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(hello mum) Thursday

Posted by willkay on October 7, 2010

Hello to the first time readers. What first time readers? I hear you ask. Well, here at Mr. Kay’s Blog we are expecting a lot of first time readers, can’t you tell? Over there I’ve casually placed a plate with crunchy vegetables to dip, in that corner there is a chocolate fountain, and I’m wearing my best clothes with my shoes cleaned and polished. So, welcome. [Obviously you, my faithful readers, are always welcome.Please help yourself to a strawberry and go dip it in chocolate before you continue to read.] And if everyone is sitting comfortably, I’ll begin. Pardon? Why am I expecting new readers today? Well, if you’ll let me tell the story you might understand. So, ready? Here I go.

There was a computing exam today. Surprised? You weren’t the only one, I didn’t know the students were having an exam either. If I had known, I would have put it on the calendar up there in the right hand corner. But there is no exam mentioned there because I didn’t know. This, of course, shouldn’t have been a problem. However, unfortunately the sixth grade didn’t know either. In a total moment of madness/misunderstanding the students all thought that the exam was next Thursday – that’s the Thursday in the next week, the 14th. Have you worked out the result yet? Massive failure on the behalf of the sixth grade. Obviously there were a lot of unhappy/sad students today, wandering around the school convinced that they didn’t want to go home tonight. Why didn’t they want to go home? Well, they had just sat an exam that they hadn’t studied for, and their results were going to lead to groundings/loss of Wii privileges/never being allowed to visit a Thrifty again. The only answer, as far as I could see, was to treat this moment as an adult. Face up to the facts, admit the truth, and throw themselves on the mercy of their parents, explain to their parents what had happened. Tell them how they didn’t expect the exam until next week, how they would have studied if they knew it was today, how this will never happen again. And it won’t happen again. Having talked with the students and Professor Mauricio, this will not happen again, I will make sure of that. Next time the students will definitely know when the exam is, they will study, their results will be better. And this I told the students. More to the point, this is what I told the students to tell their parents. They needed to own up to the bad result now, but promise that the next result will be better. Promise that this won’t happen again. This would be the grown up thing to do. This would be the first step towards being a sixth grader. Of course, to an eleven year old, owning up to failing an exam is a hard thing to do. It isn’t fun admitting to your parents that you have done as well as expected. It is a scary moment. So, I offered my students a helping hand – I promised them that I would stand beside them as they explained this to their parents. And when they asked me if their son/daughter spoke the truth, I would nod agreement. However, I would add that the student promised, promised that the next exam result would be better. There was one problem with all of this, I couldn’t be in everyone’s house at the same time…or could I? Yes, I could be in everyone’s house at the same time, stood behind every student, agreeing with what s/he said because I WRITE A BLOG! All of the students could load the blog up, tell their parents, and then point them to the blog to read. And look, the wonderful maria, publishes a version in Spanish as well. So now do you understand why I am expecting a load of new readers? Because, for the first time, I am expecting my students to be encouraging their parents to read this blog. Just so that they can get their parents to see that they are telling the truth, they didn’t know there was an exam, they will do better next time. Oh, and if you are a new reader, why not bookmark this page? Drag the address down into the bookmark bar and visit every day. Or why not fill in the subscription request, there in the right hand sidebar, and get this blog sent to your email address every time I write a post. Once you’ve enjoyed the chocolate fountain, why not go to the Flickr page and check out the photos, or the youtube page and watch videos? Either way, why not hang around for a bit and read about your child’s life at school? It’s quite nice here, everyone is friendly, and no one double dips in the guacamole.

I have decided that the morning line up warm-up makes me feel old. Oddly enough, it isn’t the fact that most of the students can touch their toes, or can bounce around without their ankles collapsing underneath them. No, it is the fact that some of them can’t touch their toes, can’t bend and stretch. That is what makes me feel old. That at 11 years old, some of them are already on the road to ruin. What hope is there for me at the age of 49? On the plus side, maybe they are just not trying their hardest. Except that just makes me feel older, they could touch their toes, they just can’t be bothered! Ah, youth is wasted on the young.

Maths was all about Primes, Composites, and Eric. Obviously, Primes and Composites are the more important concepts, but it is interesting to note that one of the few things the sixth grade remembered about this topic was: 1 is not prime, it is not composite, which makes it Eric. After introducing the idea of The Sieve of Erastothenes, and making sure that everyone knew how it worked, it was time for Science. Asexual Reproduction and the four ways to occurs. One of those ways (the “chopping” method) led to a disaster for oyster fishermen. [Off topic slightly: are they oyster fishermen or oyster farmers?] It appears that if you cut the arm off a sea star (star fish), not only does the sea star grow a new arm but the old arm grows a new star fish! Don’t understand? Ask a sixth grader.

Then there was a computing exam, but I think I might have already mentioned that.

After recess I got to go to the second grade and teach Miss Alexandra’s class, as she went to pick up her papers. Grrr! Her name was correct! Stuck for something to do (I foolishly didn’t check her desk until the end of the lesson), I told the story of the Golden Apple from Greek mythology. Back in the sixth grade, we had a long talk (about the computing exam), and then suddenly it was time to go home. Outside the sun was shining brightly. I had forgotten to sunblock this morning, and didn’t take my hat outside with me. This means that I am now typing this with red cheeks. What will my new readers think? Why not tell me in the comments? Or, if someone could leave a comment in the Spanish Blog that would would be wonderful, as maria would appreciate a “hello”.


  • Maths: Sieve of Erastothenes
  • Reading Log: numbers.
  • Homework Diary: Please get it signed.
  • Writing Assignment: My Favourite Book (due Friday, tomorrow)
  • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night. (That’s 20 mins homework. Not including any time you have read in the classroom.)

7 Responses to “(hello mum) Thursday”

  1. mariana said

    I think I got a 5 in that exam

  2. mariana said

    tommorrow reading log

  3. Polette^ said

    I finished my homework too:D

  4. dani said

    i just managed to read more than 100 pages for my first time and do not ask how many i read ok ill tell you 101

  5. Diego:D said

    i read 222 ja!

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