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(they call me Mister Kay) Thursday

Posted by willkay on September 30, 2010

I didn’t spend much time in school time. This was not planned. In my mind I wanted to go to the computer class and see the presentations. I’d also agreed with Miss Claudia to swap a lesson from Friday, so that she could give the History exam. No, the plan was to nip out of school for under an hour, pick up some documentation, back into school, carry on. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men, as the poet Robert Burns was wont to say, gang aft agley, an’lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, for promis’d joy!

Rain fell as the bell rang, so there was no car-door-opening for me. Instead, it was straight to the classroom with no morning line up. This meant that there was a chance to do an extra ten minutes of studying before the Science exam. After the exam it was turn to return the English exams. Only one 10 but fourteen students managed to get a 9.0 or above. Hurray! Maths was all about the solution to equations. We went through the work that we had done yesterday, using another method to solve equations. And it was at that point the school and I parted our ways.

Every year I have to renew my work permit. In theory this should just mean all the paperwork goes in, I wait a certain amount of time, I go to pick up the papers. Unfortunately, that is all in theory. In practice it all went incredibly wrong. You see, I’m English. This means that I only have one surname. I have a first name, a middle name and a surname. I’m William Alexander Kay. However, according to the papers I received today, my name is now Kay William Alexander. And before you say, “it doesn’t matter”, can I say, “it really, really matters”. I came to Mexico because I fell in love, and it has always been my intention to marry my girlfriend. After almost five years (five years on November 17th) everything has happened correctly, and now we can get married. Well, we could if we had just one single piece of paperwork in place: my FM3. And, more importantly, an FM3 that identifies me correctly. Five hours spent filling in forms, queueing to hand over said forms, receiving more forms, more filling in, more queueing, rinse and repeat.

So, I never got back to school. Worse, this means that the Science exams are still on my desk, unmarked. I might not be able to return them tomorrow. Sorry.

Here’s hoping that everyone remembers their reading logs for tomorrow!


  • History: exam tomorrow.
  • Reading Log: in tomorrow.
  • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

3 Responses to “(they call me Mister Kay) Thursday”

  1. Polette^ said

    i already finish my homeworkk:D

  2. Diego:D said

    I havent 😦

  3. geldanlage said

    I qսite like reading thгough аn article thast ᴡill mawke men and women tҺink.
    Aⅼso, mɑny thanks for permitting mе to commеnt!

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