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Next time, let’s be LOUDER!!

Posted by willkay on September 10, 2012

So, the assembly was fun. EXCEPT, all week Mrs. Kay and 6B were complaining how LOUD we were in the classroom. When we hit the playground on Thursday and Friday, I got complaints from teachers that we were too LOUD. And then the assembly came along and…well, we weren’t very loud. You only get these opportunities once. You will never get to sing Firework in front of the whole school ever again. However, school is a learning experience, and (hopefully) we have learnt. Next time, and there will be a next time AND a next time, we will be louder. But, the dancing was brilliant!! Well done.

Maths was back to addition and subtraction of integers (positive and negative numbers). The cunning plan that Mrs. Kay and I had devised, to teach it once on Friday and then again on Monday, seemed to work. Instantly, most students immediately remembered what they were doing and how to do it. This should have led to ultimate success! Unfortunately, some studetns took it to mean that they didn’t have to think too hard, and when it came to the exercises there were some mistakes.

In English the Reading Log numbers were taken in. At the side of the blog (up there, on the left), you can see how well everyone did. It was then time to explain how a Book Report is written in the sixth grade. Rather than a synopsis of the story, we like the students to write about their favourite character. We feel that this gives them a chance to express an understanding of what they are reading. Also they get to tell their feelings about a book, which makes it a lot more interesting (for the writer AND the person having to mark it). We then moved on to the next spelling list, after a spelling test.

In science we studied the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, and divided the vertebrates into five different groups. Although we talked about mammals that lay eggs (duck-billed platypus) and birds that can’t fly (go on, you know you can name three), we didn’t have enough time to talk about the fish that lives on land. So, here’s a short video:

There was enough time to squeeze in the different ways we can classify plants (vascular/non-vascular), before it was time to go home. Although, in 6B there was singing at the end of the day. Me thinks that they are now practising for their assembly. Let’s home that they sing LOUDLY.

5 Responses to “Next time, let’s be LOUDER!!”

  1. Dolores Macias said

    Ahora si que son los bigotones de sexto, jaja , que simpaticos se ven todos ! Me encanto Isabela que no pierde su femineidad con su “mostacho rosita “.
    Felicidades a los niños que quedaron en el cuadro de la fama. muy buen estimulos para los demas.

  2. Love the mustaches!

  3. anafer14 said

    Me 2

  4. jajaja i loved isabellas moustache 🙂

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