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(assembly) Monday

Posted by willkay on May 31, 2010

Ohrwurm is German for “earworm”. However, this is not the name for a worm that lives in your ear. No, it is a word that was invented for that small piece of music that gets into your head. That song that you end up singing without thinking about, humming throughout the day, mumbling along to when you aren’t concentrating. As I wandered throughout the school, during the day, I came across 5th graders, 3rd graders, 2nd graders, and even 1st graders, singing odd snatches of a song: “…ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, under my umbrella, ella, ella...”. So that was a successful assembly then! And it was. Everything went well. The stories were told well (did anyone notice Miss Tere Rochin wiping away a tear?), the dancing was wonderful, the singing was audible, and everyone went away happy. A couple of students have told me “how cool the sixth grade assembly was”, and the teachers liked it as well – which was nice.

The Geography exam. The last exam!!! Well, until the next set of exams at Junior High. But until then: LAST. EXAM. EVER.

On Friday the students forgot (except for three of them) to bring in their reading log numbers. So, for once, it isn’t my fault that The Wall of Fame was late. Last week was an exam week, so there wasn’t (in theory) a lot of reading going on. That said, six names on The Wall of Fame, and ten students in The 200+ Club, is very impressive:


  • 1181 pages: Scarlatte
  • 8o3 pages: Ana Elena
  • 480 pages: Monica
  • 430 pages: Paulina R.
  • 350 pages: Andrea
  • 300 pages: Camila
  • The Assembly is over and done with, time to move on to the next thing. There are a busy couple of weeks ahead of the sixth grade. Just because we have done our last set of exams doesn’t mean that the work has finished. There are still spelling lists to learn, grammar points to cover, countries to discover, science to understand, and numbers to crunch. The new value of the month is: Pursuit of Excellence. And, if there is one thing I wish the sixth grade to take away from this year, is that they should do their best, try to be the best, pursue the prize. However, it is not all work, work, work. There are Bees coming (but that is more work, I hear someone moan). There is a trip to Disney. There is a Graduation Ceremony. There is The Final Presentation. The bad news, this year it is going to a much smaller event. My first year, the sixth grade produced a 35 minute performance (that included two Shakespeare plays, one song, one poem, and countless other attractions – ask Ana Fernanda). Last year was also an interesting presentation, with the sixth grade each choosing their favourite “interesting fact” and presenting it. This year we shall just do a poem. HA! Just a poem! This year the sixth grade will put on a performance of Neil Gaiman’s Crazy Hair. I’m excited already!

    Something New: Already killed the first set of batteries on the Wii remote.

    When the sixth grade gave me a Wii for my birthday, they also gave me the money for Animal Crossing, because I had expressed an interest in it. The game is wonderful. There is no killing, no running/jumping/needingtogetanextralifebeforemovingontothenextlevel. I catch fish, hunt insects, grow oranges/flowers, chat with my neighbours. It is a wonderful stress-free existence in Animal Crossing. Oh, maria’s kids have me charging around Mario Galaxy and MarioLand and MarioKart, but me, I’m at my happiest with a butterfly net in my hand, chasing butterflies around an orchard. And then maria started playing. The good news: we are watching a lot less television. The bad news:  we’ve gone through the first set of batteries on the Wii remote in exactly two weeks.

    Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): To misquote Blanche DuBois: I am always stunned by the kindness of strangers.

    There were some great moments in school today. The Assembly went really well. The fourth grader who told me that the sixth grade “were cute“. Andrea and Camila getting the giggles. Miss Tere Rochin admitting to shedding a tear. Discussing Vin Diesel with Scarlatte. Arguing about Taylor Lautner. However, my favourite moment happened outside school. As those of you who read my blog know, on Friday I bought stickers for my FIFA World Cup Album. However, in a totally freaky moment, every single sticker went into my album. There were no swaps. I had nothing to bring into school on Monday (today). In theory, this should have been excellent…but I wanted to swap with the students. So, today I stopped off at the OXXO on the way home, and bought some more stickers. As I was paying for them, the person behind me asked if I had any swaps. I explained that I had failed to get any swaps, and those that I already had, had been swapped at school. I was asked to “wait outside, I might have something for you.” The person behind me in the queue at the OXXO gave me 20 stickers. It appears that she has been collecting them as well, and has some double swaps (two copies). So, she just gave me them. Right there. In the OXXO car park. And that’s how I live my life.

    Attendance: All Present


    • Learn Poem
    • Get Homework Notebook signed
    • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.

    4 Responses to “(assembly) Monday”

    1. Miroslava said

      I got a little bit nervous today at the assembly. I am very excited about the Geography grades. EXAMS ARE OVER yay!!! I like the poem, I think that the way we were practicing it today was funny and it sounded good. It was really fun, I can’t wait for the trip to Disneylnd!!!

    2. scarlatte said

      Mr. Kay, the 4th grader that said that the 6th grade are cute is my cousin (father side), she’s very nice! 🙂

    3. Paulina R said

      Today at the assembly I was nervous, but I think we did O.K.

    4. Tere B said

      Really, really, nice assembly. Everybody enjoy it! Congratulations 6th graders.
      Don’t you think that a teacher may be the person that makes you to begin the Pursuit of Excellence? Memo keep you head up!

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