’t learnt their lines for the assembly, 14 people did not do what I asked to be done in the maths lesson. Fortunately, Miss Claudia + Mrs. Kay + Mr. Kay = solution. Listening! The students aren’t listening. They aren’t listening the first, second, third time of telling. They are still expecting to be told something several times, before they follow instructions. But, now we (the teachers) know what is going wrong, we can do something about it. We can say things only once.

What’s that? you ask. Say something once? Shirley that is counter intuitive? Shirley you should say something more times!

Well, first off: don’t call me Shirley! And secondly: I’ll take your counter intuitive and raise you a counter-counter intuitive. It makes perfect sense. if the students know that we are only going to say something once, they know they had better listen. Up until now, they have been used to people telling them what to do, and telling them again, and then repeating it, and then chasing them up to see if they have done it, and then being reminded (again). They have got aurally-lazy (I’ve just made that word up). They have to get used to listening once, and once alone, and then following the instructions. It’s a plan. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Maths was decimal division. Except, you can’t divide by a decimal! So, you have to change the question by moving the decimal point. Sounds complicated? Not if you see a couple of examples. I then went and spent 30 minutes with Miss Tere Rochin’s class. I’m getting old. It is getting harder and harder to get up from my knees. Oh, not that 2A drove me to my knees, I just got down there to teach one-on-one and discovered that I couldn’t get up.

Spelling was a new word list. Recess was followed by P.E. for the students, 57 books for me to mark. P.E. also included a practice session for the Honour Guard on Monday. Then History, and finally science. We discussed King Philip Came Over For Great Spaghetti and useful bacteria. Plus, after yesterday’s discussion about appendix-problems, I added a discussion about tonsils. Sorry. If your child starts having nightmares that part of his/her body might be trying to attack him/her – it might be my fault. Try increasing the dosage of Yakult.

Oh, and just for Alan Williams, a growing update. Who is Alan you are asking? Alan is a friend of mine who reads this blog. You might occasionally see his picture at the bottom of a post, because he has clicked on “Like”. The posts he likes are those about growing, because Alan is my go-to-bloke for gardening and growing. So, here’s some pictures of the sunflowers and the radishes. The radishes have gone mad. I was lazy, and didn’t trust the packet, so I sprinkled the seeds instead of placing them 2cm apart. However, my sunflower has actually started to grow, and is now 2cm tall!

And, as I happened to be walking past 6B’s yoga lesson (they were having it outside) I took some video. Enjoy;

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a sense of urgency

Posted by willkay on August 30, 2012

I don’t know if it is the heat, I’m not sure if it’s a hangover from the holidays, I’m fairly certain it isn’t that the children don’t understand, BUT there is a lack of a sense of urgency. Lessons are starting five minutes late, students are going for water and spending time at “the water cooler”, and if someone goes to the restroom – they’ve gone for hours. When work is being set, it’s not been settled to quickly. When notes are put on the board, they are being copied effectively. There is no sense of urgency. No sense of a desire to do. Normally, the sixth grade hit the ground running. We have four months to go before the entrance exams for Junior High, four months to fine tune and prepare. At the moment, it feels like we have four years – and even then, they won’t be a problem. I’m going to accept it is the heat. I’m going to assume that once it starts to cool off, or once everyone has built up some sort of resistance to the heat, then everything will be back to normal. However, they may be some harsh words spoken in class tomorrow – let’s call it a wake-up-call.

Not a great start to the morning: not ready when the second bell went for morning line up; one homework diary “lost”, one not signed; two homeworks not done, one homework was the wrong page (later there were three Spanish homeworks not done); multiplication tables not remembered. An hour’s maths lesson disappeared, and when it came time for P.E. we had only covered half of the planned lesson. The English lesson was lost entirely to doing some more maths, and then copying the geography from yesterday’s lesson – thank goodness for the SmartBoard and its ability to save all my lessons. The end of recess was a disaster. The thirty minutes that I had left to teach after recess, became 20, and so we read three paragraphs of the story “Old Yeller”. The students finished with history – in which they needed an extra five minutes because they hadn’t completed their work – and then yoga.

There are two bits of good news.

The first is that things have started growing. The picture shows some tiny radishes starting to sprout. Also, in the classrooms, the sunflowers are starting to appear – some are already a centimetre or two tall. (It is at this point that I will make two observations; (1) I did take pictures but my camera failed me, sorry; (2) my sunflowers haven’t grown at all!!) The watering cans were not totally successful, they don’t reach the last row of radishes. However, with a steady hand, they work very well in the classroom.

