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(here we go again) Monday

Posted by willkay on August 30, 2010

Hurray! We’re back at school. A new year starts with a brand new 6th Grade. Still in the same classroom, although there are some changes – and there is one big change to come. The window at the back of the classroom has gone, and I have a second bulletin board. Also there is a brand new door, so there is no chance of being locked in the room classroom because we are unable to open the door. The fan has been moved (it’s been taken out of the corner) to the middle of the classroom (eventually). This should allow for a better circulation of air. And, the whiteboard has gone. Yes, the nightmare of my life has been disappeared. No more writing on a board that refuses to erase. However, there is nothing in its place…yet. Yes, at the moment I (we) am (are) awaiting the arrival of a brand new digital SMARTboard. I am incredibly excited about this. I have never used one before, however I have seen videos about how to use them, and we have a new teacher (hello Miss Alexandra) who has used one and is willing to train me in its use. So, that’s me very excited and desperate for the new year to begin. What about the students?

Back to school is that double edged sword: it means the end of the holidays; it means the renewal of old friendships. You get to meet up with your classmates and talk about the holidays. You get to choose a new desk. You spend the day with your feet in agony because of the new shoes your mum bought you. And, above all else, you get to move up a grade. In this case, you move into the sixth grade, the top of the school, the sixth grade with all that it entails. And that was the first shock of the year – sixth grade means that you have to be ready to be in the Honour Guard at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, six students were up for the task and an Honour Guard was formed for this morning’s assembly. National Anthem sung, flag saluted, new students introduced, new teachers introduced, and into the classroom.

It is a long, hard morning when you haven’t been in school for seven weeks. The desks are hard, the classroom is warm, the teacher just goes on and on and on and on and on about all the ways he wants you to work, all the things he wants you to do. The timetable was interesting as it now includes Yoga. Every Friday morning the sixth grade will be yogaing yogarising yogaed doing yoga. Otherwise, it was the same old mixture of Maths, English, Spanish, etc.

After a long introduction to life in the sixth grade, we spent another long period of time discussing writing assignments. In the sixth grade, I expect a lot of reading and writing to be achieved, so it is important to set the ground rules early on. Afterwards, History followed by recess (hurray!), followed by an hour and a half of Spanish, and then Geography to finish off the day. Somewhere we managed to cram in a conversation about bravery (the value of the month).

A good, but tiring, day. I wouldn’t say it was long, the time seemed to fly past and I don’t feel that I got half the work done I wanted to do. However, it was a good day. Everyone left happy. Roberto (the new student in the 6th grade) informed me that it had been fun and he would come back tomorrow, which is always a plus in any teacher’s book. And no one cried. Well, I say no one cried but Mariana (one n) gave it a good try when some nasty teacher told her there was no recess in the 6th grade!


  • Writing Assignment: My Holiday (due on Friday)
  • Geography: 7 Wonders of the World: Ancient and Modern.

11 Responses to “(here we go again) Monday”

  1. scarlatte said

    How I remember when you gave us that assignment too. I have a new classmate called Alexander.
    Anyway good luck with the new students! πŸ™‚

  2. Ana Elena said

    We are planning in visitting the school.

  3. Paulina R said

    Hi Mr.Kay!!!
    I remember when you made us write stories…
    Good luck with your new students!!! πŸ™‚

  4. valerio said

    I also have a good start. I broke my laptop’s screen and it doesn’t work anymore.

  5. Andrea said

    I miss small homeworks 😦
    Mr, Kay my biology teacher makes us write innecesary stuff in the notebooks…
    And I’ll miss those 600 pages a week, hahaha now I can barely make it halfway through the book 😦
    Well, yes we are planning to visit the school πŸ™‚
    Mrs.Gren and King Phylip Came Over For Great Spaghetti helped me a lot, so thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Ana Karen said

    Hi, Mr.Kay
    Mr.Kay I miss those days of reateaching and practice homeworks because I remember that we used to have small homeworks and now I’m having alot of homework.
    But I’m happy about it.
    See you soon Mr.Kay.

  7. Ana Karen said

    Ohh Mr.Kay one more thing the Intelligent boards they are not that so intelligents.

  8. Shai said

    Hi Mr.Kay I you are doing great with 6th grade and best wishes for everybody πŸ™‚

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