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Making Butter

Posted by willkay on October 30, 2012

So, we were reading a story in the English book about life in the 1800s. And somewhere in the story they mentioned that everyone had to make their own butter. This sparked off a conversation, which led to another conversation, which led to…well it led to making butter in the classroom. Yes, today in 6A and in 6B we made butter. In fact, to be more precise, the students made butter in the classroom. I’d love to show you pictures of the students making the butter, but I can’t. Sorry. However, Raul took a video of the beginning of the lesson. Which means you actually get to see me teach! Is this a good thing? Anyhoo, here are two videos:

After having passed the container around the classroom, with everyone getting two good shakes and a small shake, I finally got to open the container (thanks for the scissors Pedro) and revealed the contents:

At the end everyone got a sip of the buttermilk. We took the butter home, and Mrs. Kay squeezed as much of the buttermilk out of the butter. Tomorrow we will take the butter into school and send each child home with a small piece of butter that they helped make.

So, that’s your warning – get some fresh bread in for tomorrow’s lunch!

2 Responses to “Making Butter”

  1. I always wanted to make butter! Ever since my mom explained how butter was made I thought it was simply grand, but I haven’t made it, yet!

  2. Miss Tere B said

    I wil have my piece of bread ready. It looks yummie!

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