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    Every week I take in how many pages each student has read. Below is the "Wall Of Fame", the top readers for the week, and "The 200+ Club", all the students who have read more than 200 pages in a week. Congratulations to all those mentioned!
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Archive for August, 2014

I love reading!

Posted by willkay on August 25, 2014

One of the things we really, really promote in the sixth grade is reading! This is the students’ final year in BAI, and Mrs Kay and I really emphasise reading, writing, and oral work. And we love our reading!

Books are wonderful. They can take you away to strange new worlds, they can make you fall in love with characters, and introduce you to villains! You can learn so much more about the world and your place in it. You laugh, you cry! Books are brilliant!

So, in the sixth grade, we read every day. And, every day, we read for a minimum of 20 minutes. This means that most students read over 100 pages a week! Which is good. But, as we all know, if it is a good book, sometimes you can’t put it down, and you have to read more than 20 minutes. This means that some students read over 200 pages a week! They are doing very well, and they get to join The 200+ Club.

And then there are the students who read more than 300 pages! In a week! They have done so well we like to put their names on THE WALL OF FAME!



  • 575 pages: Sofia

  • 480 pages: Alexa

  • 450 pages: Vartine

  • 390 pages: Fernando

Congratulations to those students! Well done! And now? Well, the target has been set. Can the other students rise to the challenge? We shall see.

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The Scale of The Universe

Posted by willkay on August 23, 2014

Sorry, one day late, but here it is Isabela:

The Scale of The Universe


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….and so it begins

Posted by willkay on August 17, 2014

Hello, and welcome to the new readers!

This is where I write my blog about school…however, this year I am not promising to write every day. This year, Mrs. Kay and I intend to keep a photographic record of the school year. Basically, we are intending to take as many pictures as possible. Plus we will also be taking video. WordPress, where this blog is based, is not the ideal website for hosting photos and videos. So, although we will be posting some stuff on here, most of the pictures will be found on Flickr.

Videos will be published on YouTube.


In the left-hand column you will find clicky links that you can click on! These will take you to our pages.

Any questions? Please ask. Use the comments or send a note into school.

Thank you.

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