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Archive for the ‘no school’ Category

(working on a day off) Monday

Posted by willkay on November 15, 2010

Yes, today is a day off school. Or, to be more accurate, it is a day that I don’t have to go into school, it is not necessarily a day off. I have a pile of stories to mark and a set of score cards to total. On Friday, as the students read out their stories, they listeners were asked to grade each reader on: reading of the story; understandability of the story; enjoyability of the story. They could give a maximum of 10 points for each category, a total of 30 points for each story. I have taken in all the scoresheets and added up the points. With 20 different score sheets, that means that the top possible score was 600. The top ten scores were as follows:

589 points : Octavio

589 points: Diego

585 points: Daniel

584 points: Francisco

565 points: Alejandro

564 points: Marianna

562 points: Ninotchka

562 points: Mariana

551 points: Jose Luis

551 points: Alexa

Congratulations to those ten students. Now it is back to work for me.

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(just plain awful) Friday

Posted by willkay on June 20, 2010

It has taken two days before I can actually type anything up about Friday, two days and the pain is still there.

Friday morning saw me in school at the usual time, however there were no students there! (Although there was a reported sighting of Larizza?) The school had to be set up for the fiesta in the evening, and the multi-activity room needed to be prepared for Monday. Working as a team, the teachers managed to get everything done by 10 o’clock. At that point, Miss Lilian thinking she was doing the nice thing, let me go home to watch the England match on television. It was kind of her, but in the long run I think I’d have rather stayed at school, and missed the match.

It was awful, painfully awful. I spent most of the game with my head under a cushion, trying to avoid watching yet-another-kick-to-nowhere. Don’t get me wrong. I love football. I love the World Cup. Every four years, when the World Cup comes round, I am fixed to the television set. This year, the time difference has been a little difficult but, thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to keep up with most matches. And, whisper this quietly, this year I thought England were going to do well. I could see them getting to the semi-finals without too much difficulty. And,once you are in the last four, with two games to go??? You know, in my heart, I thought England had a chance this year, a chance to win the World Cup. But what happened? At this moment, the chance to get through to the next round isn’t just in our hands, it also relies on the failure of others (specifically USA). All of a sudden, a dead-cert has turned into a dead-donkey.

The one joy in all this has been Mexico. I spent an hour on the phone this morning (Sunday), with my mum. She is very excited about Mexico, loved the fact that they beat the French, and has now adopted Mexico as her country! Of curse, there is always the advantage that Mexico could face Argentina, and put them out in the next round. Which, for an Englishman is always good news (after the Hand-of-God goal).

Anyhoo, Monday! Monday will be The Final Presentation at 8am. Tuesday is Mexico v Uruguay at 7am. Wednesday is England v Slovenia at 7am. Thursday is the last day in school (for the sixth grade). Friday is Disney. Busy week ahead.

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Posted by willkay on February 1, 2010

No school today.

The wonderful Maria has paid for a Pro account on Flickr for me. This means that I can upload all of my photos to my Flickr account. Today I have uploaded over 100 new photos. Do go and check them out, either by clicking on this link or my clicking on the Flickr link in the sidebar. Enjoy the pictures because Maria has been working on them. You should find that your spots are gone, your skin has been cleaned up, and you look so much more beautiful (and that is just the boys!).

Hope everyone is reading. Back to school tomorrow.

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Posted by willkay on January 29, 2010

An early start for me, I had to be in school, in a meeting,  by 7:15am. Caught up with Professor Rene’s news: The Dark Knights (the school’s chess team) did very well in their competition. Thanks to victories by Alejandra and Guillermo (and other members of the team), they came second overall! Congratulations.

The meeting was about teamwork, how we should all work together as a team so that we can achieve our goals. Ha! A meeting that the sixth grade could have taken, and told all the teachers about how well they were working together in class. We also discussed celebrating differences, how we should appreciate the fact that everyone is different. Then it was time to leave school, and go on the course at the CECUT.

I didn’t go.

Unfortunately the whole weekend is in Spanish, which means that I wouldn’t have been able to partake. This is slightly disappointing because I have been on courses like this in England, and they are very informative, helpful, and exceedingly useful in the classroom situation. I will look forward to discussing the course with my colleagues when they return. No, instead of interesting discussions, group meetings, a chance to improve my teaching ability, I was stuck in school with a desk full of marking. There were exams to check, lessons for February to plan, and monthly grades to calculate. There might have been no children in school, but there was still a full day’s work done.

I also moved the Science experiments outside, put them on the wall, in the sun. Hopefully this will speed up the evaporation process and there will be something to actually see on Tuesday when we all get back to class. One can but hope because it is very, very cold in the classroom when there are no students in there. Believe me. I spent the day wearing a hat and gloves, wishing I had brought a thicker coat and a scarf!

Attendance: 23 absent.


  • Reading: Please, please, read.

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Posted by willkay on January 22, 2010

No school today. Rain stopped play.

Attendance: 23 absent


  • Reading log
  • Learn lines for Monday’s Assembly
  • Reading

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Posted by willkay on January 21, 2010

No school today. Rain stopped play.

However, this was as predicted, so I had left work for the students to do in case of this eventuality.

Attendance: 23 absent


  • Maths: Reteaching 4-7   Reteaching 8-10
  • English: Write a story with the title: Lost In The Woods.
  • Geography: On the map, colour,  label, and name the countries of Central Europe and list their capitals.
  • Science: Do two experiments to separate salt from salt water. Use evaporation and freezing. Record the results.
  • Reading

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Posted by willkay on January 19, 2010

No school today. Rain stopped play.

Attendance: 23 absent


  • English: Finish essay: What Makes A Person Good
  • Reading

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