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STOP! Hammer Time!

Posted by willkay on October 1, 2012

Last week, when Roberto announced that he had read 1033 pages there was an audible gasp in the classroom. However, if you listened very, very carefully, there was also a grumble. Andrea wasn’t happy! Andrea did not like the fact that Roberto had read more pages then her. At that moment, Andrea picked up her book and started reading. As the week progressed I watched her read at every possible moment. Recess – she read. Waiting to go home – she read. In between lessons – she read. After she had finished her exams – she read. There was no possible way that Roberto was going to read more than her,

In the classroom, on the wall, each student has their name. As they finish a book, they ask me for a small picture of a book, and the write the title of the book and (they are supposed to write also) the author of the book they have read. As the week progressed, Andrea has been sticking more and more books around her name. Of course, so has Roberto, but Andrea kept on reading. She’d read the most books. She would read more pages than Roberto.

And then came the moment for the Reading Log numbers. Because Roberto is before Andrea in the alphabet (yes, I know, but I use their surnames when I put the numbers in my mark book), I asked him first:


The classroom went quiet. I asked him to say the number again: 2738 pages! What a fantastic amount of reading! What an excellent result! But, at that moment, I was torn as a teacher. I knew I had to celebrate Roberto’s excellent achievement. I knew I had to congratulate him. I knew that I could not ignore such a fantastic moment. However, what should I do about Andrea? As a teacher I realised that this could go one of two ways. It could mean that she took on this new challenge, rose to the target that Roberto had set OR she could just give up.















There was a third option. One that I hadn’t really contemplated. I quietly turned to Andrea and asked her how many pages she had read:


She had beaten Roberto by 17 pages.

Of course, there aren’t just two students in the sixth grade who are reading. As the numbers came in, both Mrs. Kay and I were really proud of what the other students had achieved. Andrea’s brother, Julien, had managed to read nearly 900 pages (it must have been very quiet this week in their house). Anafernanda and Kristina both read over 500 pages, while Ana Sophia and Luis Francisco read over 400 pages. Arantza, Paulina, and Carlos made The Wall Of Fame by reading over 300 pages. And there were 13 students who read over 200 pages, which puts them into The 200+ Club. What a fantastic day for reading. Congratulations to everyone, and congratulations to the sixth grade as a whole.


  • 2800 pages: Andrea

  • 2783 pages: Roberto

  • 897 pages: Julien

  • 568 pages: Anafernanda

  • 508 pages: Kristina

  • 480 pages: Luis Francisco

  • 461 pages: Ana Sophia

  • 356 pages: Arantza

  • 311 pages: Paulina

  • 305 pages: Vianette

  • 302 pages: Carlos

Simply Brilliant!

Geography exam in the morning. After that, I set the writing assignment for the week. This week’s assignment involves some investigation and some reporting. The students have to ask their parents what it was like when they (the parents) were in the sixth grade. Then they have to write a story about their mum (or dad) and their time in the sixth grade. Hopefully there will be some differences, and there will be some similarities. However, the idea is to get the children to listen to a story from their parents, and then report it in the third person. Maths was all about scientific notation, and science was all about mitosis. And everything was about the weather. Hot isn’t it? Do you know what would be nice? Sitting in the shade, sipping on a Sprite, reading a book. Go on, read a book!

5 Responses to “STOP! Hammer Time!”


  2. Dolores Macias said

    Wow ! 2800 paginas en una semana a los 11 años !! yo creia que mi hijo leia mucho , y hasta ayer pude verlo en los “top eleven ” realmente asombroso , felicidades a todos pero sobre todo a los que estan haciendo el esfuerzo en igualarlos y a los maestros que los tienen tan motivados.

  3. vianettec said

    It’s like if everyone thought Roberto would win but Andrea beats him!!!

  4. Ii will now try to read at least 1,000 pages on the week

    • willkay said

      Good luck. Remember, it is not just the number of pages, it is the enjoyment of reading. Make sure you are enjoying what you are reading. And understanding.

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