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(prop) Wednesday

Posted by willkay on June 16, 2010

Grrrrr, to Miss Lilian. If it wasn’t bad enough having to explain what THAT goal was all about, she made me reenact it on the pavement outside school this morning. However, that would not normally be enough to make me go “Grrrr“. No, it was the walking back out of school, five minutes later, claiming forgetfulness, and then asking me to explain THAT goal all over again. I say, “Grrrr, madam.

First lesson was spent building props for The Final Presentation. Well, not the whole hour. Some of it was spent asking Miss Tere B daft questions, trying to get the address a decent internet site from Professor Humberto (so I can watch the footy match on Friday [In-ger-land, In-ger-land, In-ger-land]), and back to to Miss Tere B for more help (Hurray! She is providing a television for tomorrow’s Mexico match!).

Then it was time for a quick run through The Final Presentation with props. It went well. The second time it went better but…there comes a point where you can over rehearse. Do something, too many times, and it loses its spontaneity. I think the time to stop rehearsing has arrived. We ran through the whole thing, one more time, in front of the fifth grade. It is still too fast, but you could start to feel everyone  getting a little bored with the whole thing. I think we’ll have one last run through tomorrow, and then nail it on Monday!

Spelling, and we worked through “Easily Confused Words” today. Try explaining the difference between farther and further, especially when the dictionary (or Dave as we like to call him) defines further as farther! In the end, we settled for farther was physical (metres, kilometres), whereas further was more to do with the meta-physical (I will further my knowledge).

The last lesson (for me) was spent trying to organise how to paint trophies – which will be the way I start tomorrow off. Ooops, that’s supposed to be a surprise!

Something New: Zero decibels is NOT complete silence. You can NEVER have complete silence.

maria told me about a radio programme she had listened to. In it, a researcher had tried to find the quietest place on earth. It turned out to be a military bunker, under a mountain, somewhere in the USA. It was so quiet it had a reading of -9 decibels. The first thing to note is that you can have a negative decibel reading! The second thing to note is that this is still not silent. You can still hear your heartbeat. Worse (or better?) it is so quiet that you can hear the blood moving in your veins, and the working of your nerves. In other words, it can never be silent. I know what you are going to ask now, what about if you are dead? Well, still not silent. There is the noise of decomposing (yuck!). So, if you want total silence, I suppose space is the place to go because (are you ready to say this along with me Scarlatte?): In space, no one can hear you scream!

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): Oh, I will be there, I’ve just remembered.

Two minutes after telling me that he couldn’t make The Final Presentation, Alejandro remembers that his grandparents are bringing him to school that day. From a really down moment, I am suddenly happy again.

TOMORROW: You can wear La Verde or La Negra.

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  1. Shai Romano said

    Nervous for the bees 🙂

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