The second bit of good news is there has been a change of heart – I am now allowed to publish videos and photographs of all the children in the sixth grade. Yipee! So, here’s a video of the routine at morning line up. Every morning, Professor Rodolfo leads the school through a series of breathing exercises and physical exercise. This is a video I took of some of the morning’s session. I say “some” because I stopped recording before the jumping-jacks, and I missed filming the breathing exercises. I’ll try to catch them tomorrow, but I won’t make any promises.

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ten days to go

Posted by willkay on November 7, 2011

This morning, I asked maria to check what the weather was going to be like, I needed to know how many different layers I should put on. I ended up being caught in the rain on Friday, and getting soaked. Unfortunately I caught a chill in my back, and have been struggling over the weekend with the odd spasm. She read me the weather for today, and then paused. She then proceeded to tell me the weather for next Thursday. That’s Thursday 17th November. Yes, we are now so close to the wedding, we can read the weather forecast for the day. Are you nervous? This was a question that Miss Monica asked me this morning, and it was immediately re-asked by Miss Gaby. I replied, “No. No, of course I’m not nervous.” I then walked out of Miss Monica’s office and across the playground towards my classroom. By the time I got to my classroom I was a nervous wreck! TEN DAYS!!

One of the joys of teaching is that every day is a new day, every day is a new beginning. The last two weeks have not been the best of times, however with a weekend behind us all, we can start afresh. There was no official assembly this morning, but there were still honours to the flag, which was done by the sixth grade Honour Guard. Then into maths and percents. We started with some very simple fractions of numbers and then leapt into the wonderful realm of mental percentages. Some students got it straight away. Others struggled. There were several “fireworks” moments. These are moments when the whole class go, “Ahhhhhhhh!” Which always reminds me of a fireworks display when the crowd “ooo” and “ahhh”. Viviana and Maria Rita came up with some excellent ideas, and we crashed through 30 quick questions. Well, some of us crashed through 30 quick questions. Some of us struggled to do mental maths at a grade 4 level. Hmmm!

The English lesson started, as it starts every Monday morning, with The Reading Logs. This turned out to be a surprise for six members of the class. However, here’s this week’s:


  • 455 pages: Arturo

  • 370 pages: Rodrigo

  • 329 pages: Aleksei

  • 318 pages: Diana

  • 311 pages: Katherine

Seven students got into The 200+ Club. There was then time to finish off the Grammar exercise from last Friday, and start the spelling exercises on the list that we did (all the way back) on Monday last week.

After recess, and some time spent with Professor Richardo, we continued with the English lesson. At the moment we are reading “Goodbye To The Moon”. This is the story of the first person born on the moon and his trip to Earth, for the first time. I find this a very interesting story. It helps the students see their own planet through the eyes of an outsider, and opens up the way for a lot of discussion. And that is what happened – a lot of discussion! We went through “dinosaur killers”, to how short and fat you’d have to be to live on Jupiter, to “visiting the bathroom upside down”, and finally settled on “which would hit the ground first when dropped, a hammer or a feather?”


  • Maths: Reteaching 6-4 Nos: 1,3,4,5,6,7,11,15 Practice 6-4 Nos: 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,14,17
  • Spelling: Spelling Workbook next two pages.
  • Writing Assignment: Design An Alien (for Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

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the homework is *in* your notebook

Posted by willkay on September 13, 2011

Maths is what I call a “building block” subject. Every lesson, builds on what you did in the previous lesson. You cannot progress from one concept to another without fully understanding the previous concept. On Friday we did divisibility rules. Yesterday we studied prime numbers. Today we were supposed to study prime factorisation. In mathematics you “define” each number by it’s prime factors. This is it’s unique definition. 24 can be written using several multiplications, but its individual/unique definition is 2 cubed  x 3 squared. There are two ways to find the prime factors: using a factor tree; Mr. Kay’s Upside Down Method. Personally, I prefer MKUDM! Again, an understanding of MKUDM needed a knowledge/understanding of divisibility rules and also a memory of how I introduced doing single digit division in week one. All the blocks were provided, all were in place, it just so happened that some people couldn’t build on top of them. There is an expression in English: You can’t see the wood for the trees. This means that sometimes we focus too much on the tree in front of us, not managing to pull back and see that we are in a forest. Basically, failure to see the big picture. This is what is happening at the moment. Instead of seeing every lesson as part of a whole, students are focusing on just one thing at once, dismissing what has happened before. Hopefully, in a few weeks days this view will change. They will start to realise that each lesson links to the next lesson. Each topic flows into the next. Something learnt one day, should be learnt for life, not dismissed only to half remember it for exams and then totally forgotten.

