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(better breakfast) Monday

Posted by willkay on September 13, 2010

Assembly. Some how, some way, it just didn’t explode into action. We knew the song. We knew the dance. We knew our lines. But it just needed a bit more energy, a bit more oomph. Fortunately, the oomph arrived with the moustaches. Once everyone was wearing their moustache, like proud Mexicans, the “Vivas” rang out across the playground. Maybe everyone didn’t have a high-sugar breakfast, and it took some time for the oatmeal to kick in. Anyway, Maria was there and took pictures, lots of pictures. She has spent time polishing them up, making everyone look (more) beautiful/handsome, and then uploaded them to my Flickr page. They can be seen as a set called: September Assembly.

Maths, and we are still studying positive/negative integers. This time though, just for the fun of it, we are doing multiplication and division. Oh, and we introduced a new method of learning how a minus-minus-becomes-a-plus. Not just one new method, two methods. There was the “even number of lines in the question means positive, odd means negative” method. Or (the much more popular) “the baddy beats up the goody” method, which is so much easier to understand but totally impossible to explain to your next maths’ teacher – good luck with that one! Better luck with finding out who “the punctuation fairy” is. It’s an in-joke. You had to be there.

In English we finished reading the stories the students had written last week, then onto spelling. There were still two pages left in the Spelling workbook on the topic of “Short Vowels”. With those quickly done, corrected, we were ready to move on to the Grammar Workbook. The difference between a Common Noun and a Proper Noun? It’s a capital letter. But when to use one? Ah, there’s the problem. Actually the bigger problem seemed to be that I call my mum, mum. Not mom. Hey, ho.

Recess was the usual time, for the usual duration – for the sixth, fifth, and fourth grades. The rest of the school got an extra five minutes. Ah, back to that lack of energy/enthusiasm this morning. In this case, it was a reward for singing the National Anthem.

The Panama Canal. Yes! Mr. Kay gets to do some drawing. The sooner the SMARTboard arrives, the better. Oh, it appears that the SMARTboard is in Tijuana. It might arrive in school tomorrow, be on the wall by Tuesday afternoon, and I can teaching with it by Wednesday Thursday Friday. Anyway, until it arrives, the class had to put up with my drawing and the laptop. We watched a couple of videos (this one and this one) about the locks on the canal and a trip through the whole canal.


  • Art Shirt: painting tomorrow and if you don’t have an art shirt, you will not paint.
  • Maths: Reteaching 1-8; Practice 1-8 Nos:1-8
  • Grammar: page:17 nos: 1-8 and page:20 nos: 7-15
  • Reading: you should be reading for 20 mins every night.

3 Responses to “(better breakfast) Monday”

  1. diego:D said

    Sorry Mr.Kay I didnt do my maths homework.:(

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