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Reading Helps Children’s Maths

Posted by willkay on September 15, 2013

Taken from the BBC website. You can find the original article here.

Reading ‘helps children’s maths’

11 September 2013 Last updated at 09:33 BST

A new study by the Institute of Education shows that children who read for pleasure are not only better at English but are also better at maths.

The study’s co-author Dr Alice Sullivan explained to the Today programme’s Sarah Montague the possible reasons for the results.

“It absolutely makes sense that you would expect reading for pleasure to improve children’s vocabularies,” she said.

“But I think that that also does improve children’s ability to take on new information and new concepts across the curriculum.”

She added: “A child who has a narrow vocabulary may constantly be coming across things they don’t understand.”

First broadcast on the Today programme on Wednesday 11 September.

If you want me, I’ll be sat in the corner, holding a big sign, that says:

                                   TOLD YOU SO!

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