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(football) Monday

Posted by willkay on May 24, 2010

I went to my first football match at the age of five. It was my father’s way of preparing me for the World Cup, which was being held that year, 1966, in England. Can you imagine that? The first time you become aware of something, something as huge as football, coincides with winning the World Cup.Yes, 1966 was the year that England won the World Cup. In my mind, England were always (and would always be) the best in the world. Of course, in 1970 I was to learn that wasn’t exactly true, and by 1974 (when England failed to qualify for the World Cup) I was taught with the realities of supporting a football team. All teams lose. But by then it was too late, my soul was sold to Sheffield United, my heart belonged to England. Then I moved to Mexico, a chance to pick a new team, a chance to support a team that wins (or at least wins more often than Sheffield United, which shouldn’t be too difficult). Of course, I was still a Bladesman (every Saturday morning you can find me on the internet, following the mighty Blades to their latest loss/draw/unexpected win), but I could also sell my soul to a new team. Become a true supporter of…who? I met people, talked to people, and then one day I ended up in a bar watching El Classico – Chivas v América. There was a team playing in my beloved red and white stripes, and (more importantly) maria was cheering them on. I could see who I was going to support, this was going to be my new team. However, just before I made the plunge I asked maria: So, Chivas are your local team? And that is when I discovered that they weren’t. maria is from Torreón. As a child, her dad had taken her to watch Santos Laguna. Santos were her team. And instantly they became my team, much to her frustration. She tried to talk me out of it. She told me that they would break my heart. She told me how they would look really good for the first ten minutes of a match and then fade away. How they would go 2-0 up in a match only to lose 2-3. Santos were the Mexican equivalent of Sheffield United. I was sold. Santos became my team. maria was convinced that I had made a foolish decision, I knew nothing. And yet, in 2008, after I’d been supporting them for only a couple of years, they won Clausura. Eat my goal!

Yesterday my heart was broken. I keep going through it in my mind, and it still makes no sense. How did they lose from being 3-1 up?

Reading Logs: I know, I know, it’s late again. Friday was a rush, today was even worse, but somehow I managed to squeeze in enough time to take down the reading log numbers, and update The Wall of Fame. Hurray!


  • 1460 pages: Scarlatte
  • 951 pages: Ana Elena
  • 473 pages: Monica
  • 460 pages: Carlo Ivan
  • 450 pages: Paulina R.
  • 433 pages: Valerio
  • 311 pages: Miroslava
  • Seven students on The Wall of Fame and seven students in the 200+ Club. Again I am really impressed with my students. Well done to all.

    Maths exam.

    Football match: England v Mexico. Very kindly, Miss Monica invited the sixth grade (and me) to watch the game. Not only did she get the television set up in the multi-activity room (thanks Professor Humberto), but she also provided snacks. A very interesting afternoon followed – interesting for me at least, my team won.

    Something New:

    • Saved
    • Scored
    • Saved
    • Scored
    • Scored
    • Scored
    • Scored
    • Missed
    • Scored
    • Missed
    • Scored
    • Missed.

    I still don’t understand it. After six penaltiies there was no possible way Santos could lose. And yet, they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If Oswaldo had completed his save. If Vuoso had hit the target. If, if, if…and it was not to be.

    Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): The match

    Once, about 15 years ago, I arranged to take 50 pupils to a football match in London. A local football club, Crystal Palace, couldn’t sell enough tickets to a match, because the opposition were so unpopular. They contacted the school and offered us free tickets. The team they were playing was Sheffield United. I snatched up the tickets, took the kids, and watched the mighty Blades lose. Today I got to watch a match with my students, and for the first time I came out on the winning side, which was nice. Of course, this time I didn’t have to face the humiliation of the students actually singing to me, as they had done 15 years ago at a football ground, as part of the crowd. So that might have helped in making it a better moment.

    Attendance: All Present


    • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.
    • Spanish and Civics: Exam tomorrow.

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