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this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Posted by willkay on October 31, 2011

We lined up in the playground:

We waited for the parade:

We had a maths lesson:

I  collected in the numbers from The Reading Logs:


  • 927 pages: Gerry

  • 630 pages: Arturo

  • 567 pages: Maria Rita

  • 420 pages: Diana

  • 388 pages: Aleksei

  • 340 pages: Manuel

There were only four students who got into The 200+ Club [but one of those four was Naomi]. It was a reduced number this week due to exams and a failure on the behalf of five students to bring in their Reading Logs.

Today has been an incredibly long day. I am not a great fan of students *not* in uniform. They feel they are no longer in a “school situation”. They show no desire to learn, no interest in doing anything, and no ability to speak English. I have spent the day asking  and asking for students to “please speak English” and have mostly gone ignored. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. Except tomorrow promises to be an even longer day.

Everyone (EVERYONE) is in school tomorrow. Those of us going on the field trip will be in at 7am. The rest at the normal time. Those of us on the field trip need to be wearing gala uniform. No cameras, no electronics. maria will be going and she will take loads of pictures, which I will upload to my picture account. If (IF) you bring any money (and you don’t have to), then you (YOU) are responsible for it. We will go to the shop for 30 minutes (so long as I don’t get asked and asked and asked).

I feel tired already.

3 Responses to “this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween”

  1. I am tired too, and I’m not going! Good luck!

  2. We REALLY HAVE TODO SOMETHING HARSH about the not-speaking-english thing. This is totally unacceptable. But, what, pray tell, can it be?

  3. diana t said

    and lunch in the aquarium do we bring money for that.

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