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Posted by willkay on September 26, 2012

I’m trying this for the first time, writing a post on my new iPad. [have I mentioned I have a new iPad? Can’t remember if I mentioned it – Mrs. Kay got me a new iPad. An iPad3 if you’re interested.] Anyhoo, I’m writing this post on it now, we’ll see how it goes.

The day started with the English exam. I’m not going to spoil tomorrow’s surprise, but let’s assume that it went incredibly well! The exam was followed with a review for tomorrow’s Science exam. A slightly different way to review Science (and geography), than the way I review maths and English. It is very much a “class activity“, so participation is very much the key to getting the most out of the lesson. It also helps if you have your book open, so you can check that you have all the necessary notes. Tomorrow will be the real test of how much attention students were paying.

After Spanish we read from Reading Street, Mother Fletcher’s Gift. It’ll be interesting to see if tomorrow, when Miss Gaby asks how everyone is, the students reply with:

I’m not cutting a rug, but I’m not lying on one either.

Instead of the usual “Fine, thank you. And you?

Once we had finished the story, there was time to wonder about how scary Father Christmas is – he breaks into every house in the world, and creeps into children’s bedrooms, while they are sleeping -, before Computing followed by music. Then home. No paella today ( yesterday’s was horrible!), instead we are having empanadas. Not the Argentinian ones as recommended by Miss Tere (which are wonderful), but ones from Soriana. Oh, and it appears I can’t do everything with the iPad, I’m going to have to fine tune this post on the laptop. Hey, ho.

4 Responses to “empanadas”

  1. vianettec said

    The Fine thank you and you? Answer we always say I think everyone memorized it!

  2. Elenitaaaaa :) said

    I look so funny!!!! (I didn’t know they were taking a picture)

  3. Kristina said

    They did take a picture

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