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sorry, can’t do this

Posted by willkay on October 15, 2012

[UPDATE: Before you make a comment on this post, please make sure that you have read Miss Tere B’s comment.]

Unfortunately circumstances have changed, and my job has caught up with me. At this time I have found myself struggling to do my job properly and to keep this blog going. I simply do not have the time. Therefore I am going to have to suspend writing the blog. I know, I know. I toyed with giving up the job, but realised that then I would have nothing to blog about.

Please go easy on me in the comments. I feel badly enough about this decision, however I seriously cannot cope at the moment, and something has to go. If I get any time tomorrow I will try to update The Wall Of Fame – but I can make no promises.

To give you something to do until I return (oh, I am intending to return – let me assure you, these circumstances cannot remain this way because if they do, I’ll give up the job and return to the blog) here is a load of pictures I took of the DNA projects the students brought into school.
And here are two videos:


10 Responses to “sorry, can’t do this”

  1. isa92000 said

    Please do not stop doing the blog is just monday and we are all sleepy and tire

    • willkay said

      Please note: I am not stopping doing the blog. I am putting it on hold. Yes, it is Monday and Mondays can be hard. However, the rest of the week isn’t looking any better for me. Sooooo, I’m taking a break from writing. That’s all. I’m not upset. I’m not angry. I am, however, very busy. I am sat here, with my computer open, marking maths books. After that, I have to rewrite the science exam. And after that I have to think about marking the “Haunted House” stories. Oh, and I also have to fit in an hour with a private student. It’s 5:30 now. I would like to have some time with Mrs. Kay.

      That’s why I’m taking a break.

  2. Dolores Macias said

    NOOOOO ! No importa que no lo escriba a diario pero , no deje de escribir , como padres de familia , es realmente un placer entrar y leer las anecdotas de usted con nuestros hijos en ese periodo que estan fuera de casa, ver sus fotos , sus videos . Yo platico mucho con mi niño, pero muchas veces ayuda saber que hicieron para poder empezar la charla , no se desamime , si se puede , si se puede !!

  3. marcela said


    • marcela said


    • willkay said

      Three things:
      1) Please read the blog and the comments. I am not stopping the blog, I’m taking a time out.
      2) It is 8:13pm and I am still doing school work. I haven’t eaten yet. Please try and see that I am having time difficulties.
      3) MRS Kay doesn’t write a blog. :^)

  4. Miss Tere B said

    Take your time, relax and enjoy. Don’t go over your time. You have a precious wife, and kids that deserve your time and you enthusiasm. I like very much the way you write about what happened eveyr day at school, at sixth grade. we’ll wait for you.

  5. Kristina said

    When you are ready mr Kay start writing again when you have time

  6. I completely understand, and I know you want to write, but there are priorities. So don’t worry, do it when you have the time and energy. Your job comes first.

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