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(snow day) Tuesday

Posted by willkay on November 30, 2010

This morning, before I left for school, I checked my computer for emails/updates/news as I usually do, and noticed a comment from a friend who is working in Sheffield. She was at home. No school today for her. Snow day! Yes, there was so much snow that had fallen during the night that the schools had shut for the day. This sounds brilliant, but only works if she had been informed of the closure while still in bed. Unfortunately she wasn’t informed in bed, she was told as she entered school, two hours after setting off on a 15 minute journey to work. It took her another two hours to get home. She commented that it must be great working in hot, sunny Mexico! Well, the good news is: the wind has returned. This means that the cold area is being moved on to some other area on the map and the thermometer will start to rise the rest of this week. The bad news is: today was windy! I’ve mentioned it before, but some things bear repeating, kids on windy days are slightly uncontrollable. ‘Twas going to be a hard day at the office! Could have done with a snow day.

A quick morning line up with no morning-exercise-warm-up as it was so windy. Maths exams handed back. There were no score of 10. However, that said, there were some excellent results. Many students had obviously worked hard, studied well, and produced some good exams. However, there were signs that some students had enjoyed themselves too much in class and needed to get their heads down and work a little harder. The it was time to review for tomorrow’s English exam.

After the review it was Art, followed by a quick rehearsal of thatthingIdon’tmentionincasesomeoneisreadingthis. With ten minutes left before recess, the students had some time to study before the Spanish exam. That would be the Spanish exam that I ended up giving! Miss Claudia was called away, and although she came back, I took the exam and the lesson. After the Spanish exam we looked at letters and how often they occurred. After a certain amount of research (counting letters on a page), we discovered that ‘e’ is the most common letter. Using the results of what we had found, we then went on to look at codes. Would our knowledge of letters (and English) help us to crack a code? By this stage of the lesson, some students were very interested, while others had given up – you can tell who was in what group by looking at the picture above. While all this was going on, the auditions were taking place. Surprisingly, although on Friday there were several boys who were interested in auditioning, only one boy tried out. Several of the girls also auditioned. The results will e announced shortly. Although, I might have a word with the sixth grade and see if I can encourage some of them to have another go. [Inside information: no one has tried out for the role of the prince yet!]

English Word of the Day. Hopscotch. Which led to a discussion about that childhood fascination of never stepping on a crack in the pavement: Step on a crack, break your mum’s back.


  • English
  • Circular signed (yes I know that most of you don’t do extra lessons but it would be nice to have them all back signed).
  • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

2 Responses to “(snow day) Tuesday”

  1. Lilián said

    Come ‘on children! We need a Prince! or two, for that matter!

  2. Polette^ said

    no prince yet…
    I want to be Flounder(:
    or Sebastian, or Ursula… but not the prince.

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