Science was the study of cells.

In recess it is my turn to work in the shop. I spend today handing out slices of pizza and bags of crisps! Yes, I said crisps. To an Englishman (and a Northern Irish woman) chips are what you might call French fries. When i work in the shop, my insistence that everyone speaks English can cause the odd problem. mainly because the English for quesadilla is  quesadilla. Yipee!

After recess it was PE. With 6B having Spanish, Miss Esther sat outside doing her marking, and the Honour Guard practising for this afternoon’s Flag Ceremony, this gave many of the class a chance to talk to Miss Esther. Quiz her on the important differences between Mr. Kay and herself. In other words: Do leprechauns exist? Then it was time for PE.

I also took some other pictures which can be found in the folder PE lesson, Art lesson, and other pictures.

In the Spanish lesson, Miss Claudia was doing auditions for the Christmas presentation. It was slightly strange to walk in and here her say: so you two gils will be Miss Lilian, and you three will be Miss Cecy. However, there wasn’t time to complete all the auditions as we were needed outside to show our respect to the flag. The Honour Guard marched, the school sang the National Anthem, the flag was raised. It will fly over the school for the rest of the month.

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(who is that fat man?) Monday

Posted by willkay on December 6, 2010

Can you tell that today was the last exam of the year? Can you tell that we are solidly into December and already the students can smell Christmas? Can you tell that the next two weeks are going to be very long for teachers? If you have ever wonder about what you’d most like to be empathetic about can I give you a nudge in my direction? Just think how hard the next two weeks are going to be with a classroom full of children who are already on holiday, looking at presents under the tree. Good times.

The Honour Guard was in action this morning. Well, The Honour Guard plus one extra. It appears that the second grade couldn’t muster enough individuals to make an Honour Guard, so the sixth grade were called on to do their duty. Unfortunately, Alejandro was off sick, which meant there was no “shouty-person”. What we needed was someone with a loud voice, who knew what they were doing, and could lead the Honour Guard around the playground. Step forward Polette! Thank you.

Geography exam. Oddly enough, this seemed to be the toughest of the exams as it definitely took the longest. With that over and done with, it was time to settle back down to the real business of being at school: work. However, for some students this was not to be. It was very chatty in the classroom and the students were hard to settle. This is only to be expected as they have just come through a tough set of exams and, on the whole, done very well in them. So, the rest of the day was spent doing spellings, reading, and singing.

This week’s writing assignment is to describe an inhabitant of another planet. There was a certain amount of time spent discussing my “alien” and the world of jelly (that’s jello to you) that he lived in. After that, we had a spelling quiz where the evil Dr. Evil revealed his plan to rule the world via a talking, parachuting penguin. It’s alright, the penguin didn’t speak English/Spanish, he spoke rhinoceros. And he kept all of his plans written ina brochure that he kept in antique bureau that was a family heirloom. [True story.] As you can tell, it was a morning filled with serious and contemplative thought.

After a recess where some people had waaaaaay too much sugar – in the form of peanut butter and Oreos – the students started to build a timeline for their history class. Then it was back to the world of Ancient Egypt, and the genius of The Rosetta Stone (which was found in Rosetta). To finish the day off, we learnt a song. And did a little dance. Tomorrow is another day.

English Word of the Day. Honorary. Yes, it appears that in English it is honour, with a u, but it is also honorary, without a u. 


  • Spelling Workbook
  • Writing Assignment: An Alien (for Friday)
  • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

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(grey) Friday

Posted by willkay on October 23, 2010

One day, we might be the sixth grade Honour Guard.

Thursday was a long, long day – a thirteen hour day, which is a long time to be perpetually “on”. So this morning, when the alarm went off, it was a difficult task to get out of bed and into school, even though there was an extra hour in bed!

The first ten minutes of the day were spent recounting tales of our adventures to the rest of the class, and then it was on with the business of reviewing the maths for Monday’s exam. As usual, it is fairly amazing (to me) how much the children forget from less than a month ago. So there were several “ooooh yeah” moments as they suddenly remembered what Scientific Notation was, what was meant by standard form, and how to change a denominator of 20 into one of 100.

