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(chillax) Thursday

Posted by willkay on May 20, 2010

You know, trying to fill the gap between the double layers of Iron Man’s armour with water, is a lot harder than you’d think. Especially if you thought you were supposed to be draining the liquid originally. Also, it appears that the engineers don’t like it when, whilst wearing Iron Man’s armour, you stick your tongue out, and try to press the buttons in the visual display, inside the helmet. It was at this point in my dream, that I got involved in an argument about whether, when telling this dream to maria in the morning, I should call it Iron Man’s Armour or Iron Man’s Suit. I settled on armour just before the alarm went off.

Three down, one to go. Third day running all homework notebooks signed. Tomorrow is the last day of the week. Will it be perfect?

Today was not a normal day, by any stretch of the imagination. Computing and Spanish were switched around, so that Miss Claudia could introduce the topic, split the class up into groups, and set the tasks. Computing lesson was putting all that into motion. The students are working on team presentations in Powerpoint.

We finished the story, we practised the song and dance for assembly, we filled in our homework notebooks, we marked the spelling homework, we went to recess. I made one swap at recess – I got The World Cup!

After recess the sixth grade had their bonding exercise with Miss Monica. I have no idea what happened, it was students only. So if you want to know ask a sixth grader. One chance you might get to find out is via Scarlatte, who is the only student who has kept on writing a blog, because she has a new blog. There is a chance she might write in it about what happened. So, click here to find out.

Something New: Tonight. First leg in Clausura 2010 Final. Go Santos!

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): Where are we?

In theory, this shouldn’t be a FMOTD. When you ask a student to continue reading, they should know where we are in the book. So, if one student says it once it isn’t good. Twice, it is a bit annoying. Three times and…and you start to wonder what is going on in the lesson. When it happens the sixth/seventh/eighth time, you realise you are facing a losing battle, and the only thing left to do is chill-and-relax, chillax.

Attendance: All present.


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