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I am a school teacher at British American Institute, in Tijuaua, Mexico.

I was born and raised in England where, after 24 fun-packed years that I will never mention here, I became a teacher. After working for 20 years as a school teacher, one year in Produce at ASDA (Wall*Mart), and a year teaching IT to adults with learning difficulties, I packed one suitcase, and moved to Mexico.

I have now been here for four years, working at BAI. First as a maths teacher, and now as 6th grade teacher and maths coordinator for the whole school.

This blog is intended to be a daily record of activities that happen in my classroom. It will also include the homework set each night. I hope that this blog will give parents an insight to what is happening in the classroom, and students a chance to find out what their homework is if they forget to take home their homework diaries.

Please feel free to comment on anything you read here.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Martha Jaramillo said

    Hi Mr. Kay! I work with you at school in the Kinder section. Anyway, I’m stuck on a catering inquiry. I have a bride who wants English desserts. Her wedding theme is International Cities and she is going to have a dessert station of pastries from around the world. Two of the places on her list are Liverpool and London. I have been to neither. In culinary school, we studied some English entrees but never desserts. Please help!!!!! Thanks! 😉

  2. Carlo Ivan Chavez Badillo said

    Hello Mr. Kay Happy Holidays! I really miss your math class, they were the best. Say hi to maria and miss claudia and all the 6th graders. I am doing good in Inst. Mex> My conduct is 10 and my average is 9.8 So thank you very much for all the things you taught me.

    Say hi to miss lilian.

  3. […] About […]

  4. seriously is very funny the way you teach

  5. Yes Mr. Kay you are the coolest teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Polette Magaña* said

    hi mr. kay, i really miss your maths class, my new teacher at High Tech Middle is kinda like you but you are way funner! i just wanted to say hi, and to tell you how much i miss MISS CLAUDIA and you… well say hi to maria for me, and tell all of the 6th graders hi and to have fun.
    hope you have a great year,
    ~polette magaña.
    PS ooh and yeah hope the smart board works fine, better than last year, and has a faster internet******

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