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(the worst thing I ate) Thursday

Posted by willkay on May 27, 2010

READING LOG NUMBERS!!! I forgot to mention, at the end of the day, that the new Reading Log numbers need to come into school tomorrow. Of course, this relies on my students actually reading this. Does anyone still read this?

Science exam.

Practise reading the memories.


Practise the dance.

Return English exams. Some really good results. No tens but five 9.8s and nine other students got 9.0 and above. Read out one student’s story.

Long discussion on: What is the worst thing you’ve eaten? Eventually the conversation ended up just listing “not nice things”, rather than the worst. However, it was interesting to hear all the different things, and was a good exercise in verbal description.

Something New: 1 in every 10,000 people are born with their internal organs on the opposite side of their body

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): I love you!

In the English exam, the students were asked to finish the story that was used in the Reading Comprehension. There were many different stories, but most had the same thread running through them. Except Ana Elena’s story showed that she has really been paying attention to the books she reads. Yes, I was presented with a story to make Stephanie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks proud – probably more Meyer than Sparks, as there was no death involved. Anyway, forget Team Edward or Team Jacob. What about Team Reece?

Attendance: All Present


  • Reading Log
  • Umbrella
  • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.
  • History: Exam tomorrow.
  • Circular: Signed and returned

One Response to “(the worst thing I ate) Thursday”

  1. scarlatte said

    I still read it Mr.Kay. šŸ™‚

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