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happy start

Posted by willkay on September 4, 2012

When the bell rings, at 7:30am, my job starts. One week I am stood on the pavement, in front of the school, opening car doors. The next week, I am stood inside the school, supervising children. The week after, it’s back to opening car doors. To tell you the truth, I like the car-door-opening duty, rather than the supervising duty. The main reason is, I get to be positive when I open car doors. I say,”Good morning!” I say, “Good bye!” (to parents) However, in the playground, it can be a bit negative: speak English, please; don’t run; don’t go there; don’t do that. Oh, there is still time to have the odd conversation, but it can still dissolve into “no-don’t-no-and-speak-English” moments. Today was different. Today, for the first time in [think of a big number, double it, multiply by 8, and then add another 1000 to it] days, I didn’t have to say, “Speak English” once. At all! I was amazed. Well done the sixth grade! Well done in deed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go too well from there. Four homework diaries not signed, two homeworks not done, 12 people haven’t learnt their lines for the assembly, 14 people did not do what I asked to be done in the maths lesson. Fortunately, Miss Claudia + Mrs. Kay + Mr. Kay = solution. Listening! The students aren’t listening. They aren’t listening the first, second, third time of telling. They are still expecting to be told something several times, before they follow instructions. But, now we (the teachers) know what is going wrong, we can do something about it. We can say things only once.

What’s that? you ask. Say something once? Shirley that is counter intuitive? Shirley you should say something more times!

Well, first off: don’t call me Shirley! And secondly: I’ll take your counter intuitive and raise you a counter-counter intuitive. It makes perfect sense. if the students know that we are only going to say something once, they know they had better listen. Up until now, they have been used to people telling them what to do, and telling them again, and then repeating it, and then chasing them up to see if they have done it, and then being reminded (again). They have got aurally-lazy (I’ve just made that word up). They have to get used to listening once, and once alone, and then following the instructions. It’s a plan. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Maths was decimal division. Except, you can’t divide by a decimal! So, you have to change the question by moving the decimal point. Sounds complicated? Not if you see a couple of examples. I then went and spent 30 minutes with Miss Tere Rochin’s class. I’m getting old. It is getting harder and harder to get up from my knees. Oh, not that 2A drove me to my knees, I just got down there to teach one-on-one and discovered that I couldn’t get up.

Spelling was a new word list. Recess was followed by P.E. for the students, 57 books for me to mark. P.E. also included a practice session for the Honour Guard on Monday. Then History, and finally science. We discussed King Philip Came Over For Great Spaghetti and useful bacteria. Plus, after yesterday’s discussion about appendix-problems, I added a discussion about tonsils. Sorry. If your child starts having nightmares that part of his/her body might be trying to attack him/her – it might be my fault. Try increasing the dosage of Yakult.

Oh, and just for Alan Williams, a growing update. Who is Alan you are asking? Alan is a friend of mine who reads this blog. You might occasionally see his picture at the bottom of a post, because he has clicked on “Like”. The posts he likes are those about growing, because Alan is my go-to-bloke for gardening and growing. So, here’s some pictures of the sunflowers and the radishes. The radishes have gone mad. I was lazy, and didn’t trust the packet, so I sprinkled the seeds instead of placing them 2cm apart. However, my sunflower has actually started to grow, and is now 2cm tall!

And, as I happened to be walking past 6B’s yoga lesson (they were having it outside) I took some video. Enjoy;

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  2. anafer14 said

    My plant is now very tall

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