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(yeah, I want to dance with somebody) Wednesday

Posted by willkay on May 19, 2010

Day Two in the Big Brother House and (and I realise that none of my readers will get that reference so I’ll start again) Day Two and we are still rolling at 100%. YES! Day Two and all the homework notebooks are signed. Again!! That means we are half way towards our target (my target). Only two more days to go to get all the homework notebooks signed all week.

After Spanish, we spent some time discussing how to climb Mount Everest. I say discussing but I probably mean, I told the class. After that we continued with our work on Scatter Plots. In Science we started a new subject: Machines. We discovered a new definition of work: force x distance. This means that (scientifically speaking) homework isn’t really work, unless you carry it from home to school. Just doing it at home isn’t work at all.

Recess. I had no swaps to swap. I really must get round to buying some more stickers. However, the girls had decided they want to dance when we sing the song in assembly. I told them that they would have to choreograph a dance. Most of recess (for the girls) was spent trying to come up with moves for the first two lines (TWO LINES). The boys played basketball.

After recess the boys decided that they too wanted to dance. We spent 40 minutes trying to put moves together for the first six lines. Whoot!

Something New: Follow-up on Everest.

Yesterday there were several questions about Everest (oh, and we also covered the word “follow-up” in the spelling list). So, last night I did some research about Everest and today presented it to the class.

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): I’ll dance, but only if you [Mr. Kay] teach us to dance.

Not sure if it is my FMOTD or maria’s. Being an English, old bloke with no hips, there is a good chance that I cannot dance. And yet it has fallen to me to choreograph the sixth grade assembly. maria wants to know if they will all be “dancing with their thumbs”? Hey, I go down a storm at weddings!!!!

Attendance: All present.


  • Maths: Practice 11-8 (not question 5)
  • Writing Assignment (for Friday): A Memory of your school years at BAI.
  • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.

3 Responses to “(yeah, I want to dance with somebody) Wednesday”

  1. Heriberto said

    Mr.kay I have no idea what to write of a memory

    • willkay said

      Think back, over all the years you have been at BAI. One day, when you are a Grandfather, you will have to tell your grandchildren all about your time at school. What story will you choose to tell them? What one single memory stands out, for you, about your time at BAI? Did something happen in Kindergarten? In 1st Grade? Do you remember being in Lion King/Wizard of Oz/Nightmare Before Christmas? What about your favourite teacher? Did you win any trophies? Do you remember how much you enjoyed that moment when he did that to her in the classroom? Or that time that she said that thing to that person?

      What is your favourite memory?

      Then, you need to set the scene. Tell the story. How old were you? What grade? Who were your best friends? What happened? Why was it so memorable? Did you learn anything from the moment? Will you ever do that again?

  2. Heriberto said

    OK I finish writing my story

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