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Did you miss me?

Posted by willkay on January 9, 2012

I know, I know, I know. We’ve been back at school since last week and I haven’t got round to writing a blog post. In fact, truth be told, I wasn’t intending to write one today either but 6A’s Reading Log numbers were so good that I decided I would quickly write a post to congratulate them.

So, how was your Christmas? Mine was very good, thanks for asking. Spent Christmas Eve with friends, celebrating in a Mexican type way. Then spent Christmas Day with family, celebrating in a British type way. New Year’s Eve was spent at home, playing board games (I’m not as bad at Pictionary as you would assume). In fact, I seemed to have spent so much time having a good time, that I’m exhausted and need a holiday to recover from my holiday. That’s why I haven’t been writing the blog. I’ve been getting home way too tired to write. And, after today, I really need to go have a quick nap now, before I write the blog. With five teachers away from school, including Miss Claudia, it meant that today was a full-on day without a single break. However, I have a sudent coming round in 30 minutes, so there is no time for sleeping, just time to write a quick blog post and mention:


  • 645 pages: Katherine

  • 620 pages: Aleksei

  • 480 pages: Jose Manuel

  • 480 pages: Rodrigo

  • 418 pages: Naomi

  • 374 pages: Azereth

  • 370 pages: Marissa

  • 340 pages: Diana

Eight (EIGHT) names on The Wall Of Fame which, considering that they only had five days of reading, is excellent. It would have been nice to see some names from 6B, but instead you’ll have to make do with picking their names out of The 200+ Club. However, staying positive, it is also nice to see some new names on the wall. Well done to everyone.

Mrs. Kay’s Interesting Fact Of The Day: Sir Elton John, who wrote the music for The Lion King, does not have a cell phone. [Except he calls it a mobile phone because that is what English people call phones that you can carry around.]


  • Maths: Practice 8-4 Nos: 1-4
  • English: Grammar Workbook pages: 50, 51, 52
  • Writing Assignment: A legend in your own words. (By Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes

4 Responses to “Did you miss me?”

  1. That’s what is going to happen to me Jan 30! i will need a holiday from my trip to the Orient. Will be visiting Vietnam, Siem Reap (astonishing Angkor temples), and Manila (to meet Elisa Me, my 16 year old godchild). If you care to send her a book, as you did Wilmy, it would be highly appreciate it, and a card with your photo.
    I’m glad you had a happy holiday, sorry about the missing teachers, glad about next wednesday’s event.
    Fantastic news about the Hall of Fame!
    Good for Sir Elton, I totally approve.

  2. Monica E. said

    Hi Mr.Kay How are you?? In physics class we have to do a project based on magnetism but we don’t know what to do. Do you have any idea of what can we do? Please help me I’m with boys who don’t work 😦

  3. Marcela Barraza said

    Yes, I Missed you!

  4. Finally my name is in the Wall Of Fame… 😀 I’ll try and make it again for the next time.

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