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(stuck at home) Saturday

Posted by willkay on November 20, 2010

The film, Harry Potter Part 7 Part 1, was excellent. I really enjoyed it. What I didn’t enjoy was the audience. Am I getting old? Is it now the done thing to talk all the way through films? However, although the audience were terrible, the film was very good. The two and a half hours flashed by and I am looking forward to part 7 part 2. But, enough about last night and what I got up to, you are probably here just for what happened yesterday at school. Unless you want me to tell you about the mulitas I had last night?

Yoga, first lesson, where Silence is Golden. Ah, if only that continued throughout the day, it would be bliss. After checking the maths homework, we did art. Yes, art. I know it was a maths lesson but today’s topic was 3D solids. Which means that the lesson was spent drawing 3D solids on a 2D page. Yes, the SMARTboard was a great help to me at this point. However, as the students started to moan and complain that “it’s too difficult”, “I want a SMARTboard”, and “it’s not fair”, I had to switch off the SMARTboard’s tools and draw free hand. I know, I know, my drawing is not the best but 23 years of teaching maths means that I can draw 3D solids with a certain amount of ability.

Science was the circulatory system, how blood gets to move around the body. After recess it was the PE lesson, and then after PE it was time for the Reading Log numbers.


  • 1015 pages: Ana Paola
  • 1011 pages: Polette
  • 773 pages: Octavio
  • 772 pages: Roberto
  • 772 pages: Jose Luis
  • 370 pages: Rodrigo
  • 342 pages: Gerry
  • 334 pages: Ninotchka
  • 322 pages: Francisco
  • Yes, you might want a little time to look at those numbers again. Nine students on The Wall Of Fame. Two of those students having read over a thousand pages. There are also seven students who have read over 200 pages, so they are in The 200+ Club (you can see their names at the top left of the page).

    After that the students presented their inventions. There were some very good presentations, and it was obvious that some students had taken a lot of time and care over their presentations. They had also thought long and hard about their inventions. Unfortunately the Q&A sessions after each presentation took so long that we didn’t manage to get to the end, and see everyone’s invention. Therefore we will be starting with the final four on Monday morning.

    English Word of the Day. Tap. It’s not a faucet, it’s a tap. You turn on the tap and you can wash your hands.


    • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

    6 Responses to “(stuck at home) Saturday”

    1. Doug said

      Mr. Kay, you don’t know me, as I happened upon the school website by accident. I have been offered a a managerial job where I have to travel one day a month to TJ from our offices in L.A. Am trying to determine if it is safe. Would not be any overnight stays, just driving in and out. But I am extremely nervous about this. Any insights from someone local and knowledgeable would be great. Thanks.

    2. Ana paola said

      I want you to write the blog Mr.Kay!! Please!! I really liked it!!

    3. marco said

      is tomorrows entrance at 8:45 mr.kay

    4. dani said

      yes check the calendar arco

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