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(brilliant) Friday

Posted by willkay on November 12, 2010

Ok, this has to be quick. Personally I’d rather wait until tomorrow when I have more time to write this. However, my students (bless their little cotton socks) were telling me that they need to see The Wall Of Fame immediately, and this “going-home-on-a-Friday-and-having-a-life-so-I-don’t-update-until-Saturday” just will not do! As it happens, I do have a life. And, although no one has invited me to the cinema to see Back To The Future, I have been invited out to sit in a restaurant – which is nice. But, the students have been brilliant today. After a slow start to the week, every day they have just got better and better. Today was a fantastic day! So, as a way of saying thank you, I am updating my blog now! Even though I should really be getting in some time on the Wii before stepping out.

All the homework notebooks were signed!

The students started the day with yoga and then went on to do maths. Today we moved on to perimeter, and the relationship between perimeter and area. Obviously there isn’t a great relationship, however it is possible to work out the largest possible area if you know the perimeter. This was followed by a science lesson (at last) where we started to investigate the digestive system. Some of this is very interesting. Unfortunately some of it is very, errrrm how can I put this, very not-the-sort-of-thing-you-discuss-at-the-dinner-table.

Recess, and Professor Rodolfo released the hoops onto the playground. It appears that some people can hula-hoop while others cannot.

After recess it was PE.

And then it was time for English and the Reading Log numbers:


  • 999 pages: Ana Paola
  • 606 pages: Roberto
  • 561 pages: Polette
  • 402 pages: Ninotchka
  • 378 pages: Alejandro
  • 372 pages: Mariana
  • 316 pages: Jose Luis
  • 310 pages: Octavio
  • You have probably noticed that this week’s The Wall Of Fame has more than five names on it. It has eight. This is because I was really impressed with this week’s reading. [Did you look at Ana Paola’s number of pages read? Look again. In fact, look at them all again and think about that book at the side of your bed. How many pages does it have? Yes, most of these children have read a whole book this week, or two, or three.] Of the 20 students who were in school today, eighteen of them had read over 140 pages. This means that as a group we are now reading, on average, over 20 pages a day – which is excellent. Well done to everyone.

    The day finished with everyone reading their stories. This week I tried something new. In order to get the students to concentrate on their writing, and to make sure that what they wrote made sense, I asked everyone to grade each other’s work. This also improved the listening skills of the class. Everyone had to grade a piece of work on: how well it was read; if the story was understandable; if the story was enjoyable. I have all the results and will total these up. Not now. Later. I might publish the scores on here. It depends how the rest of the weekend goes. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a good weekend and I will see you all on TUESDAY.


    • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

    2 Responses to “(brilliant) Friday”

    1. Miss Tere B said

      They looked great doing hulla hoop! They fit into an area, made by a perimeter!

    2. Gerry said

      Yay, now I have something to read! I bought Artemis Fowl 4 5 6 and I already have seven now I have all books! By t he way, what do you mean by ” bless their little cotton socks”?

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