The topic for today’s science lesson was “Bones and Joints”. However, for the first 40 minutes of the lesson we failed to actually discuss what was in the book. Instead we ended up in a conversation that started with the ear, went on to dolphins, moved through metals that are liquids at room temperature, and ended up at “walking on a liquid”. These are the moments I enjoy as a form teacher, rather than being just a maths teacher. The freedom to spend time in the classroom discussing questions that the children raise, being able to move off the topic and on to other learning situations. The SMARTboard is fantastic in these situations. It gives the teacher the ability to pull up pictures, videos, and facts. True, a better computer would aid these moments, but we managed to struggle along with the machine we have. We ended up at this video:

After a shortened recess, it was PE, and then there was a chance to get back to the science lesson and discuss bones and joints. This is not my favourite lesson because I have to draw a three-dimensional representation of the inside of a bone. Drawing is not my strong point. In fact, to be more exact, drawing is my weak point. I struggle. However, after finishing my drawing, and wandering to the back of the classroom, it didn’t look too bad. Not as good as some of the students’ drawings, but for the first time, it wasn’t the worst!

It’s time for this week’s The Wall Of Fame:


  • 749 pages: Ana Paola
  • 400+ pages: Ninotchka
  • 324 pages: Octavio
  • 299 pages: Francisco
  • 254 pages: Roberto 

  • Congratulations to the top five students. You might notice that Ninotchka’s page count looks a bit not-very-accurate. This is my fault. I am writing this on Saturday afternoon and I failed to bring her total home with me. I will update this on Monday.

    The day finished with reading “Goodbye to the Moon”.


    • Maths: exam on Monday
    • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

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    (smart) Monday

    Posted by willkay on September 20, 2010

    It’s here. It’s on the wall. It’s plugged in. It’s ready to work. Yes, today was day one of the SMARTboard. It didn’t all go smoothly. There was still a lot of “red light/green light” moments, but that might be down to a faulty cable. There is also the problem that it is running off my laptop. Not a problem for me, but a major problem for Miss Claudia, as I take my laptop with me when I leave the classroom. However, these are just teething troubles, by the end of the week I am convinced that everything will be running smoothly. Plus the board has already had some fantastic moments already today. By the end of the week it will be fully integrated and I am convinced that learning will be even more fun.

    A quick morning line-up, to explain how this morning was going to work, and then into the classroom. Twenty minutes of excitement over the new board, ten minutes of disappointment over the maths homework, and back out side for assembly. Assembly with a special guest: Mr. Ignacio Anaya. The Honour Guard marched, we sang the National Anthem, we pledged allegiance to the flag, and we said, “Hello” to Mr. Anaya. Miss Lilian gave him an award, and then we all gathered around for a photo.

    Back in the classroom we struggled to explain what is understood by the word: average. Fortunately, before my head exploded, Mr. Anaya visited our classroom. We showed him the SMARTboard in all its glory, with a trip around the globe from BAI landing on top of Mount Everest. Octavio then asked him a question about Sherpas. Mr. Anaya was wonderful. He took a simple question from a student and told the story of his climb up Mount Everest. The class were enthralled. As he left, we thanked him for his visit and presented him with a card that the class had signed. (Pictures at the usual place.)

    At that point there was nothing else for it, we had to return to the maths lesson. Mean, Median, and Mode. Everyone knew the names, no one really knew how to work them out. By the time Miss Claudia entered the room (two and a half hours after the start of the day) we were probably a little closer to understanding what they mean. However, tonight’s homework will either prove that there was some success today, or not.

    Either side of recess I managed to have a meeting with Mr. Apac to discuss the SMARTboard. Hopefully the outcome will be that there will be a computer in my room in the next couple of days, so that Miss Claudia can also play with use it.

    The English lesson was the returning of stories. I would like to say, marking and correcting the stories takes over five hours. I’m not complaining, I accept that it is part of my job. However [rant mode on], it does hurt slightly when I hand them back and I watch students just look at their grade and ignore all the stuff I’ve written. [/rant over] From there we set up the writing assignment for this week: Scared. What really scares you? What are you frightened by? Quite often we are scared of the silliest things. A spider, a noise at 2am, going to the dentist. Now, can we write about our fear in such a way that the reader/listener can be scared? Can we get them to understand what really scares us?

