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Wall of Fame

Posted by willkay on January 24, 2012

The sixth grade are wonderful. I can say that at this moment because it is 5:52pm and I haven’t been in school for nearly three hours…so I am feeling in a good mood about them. However, the sixth grade are wonderful readers! Many of them have taken to reading in a way that should be celebrated and rewarded. I like the enthusiasm that many of them read with, and their desire to read more and more. Obviously, reading goes in stages, and at the moment we are going through a “Twilight” stage. This does not cheer me up too much, but I am just happy that pupils are reading. Once they get through the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob problem, I am sure they will go on to read something else.

However, whereas my sixth grade are wonderful, and keep reading more and more – I am not wonderful, and have been writing less and less. [Ironically, I have been reading more!] This means that I have not been updating the blog. Which, in turn, means that you, gentle reader, have no idea who has been reading the most. Who is on The Wall Of Fame? I hear you demand! Where are the members of The 200+ Club? You ask in wonderment! They are here:

Wall of Fame for week 17

The 200+ Club for week 17

Wall Of Fame for week 18

The 200+Club for week 18

Oh, and for 6A, here’s the song you need to learn:


5 Responses to “Wall of Fame”

  1. Katherine said

    that song is so confusing!!!!

  2. lilian encinas villagran said

    Glad to know you’re in a good mood. I am too since I will be home in less than a day and at school sometime next week. I have a lot to talk to the students about. This trip has been quite unique.

  3. Aaw. I miss when Mr. Kay used to write on the blog. (-8

  4. Katherine E. said

    i miss Mr.Kay’s posts too Naomi……

  5. We all do.. 😦 We miss the blog! )8

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