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(the pool) Wednesday

Posted by willkay on April 8, 2010

Miroslava writes:

Hi, everyone!!!

On Wednesday Scarlatte and I went to the pool. I started without her because her parents went to a class. I called her and she told me that her parents would take her to Club Britania at 3:30-3:45…well she arrived at 5:00 o’ clock.

In the pool the water was cold, but who cares? The climate was hot. While I was waiting for Scarlatte to arrive I played with some friends. Then she finally arrived…when I was eating some donuts (sorry Maria, they were chocolate donuts). Then we went into the pool and I introduced her to my friends. We played a little bit more and I went to tennis class. We only played 45 minutes!!!

Then one of my friends, Lizeth, noticed that I only had one earring. I had lost my earring!  Scarlatte and I searched EVERYWHERE but couldn’t find it. After tennis class Scarlatte and I went into the pool and we found it…

…but we couldn’t get it out. We tried everything but we could not take it out.

Then she went to my new house and it turned out to be a sleepover. Later I will send some photos Mr.Kay.

4 Responses to “(the pool) Wednesday”

  1. willkay said

    Fantastic story Miroslava. Thank you for sending it. And I really loved the drawing of where your earring ended up. Enjoy the rest of your holiday – and feel free to send me any other stories.

  2. maria said

    😦 I really liked your earrings (I am assuming it was one of the gold spherical thingamajigs?)

  3. Miroslava said

    Yes Maria,they were the ones with the spherical form.

  4. maria said

    Boo 😦 You’ll always have photos!

    And couldn’t your parents tell the club people? Maybe they have a hook or something.

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