    And I finish on a request. If you have read this post, please leave a comment. Even if that comment is: “hello“. At the moment, according to my stats, there are only a couple of visitors a day here. Most of those visits can probably be accounted for by my girlfriend and my mum. The intention of this blog was to tell the parents about their child’s day, and to keep the students informed about their homework. If it is only my mum and girlfriend reading this, I should probably just talk/phone them. Please leave a comment. You should also find (if you look hard enough) a SHARE button, if you want to share the post on Twitter/Facebook. And there is also a LIKE button, if you like the post. Wow, I suddenly feel/sound very needy. However, there is a certain amount of work that goes into producing all of this, and it would be nice to know that someone is reading it. Thank you.


    • Maths: Reteaching 1-10
    • Writing Assignment: Scared (due Friday )
    • Reading Log: yes, I know that most of you brought them in today but this is a chance to get them all in tomorrow!
    • Art Shirt: Just the one of you.
    • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

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    (slight panic) Friday

    Posted by willkay on September 10, 2010

    The video may go down very quickly – the song, of course, is copyrighted to someone else, and they might object to it being up on youtube. So watch, enjoy, tell your friends, but do it quickly before it gets taken down.

    You know how it goes. In your mind you have it all planned out: at this time we’ll do this, that time we’ll do that, and then there will be bags of time to do the other thing. And, if I was on my own, all those things would be done – and I’d have probably had time for a couple of games of Sudoku and a bowl of Lucky Charms. Happily though, I don’t work on my own, I work with children. Children who ask questions, children who want answers, and children who don’t think exactly in the box – more often, they think outside the box, near the box, close to the box, just not in the thing.

    The maths lesson was supposed to be about multiplication/division of positive/negative integers. Except, when we came to check the homework, it appeared that yesterday’s lesson hadn’t gone as well as planned. Although the students were convinced that they remembered everything Professor Rene had taught them last year, it turned out that they might not have remembered in what order he had taught them it, and could I please go through it all again? We went through it again. Very slowly.

    Never mind, the science lesson couldn’t go wrong. A quick revision of what we did yesterday: King Philip Came Over For Great Spaghetti; how to recognise whether an animal was a carnivore/herbivore/omnivore by its teeth; vertebrates. And then straight into vascular and non-vascular plants could-the-honour-guard-go-practice? Monday is our assembly. More importantly it is the assembly to celebrate the Bicentennial. Of course the Honour Guard could go and practice. It’s just that we won’t get the science stuff done.

    However, there was a chance to redeem the situation with the English lesson. I was very excited because this week was the first week that we collate the reading log numbers. This was the day I got to do The Wall of Fame for the first time this academic year. How would it compare to last year? Would there be a huge number on the wall? How about the 200+ Club? How would that be? Let’s hear those numbers! Except, only half of the class had brought in their reading logs. And so we are left with a slightly small sample size from which to take:


  • 351 pages: Octavio
  • 206 pages: Ana Paola
  • 176 pages: Francisco
  • 120 pages: Gerardo
  • 105 pages: Marianna
  • To be fair, they have only had the reading logs for four days, so to get into the 200+ Club, that would have meant reading more than 50 pages a day. So, congratulations to all of those on The Wall of Fame, and I look forward to seeing more names next week!

    Well, there was still the stories to look forward to. This week’s writing assignment was to write a story from the point of view of an animal. I was certain that this would be great fun. And it was. We listened to some very inventive stories, with some great ideas: “it appears the name of this five star hotel is: The Zoo“. Unfortunately, not everyone had managed to get their story into school? Eh? What is this? Does that mean it is a missed homework? Well, fortunately for those students, we needed to practise for the assembly. In my mind this would take five minutes. However, the Honour Guard wanted another chance to practise – Alejandro is a very thoughtful and caring sergeant. We then tried to do the dance and the song. You can watch the attempt on the video at the top of this post. Let’s just say, the students can do a lot better – I know, I’ve seen it several times, and this was probably the worst. However, the good news is, it can only get better! And I have full confidence that the sixth grade will pull it together and it will be alright-on-the-night. The good news is that we are all united in our desire to wear a moustache on Monday. Those students who appeared to be unsure yesterday have realised that in 10 years time they will have regretted not taking part. Now we all have to find a moustache for Monday!

    There was just time to sign the card for Mr. Ignacio Anaya, in preparation for his visit on Monday – keep thinking about a question Octavio, especially a question that doesn’t have a one word answer! – and then it was time to go home. Roll on the weekend.


