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I’ve broken my little finger

Posted by willkay on December 8, 2011

“Worst. Birthday present. Ever.”

Three years ago, playing football with the sixth grade, I broke a bone in my right foot. Two years ago, putting kids in a car outside school, I fell over and broke a bone in my left foot. Mrs. Kay (or maria as she was known then) was not a happy person. She loves me, and likes me whole and in one piece. I promised to take more care of myself. I stopped playing football at recess and limited my participation to one game a year, at the end of the school year. I’ve also stopped doing most physical activity, unless eating tacos can be considered a sport. And, totally against the general wisdom about this, I haven’t missed a day off school in two years, and I’ve not had to see a doctor in two years.

This has been fairly hard on me because I like my sport. I played football, rugby, cricket, and hockey through school. Rugby and hockey at university. As a teacher I taught all four sports and even taught PE for four years. And I would play six-a-side football every Monday night. I enjoy getting involved. But, let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. Maybe Mrs. Kay was correct, maybe I should avoid any physical activity at all.

And then I took a PE lesson today.

The students missed some of their PE lesson at the start because Miss Claudia needed to complete a review for the history exam. The students missed the last fifteen minutes of their PE lesson because Professor Rodolfo left. Last week I let them play in the playground. Unfortunately, one student took a nose dive off the swings. So, today I decided to drag a PE lesson out of mothballs, and taught PE. Because I wasn’t prepared to teach the lesson, there came a moment when I needed to go to the staff room to get more equipment. Caught up in the moment, suddenly involved in physical activity, not really thinking, totally forgetting that i am now 50 years old, I jumped over the fence that surrounds the playground. Half way over, I suddenly realised that this could all go terribly wrong, and if it did all go horribly wrong then Mrs. Kay would kill me. Good news, it didn’t go wrong. I landed safely, took off into the staff room, grabbed the stuff I needed, turned quickly, and jammed my little finger on my left hand.

I’ve broken my little finger, on my left hand.

Mrs. Kay is not happy. “Worst. Birthday present. Ever.”

Ah well, perhaps a meal out at a Japanese restaurant will cheer her up – and I will only have to use chopsticks! So, that’s me out of here:

  • science exam
  • computer lesson
  • rehearsal
  • English/maths lesson
  • history lesson
  • PE lesson with Professor Rodolfo
  • PE lesson with me

Mrs. Kay’s Interesting Fact Of The Day: Claude Monet would work on 5 paintings at a time in the grassy fields of the Etretat cliffs. As the hour changed he would switch paintings.


  • Exam: History
  • Something to read: when the exam finishes, what else are you going to do?
  • Maths: Pair of compasses, ruler, and protractor
  • Voluntary Writing Assignment: Best Christmas (for Friday)
  • Laptops: charged
  • Read: 20 minutes

4 Responses to “I’ve broken my little finger”

  1. susana said

    Sad to hear the news Will :(..

    Take care and if you love sports do some exercise once in a while, let your body get used to it…
    ups! I dont want to dissapoint Maria with my advice. Happy birthday to her and hugs and kisses for you two and the family.

    Kind regards, Susana

  2. Ay,Ay,Ay! Sr. Kay, hasta a mi me duele! Lo siento mucho!

  3. I think you should embrace this opportunity to teach your children about the horrible karma you get when you break school rules, such as jumping over a fence, which we would never allow!

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