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but what about your beard?

Posted by willkay on November 9, 2011

There was a complaint from my class today, that I hadn’t posted a “BeardWatch” photo. This I found rather strange considering that they can see my beard. I would have expected the complaint to come more from people who can’t see my beard. However, I am easily persuaded, so:

I am quite happy with it – the growth that is. It still itches and irritates me. However, the beard is for our wedding photos, and that is more important. Yesterday I had to trim the moustache part of the beard. I will take that as a sign that it is now fully grown in around the front of my face, it is just the sides I have to worry about!

After having said yesterday that lessons don’t always go to plan, it was obvious that today it would all go wrong again. Except, it didn’t really go wrong. It went very well, thank you for asking. The maths lesson that I taught was not the lesson I had planned – in fact, after an hour, Diana asked me if this was today’s lesson. I think she had already guessed that we were doing something different. However, it was a very useful lesson. I think that by the end of it the class had a much better understanding of percents, and how to manipulate them in problems. This will come in very handy when we have to do “sales tax”. Of course, life is mainly “swings and roundabouts”. Where we used up an hour in the maths lesson not moving forward, we went through two lessons’ work in the English class. In fact, we were on such a roll, I had to go next door to check where the other sixth grade were. As they were two topics behind us in the Grammar book, I decided to call a halt to that, and we went to the spelling book – where we are two topics behind 6B!

A spelling test! How will Secret Agent 003½ escape the swinging pendulum of doom (doom, doom, doom, doom…..)? By using ancient techniques taught to him in a Tibetan monastery that I am forbidden to repeat on here. However, on a serious note: Secret Agent 003½ is so named because he is half of 007! This is a fact that had escaped the whole of my class. But, one thing that had not escaped notice was the fact that 003½ is male! Andrea pointed this out to me today, and I am really glad she did so. Although 003½ managed to escape from the pendulum, he has not managed to escape from the evil Dr. Evil’s hideout. Thus, 003½’s contact, Agent Cinnamon, will pass the task of saving the governor onto Secret Agent 004½, who might be female.

The day ended with Enrique, Andrea, and Hector designing a new method of train transport – the MagnaTrain. Look out for it in the future!


  • Maths: answer the following questions
  1. 35% off $4.72
  2. 12% off $129.42
  3. 40% off $58.00
  4. 33% off $52.13
  5. 85% off $25.30
  • Grammar: Workbook page: 36
  • Questionnaires: completed and returned
  • Laptops: Charged
  • Writing Assignment: Design An Alien (for Friday)
  • Read: 20 minutes
  • Homework Diary: signed

3 Responses to “but what about your beard?”

  1. Marissa C said

    Mr. Kay I think I got all of my answers wrong in math and, also I am leaving tomorrow at 1:00 and I don’t know anything about the “alien”.

  2. diana t said

    Mr. Kay. Can cinnamon can be oo3 1/2’s girlfriend!!! And she can love cinnamon

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