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(charging through) Tuesday

Posted by willkay on May 18, 2010

Next week it is exams. The week after there are exams as well. The week after that we will be in the middle of June and (not giving too much away) I have a feeling that the school has certain things planned for June. There is a slight chance that this will be the last full week of homework. This is the last chance the 6th grade have of completing a whole week of signed homework notebooks. Day One was a success. All homework notebooks signed and on my desk. (Actually, to be more accurate, 20 out of 19 books, signed and on my desk.) Four days to go.

A visitor to class, this morning. Yes, for the whole of the maths lesson we had a visitor sat in the back of the classroom – and not one single student has asked why? Amazing really. This is a bunch of students who will be distracted by the smallest thing (today it was a mosquito that might [or might not] have been in the room), who will search for the one thing they can ask that is totally off topic (when are the exams?), and yet when presented with the single most obvious distraction/off topic moment, they carried on regardless. And no one asked after the lesson either. Hey ho. We covered an introduction to Scatter Plots.

English was the Grammar homework and a new Spelling List. The homework pointed out that the students don’t actual read the stories, or listen when their classmates are reading. Many of them couldn’t even remember the story we read on Friday, about Cesar Chavez. This is a bit worrying. Can’t remember a story from four days ago? Hmmmm.

Recess. Managed to swap two more of my FIFA World Cup stickers. Must buy some more actually.

Something New: Tijuana on top of the world. Everest conquered.

Favourite Moment Of The Day (FMOTD): I’m sorry Mr. Kay.

The fourth grade boys started playing football again at recess. They’ve been doing it for a couple of days now, but no one has told them off. Football has been stopped on the playground because of the 6th grade. They become too concentrated on the ball, the game, and don’t see what is happening around them. This led to several people being hit by footballs. The final straw was when a ball flew into the computer room and hit Miss Gaby (just missing a kindergarten student). So, football was banned. But, the fourth grade have slowly been introducing a game at recess, unnoticed by most as they have played quietly, and without interfering in anyone else’s enjoyment of recess. Unfortunately, for them, the game was noticed today by the sixth grade, and they asked if they could play. The answer was “No.” However, this meant that the fourth grade could no longer play either. I stopped the game. Half an hour later a fourth grade boy came and apologised for showing disrespect. I, at no stage, had felt or sensed any disrespect – in fact, I had felt slightly bad over the whole thing. However, this was wonderful. Made my day.

Attendance: All present.


  • Maths: Reteaching 11-8
  • Spelling: Workbook page: 91, 92
  • Writing Assignment (for Friday): A Memory of your school years at BAI.
  • Reading: This is not an option. You should be reading 20 minutes every night.

One Response to “(charging through) Tuesday”

  1. Miroslava said

    Who was at the back of the classroom? I forgot to ask. 😀

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