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Archive for the ‘big sister/brother’ Category

Big Sister/Little Brother

Posted by willkay on December 22, 2012


On the last day of school before Christmas, we had our final Big Brother/Little Sister event. This time it was making a photo frame. The sixth grade got to help their little sister/brother with the glueing and sticking and cutting out. At the end of the activity all the first graders had a photo frame that they could take home and keep…or give as a present to their parents.

I took some pictures of the children all working together, you can see them here.

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big sister, big brother

Posted by willkay on September 21, 2012

One thing we do in the sixth grade is “adopt” a first grader. School can sometimes be a big, scary place, especially when you are five. So, we ask the sixth graders to become a “big sister / big brother” to a first grader. For the first grade student it means that there is always someone bigger on the playground, who will look out for them. And for the sixth grade student it means that they get some sense of responsibility, and a chance to look out for someone smaller than them. Today was the first event, a “getting to know you” moment. Cards were exchanged, presents were given, and pizza and juice were drunk. There are pictures of the event here.

Maths review. Maths review. Maths review. Oh, assembly practice for 6B. The real business of being in the sixth grade starts on Monday. Six exams in a week and a day. Mrs. Kay and I are confident that every question has been studied, every student knows how to answer the questions, everything is prepared. Now it is just down to the student themselves – how much they study, how much they prepare, how much they want a good grade.

Have a good weekend – but STUDY. I shall see you on Sunday at the IceBreakerInThePark, so long as you are there early. Or else you can catch me later in the day at The Shakespeare Grille eating fish, chips, and mushy peas. I am quite excited about Sunday – not just the IceBreakerInThePark nor the chance to eat fish, chips, and mushy peas…but Mrs. Kay has promised me a present. A present from The Apple Store. I might not sleep tonight – too excited.

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a dozen days in

Posted by willkay on September 6, 2011

Will it rain? Will it get hot? Will there be thunderstorms? Will England beat Wales in the Euro 2012 Qualifier? Will celery turn out to be vascular? Will these and many other questions get answered today? Well, yes. These will. Not so sure about many others though! Some days there aren’t enough hours in the working day. Or so it feels.

We started with an hour of maths, that was the intention. Actually, the intention was to spend an hour on new stuff, as it happened we ended up spending a lot of time on fractions. I get the feeling that we might be skipping the next chapter in the maths book and moving straight on to exponents, factors, and fractions. Yoga interrupted the maths lesson. But after yoga we went straight back to mean, median, and mode before a chance to be a big sister/brother interrupted the maths lesson again.

As it was raining, there was no chance of a picnic outside. So, both sixth grades plus both first grades moved to the multi-activity room and had their picnic there. Letters were exchanged, gifts were given, pizza was eaten, drinks were drunk, fruit chews were chewed. Many of the sixth graders got into their role of big sister/brother, and when we got back to the classroom there was a lot of discussion about the children they had adopted. I managed to take some photos and they can be found here.

More maths and then recess. In theory it should have been an indoor recess, it was raining. However, the children were slow to move off the playground when the rain started and everyone got very wet. Once they were wet, Professor Rodolfo elected to continue with PE in the rain, much to the delight of some students. For other students it wasn’t as much fun, and they spent the lesson sat on benches watching the rest play dodgeball in the rain.

After science we got to see the results of the science experiment. Carefully, making sure not to get food colourant on clothes, the stalks of celery were cracked, and the flesh was peeled off the internal tubes of the celery.

Success! If you look carefully at the photo, you can see how the red colourant and the blue colourant have moved up the tubes in the celery. Proving that celery does have tubes. Proving that celery is vascular!

And then the sun finally came out. After sitting in wet clothes for an hour, the children finally got dry, just in time to go home. Oh, and the answer to the important question of the day? The very important question of the day! England won!

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