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(In-ger-land! In-ger-land! In-ger-land!) Wednesday

Posted by willkay on June 23, 2010

Allow me to celebrate, just until Saturday!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The dream is still alive!

Now back to our usual programming…In at 6:50am, and all my fears vanished – the England match was on television, the USA match was ignored (and when I say ignored, I mean ignored). There were no students in early, so I got to share the first half with Professor Dandy and Professor Rene. By half time England were winning 1-0, and (for the first time this World Cup) were looking like a team that could play well and score goals.

By the start of the second half, students had started to arrive. Fourteen eventually made it into school. Or that should read, thirteen students who I recognised made it into school, and Ruben had had a haircut! (He’s got ears!!)

Although England started the second half well, the match hit a dead patch in the middle, and then the tension started to increase. The closer and closer we got to the end of the match, the more important it became to hang on to the 1-0 lead. And they did. England are through to the next round! The sad news, Slovenia were in tears? Why? What? They had played so well, and the result from the USA v Algeria match was 0-0. Wasn’t it? And so it became a desperate search for the USA result (the television station was really ignoring the match). A last minute goal, meant that England go through in second place. Now, all that needs to happen is England to beat Germany, Mexico to beat Argentina, and then we have an England v Mexico quarter final. And that would be…well, that would be terrible. I have no idea how that would go down in our flat.

Then there was the rest of the day. Fortunately the girls, in their infinite wisdom, had brought things into school, to do. Again I was presented with a group of boys who spent the morning asking: What do we do now? Although the most common answer was: Speak English! Working as a team, I had brought in my DVD player, and Ana Karen had brought in some DVDs. In preparation for Friday (we’re going to Disney!!), we watched some Disney films!

THURSDAY: Tomorrow is the last day in school for the sixth grade. On Friday, we go to Disney. On Tuesday, there is the graduation. Which means that tomorrow is the last full day in school. It would be nice if we were all in school. I know, I’ve been rather ambivalent to your attendance for most of this week, but I really, really think you should be in school tomorrow (Thursday). It might not mean much now, but it might be something that you regret later. Please be in school.

One Response to “(In-ger-land! In-ger-land! In-ger-land!) Wednesday”

  1. scarlatte said

    Ruben has ears???!!!! 😮

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