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(maths bee) Thursday

Posted by willkay on June 10, 2010

Very short post. Still not well, not 100% (probably not 50%).

Went to school today (hurray).

We did experimental probability. Rolling dice.

Alejandra went to a chess tournament and helped The Dark Knights win second place.

We read out our menus.

We read a short story about Don Quixote.

In amongst all that, Miss Lilian visited and we had the Maths Bee. Congratulations to Ivan, Guillermo, and Valerio for reaching the final. Amazingly, everyone got an easy question, except for the question that they were asked…if you get my meaning. Basically, after Miss Lilian left, and the recriminations started, individual a felt that individual b had an easy question. Except, individual b thought their question was hard and individual a had the easy question. No way, individual a would insist! Their question was impossible when compared to….and so it went on, and on, and on, and on. And, if you can follow that logic, you might have done a little bit better in the Bee than most of the sixth grade.

3 Responses to “(maths bee) Thursday”

  1. Paulina R said

    Mr. Kay, I think we all did our best. I couldn’t answer my question because I was to nervous, but you are right, everyone thought that the other questions were easy except for the one they were asked to answer.

  2. Tere B said

    The Bees are like a rolling dice: Predictable o impredictable? Congratulations to the semifinalists winners (both 6A and 6B)

  3. Shai Romano said

    I was very nervous in the bees , but I almost made it for the spelling bee 😦
    BYE I have a soocer match at 1:10pm

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