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(here we go again) Monday

Posted by willkay on January 10, 2011

I don’t want to go to school! The kids are all horrible to me, and all the teachers pick on me! Plus *cough* *cough* I think I’m ill! Please don’t make me go!

You have to. You’re the sixth grade teacher!

It seems like ages (at least a year) since I last put finger to keyboard, but here I am again. Back to school. It isn’t the getting up in the morning that is the hardest part, it is the going to bed the night before. After several weeks of staying up late, and getting up later, it is incredibly difficult to go go to bed early and try to fall asleep. However, the first alarm went off, the second alarm followed, and by the time the third alarm went off I was out of bed, and (almost) ready for work.

All present and correct! Everyone was back, with stories to tell about adventures that had happened. Most of the students seem to have had a good time, although the biggest point of conversation was yesterday’s (Sunday) study group meeting. Yes, the life of a 6th grader can be fun, wonderful, and brilliant, and at the end of it is Graduation. However, before you graduate, you have to make sure that you have another school to graduate to, and next Tuesday (18th) it is the entrance exams for Instituto México. This means that the next week will be full of worried, panicking students who will slowly forget everything they have ever been taught. This means that over the next seven working days, we have to cover as many topics as possible, reminding everyone of what they can actually do! Which means that, as much fun as it would be to stand around talking about the holidays, we need to get down to work straight away.

Straight into a maths lesson and percentages. In theory, percents are easy. Percent means “out of 100”, so all you have to do is make sure the denominator is 100. Of course, the trick is being able to get a denominator of 100. One of the advantages of teaching sixth grade is that their mental arithmetic is normally good. This is imperative for percents. So, this’ll be easy or this’ll be hard. Just depends on their knowledge.

The one thing every teacher does is force New Year’s Resolutions on to their students, and I’m no different. Although, I’m not mad keen on resolutions, I prefer to call them targets. I like the idea of using a New Year as a chance to set targets that are attainable, and targets that are thoughtful. Personally I have set myself a target – to read 24 books this year. I’m not saying that I will read 2 books a month, but I’d like to get through 24 books this year. As this is the sixth grade’s last year in BAI (and it is now down to 6 months) I think that it would be sensible to pick targets that are relevant. Reading more is a good target. There is a chance that once they leave BAI they might not read as much – once they escape from me and my determination to get them to read! Also, for most of them, this will be the last time they will be in an English speaking environment until they apply for a job. They should take advantage of that by setting the target of trying to speak as much English as possible. However, they are my suggestions and it all comes down to the individual in what targets they set.

After recess I got to go spend time with the fifth grade. An enjoyable lesson where we discussed “dinosaur killers”, “streets paved with gold”, and what a rhino’s horn is made of.

Back in the sixth grade we started a new topic in geography, Africa.

And then, seven and a half hours later, it was time to pack up and go home. My legs ached from all the standing. My throat was sore from all the talking. However, I’ll still be back tomorrow, happy and smiling.

English Word of the Day. Sherbet. In the USofA sherbet is a frozen dessert, something like a sorbet. However, in England it is a fizzy powder that kids (and adults) eat as a sweet (candy).


  • Maths: Reteaching 6-1. Practice 6-1  Nos: 1-14
  • Resolutions/Targets: written and neatly presented on an index card
  • Writing Assignment: the middle bit of a story (by Friday)
  • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

One Response to “(here we go again) Monday”

  1. Diego:D said

    A rhinos horn is made of what our fingernails are made of?Is that right?

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