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now we’re cooking with gas

Posted by willkay on September 29, 2011

Wednesday’s English exam was a total success. Two students scored 10, another twelve students got more than 9.0. In other words, fourteen out of twenty students managed to score over 9.0. I would call that fairly successful. I am also in the middle of marking the Science exams. So far there have already been two scores of 10, a 9.8, and two scores of 9.6. However, the thing that is most impressive? You can see the hard work that has gone into the studying. Whereas, in the maths exam, there was a certain amount of sloppiness and careless mistakes, now I can see the effort that the students have put into this exam. The answers demonstrate a learning of the topics, and an understanding of the subject. Facts have been reproduced perfectly, and where it is an open ended question, the students have written answers that show they know (and understand) what they are writing about. This is sixth grade work. This is what the students are capable of doing. This is why I was so disappointed on Tuesday. I felt that the students had let themselves down, not performed as well as they could. Suddenly, I see students with their books in the playground before morning line up, testing each other, helping each other learn. Now I get the feeling that students are aiming high, they are trying to get 10. At one point, in today’s exam, a student walked up to my desk to hand in his exam, and as usual I asked, “Are you sure?” And then, unusually, the student replied, “No.” He took his paper back, went and sat down again, and worked for another five minutes on hos exam. This is the correct attitude. The desire to get a 10, to achieve perfection. This is what the sixth grade should be like. I am a happy man.

There was a computing lesson. There was a Science exam. We went through yesterday’s English exam. We had a maths lesson. There was a review for tomorrow’s History exam. There was a PE lesson. We read from the English book. A good day all round I’d say. Now I’ve got to get on and finish marking these Science exams – if you’ll excuse me.

  • History: exam tomorrow
  • Read: bring a book into school
  • Late Entry: school starts at 8:45am

2 Responses to “now we’re cooking with gas”

  1. scarlatte said

    Guess what Mr. Kay!?

    I got 10 on my German mini test and another 10 for the German culture mini test!!!

    German is very cool!


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