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Posted by willkay on February 27, 2013

I read an interview with Ian Chappell yesterday, and he was asked what one thing annoys him the most. He replied that it was the misuse of the word “awesome“. His complaint was that too often people use the word for something mundane, for example: That was an awesome sandwich!  His feelings on the matter was that “awesome” should only be used when referring to something that actually causes AWE.

With that in mind, can I offer you the chance to view this video. It was discovered by Pablo (one of my students), and he sent the link to Mrs. Kay. She immediately showed me the video. I was in awe. This is AWESOME!

3 Responses to “AWESOME”

  1. Ana Paola Gastélum said

    Wow! It´s amazing Mr. Kay, I miss your classes. I hope you have a good week, bye. Take care.

  2. I completely agree with Mr Chappell, that is why I refrain fro using this word to describe ordinary things. And, yes, anything that has to do with our Universe IS awesome. Like this event in our Sun!

  3. susanacalette said

    Thank you for sharing Will, that is AWESOME!

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