    • Learn lines/song for Monday’s Assembly.
    • Art Shirt: for next Tuesday
    • Photos: some students still don’t have their photos.
    • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

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    (got stickers) Friday

    Posted by willkay on May 28, 2010

    This hasn’t been my best week of blogging, in case you haven’t noticed. It is sometimes hard to get home, from school, and sit down and immediately start blogging. This is even harder in an exam week, when I also have a huge pile of exams to mark and grade. I also have a life and out-of-school responsibilities – I know, I know, hard to believe – but this means that sometimes I don’t get straight home, or if I do, I change and go straight back out again! This is a sort of apology,to those of you who come here every day, expecting to read long boring interesting posts – I’ve been busy. Of course, those of you who just come here to check on homework, have probably been happy about the lack of posts – tee hee!

    Anyway, I’m slightly torn at the moment, should I write a post OR should I play on the Wii OR should I put my stickers in my album? Yesterday, unfortunately, Nikos was off school, sick. How sick was he? Too sick to hold the controller on the Wii. His mum, the wonderful maria, therefore played Animal Crossing for him, following his directions. And the outcome of this? Well, Nikos is now well enough to go back to his dad’s house, but maria is now addicted to Animal Crossing. This means, that as I sit here, she is playing Hide-and-Seek with a pig and a bear. So, I can’t play on the Wii!

    On the way home we stopped off at an Oxxo to pick up new batteries for the Wii controller (hmmmm???). We also bought some stickers for my FIFA World Cup Sticker Album. I haven’t had any new stickers since my birthday, and have had no swaps to exchange at recess for two weeks. However, I now have new stickers, and there are bound to be swaps! So, if you are reading this, and you collect World Cup Stickers, be prepared to bring them in on Monday. We had planned to go out tonight, we’d been invited to the opening of a new taco shop. We were very excited (or maybe, I was very excited, and maria was just happy), however it appears that we had the dates confused, and the opening is next Friday. So, I have nothing planned for Friday night. In that case, I’ll save my stickers until later tonight, and write a blog post now.

    Monday it will be the sixth grade’s (final) assembly. We have been practising/learning/writing/rehearsing for this for two weeks. However, this is no time to relax. On the 21st June, we have our Final Presentation. Most classes will be doing a song. However, for the assembly we are doing a song (Umbrella by Rihanna), so I have decided that we would be better off doing a poem. However, I don’t just want to do a poem, I have this whole presentation in mind – anyone have a full sized mannequin at home that I could borrow? So that was how I spent the first lesson, while the sixth grade had PE, planning the next presentation.

    We started the next lesson off with a quick run through of the assembly (there are some pictures up on my Flickr page). It went exactly the way I like rehearsals to go: there were loads of mistakes; no one stood properly; there were several mistakes in the dance. However, the things that went wrong are fixable (mainly by the pressure of a final performance), and the whole thing is still fresh, it isn’t over rehearsed. So, if you aren’t doing anything, Monday morning, 7:50am, pop in to school and see the sixth grade assembly. There are some great memories to be heard, and a very good dance routine to be admired (and I say that totally impartially).

    The rest of the lesson was spent studying for the history exam (unless your name was Carlo Ivan, in which case it was spent doing the Science exam).

    Geography exam on Monday, so we needed to do a quick study guide for that. Africa and South Asia. A huge amount of the world, all covered in one exam. So that is the sixth grade spending the weekend learning their countries/rivers/seas/lakes/mountain ranges.


    After recess I went to teach the third grade, while the sixth grade had music. I read them a story (the poem that the sixth grade will be doing for their presentation), and then we watched The Gruffalo. Afterwards they drew pictures of The Gruffalo (don’t you know? there’s no such thing as a gruffalo).

    Last lesson of the day was a chance to return the science exams. Many of the sixth grade are “glasses half empty” people. They are never happy. Many students did really well in the exam (sixteen out of twenty-two got over 9.0), however there was upset and (almost) tears over perceived failure. Ah, maybe it was frustration at not achieving a perfect score. The Honour Guard got to practice for Monday, and we read some of “The American Slurp“.

    Oh, there is no new Wall of Fame or 200+ Club this week. And, for once, it isn’t my fault. Only four students brought in their weekly scores.

    Something New: Science: Six 10s. Ten scores of 9.0 or greater.

    Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): Crazy Hair

    The Third Grade really seemed to enjoy the poem that I read them!

    Attendance: One absent


    • Reading Log
    • Umbrella
    • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.
    • Geography: Exam Monday.
    • Circular: Signed and returned

    Right! Now it is time to kick maria off the Wii and start collecting some oranges – I’ve got a mortgage to pay off, donchuno!

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