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(peaceful) Tuesday

Posted by willkay on April 7, 2010

One of the problems with holidays is that I totally mess around with my body clock. You know, that clock inside you that makes you wake up at the same time in the morning, and makes you fall asleep in front of the television at night. What has been happening is, I haven’t been waking up in the morning, and I haven’t been going to bed until late at night early in the morning. Cause and effect. Because I don’t get up early, I don’t go to bed until a lot later. Because I don’t go to bed early, I don’t get get up until a lot later. Except this doesn’t work on Tuesdays. Tuesday is bin day. It is the day the binmen come round and collect the rubbish. [Translation into American: It is the day the garbagemen come round and collect the trash.] This means we have to get up early to put the binbags out in the street. We’ve tried putting out the bags before we go to bed, however the roving packs of dogs that wander the streets, normally wake us up in the middle of the night, searching through our bags for clues to my KFC addiction. Thus, Tuesday morning we have to get up early, drag the rubbish down the stairs, and put it all outside. Once we were awake and up and doing stuff, we decided that we should really do something. So we did. We went and crossed the border – or, at least, maria crossed the border (she has a Sentri pass), I stood in a queue for an hour, waiting to cross the border.

We went to Balboa Park. We spent time walking round the *squirrel* park, through the gardens. maria took loads of pictures. If you ever go to Balboa Park, look carefully at the buildings. They all have very intricate carvings on them, that are very beautiful. We also spent an hour or so in the botanical garden – a glass building, full of flowers and plants. There are always major culture-shocks for me when we do things like this. The other day, when we were at the zoo, we stood and watched humming birds, flying in and drinking the nectar in plants. It amused me that in England the humming birds would be in cages, because they are not native. It was the same today. As a child in Sheffield, my parents would take me to The Botanical Gardens. There were huge greenhouses, full of exotic plants and trees – like palm trees or orange trees! And yet, here I am now, in a country where I can see palm trees and orange trees from my kitchen window. [Of course, Balboa Park does not have a Bear Pit like the one in Sheffield. Although the bears were taken out of the pit in the 1870s, just before I was born.]

When I first came to Mexico, one of the first places we went to in the USA were Sunset Cliffs. I like the sea and I’d never seen the Pacific Ocean, and there is nowhere more beautiful to view the Pacific than sat on Sunset Cliffs, watching the sun set. The cliffs go red, the waves pound against the rocks sending spray up into the air, the sun disappears behind the horizon very quickly. We decided to finish the day with a visit to the cliffs. However there were still a couple of hours to go before the sun set, and we hadn’t eaten. We went to Shakespeare’s Pub and Grille. This is an English pub in San Diego. This means that I get to order one of my favourite meals: fish, chips, and mushy peas. If you look closely at the picture you will see that I have a bowl of something that is slightly radioactive-green coloured. This is not a bowl of guacamole. that is a bowl full of mushy peas. Yum, yum! Of course, there is not just the true joy and wonderment of mushy peas to be had at the pub. There is also the shop (or shoppe as they insist on calling it). There you can purchase pork pies, scotch eggs, maltesers, and Marmite. Marmite, simply the bestest ever spread to put on your toast! [At this moment maria is start to go on about Marmite, avocado, and cheese, something I haven’t tried…yet!]

After a late lunch, it was time to set of to the cliffs. As we drove along, I played CNPS. CNPS is Consecutive Number Plate Spotting. This is where you spot number plates with consecutive numbers. Basically you need to see a 000 to start. Then a 001, a 002, 003, 004, and so on, until you get to 999. You cannot miss numbers, you cannot see them on television, or in pictures. You have to spot them live. I have been playing this game for over a year now, and during the day I managed to spot a 037 in Balboa Park and a 038 outside Shakespeare’s Pub. Unfortunately the 039 I spotted was before the 038, so that didn’t count. I spent the journey to the cliffs searching the number plates to no avail! As usual, the cliffs were beautiful. We waited for a bit, contemplating the universe, watching the waves pound against the cliffs. There weren’t that many surfers in the water. The sun set. We got cold. We came home. Stopping off at Target for a ginormous bag of wild bird seed. [On the balcony, maria has built a shelf upon which she has placed several different bird feeders. These we fill with seed and left over food that the birds might eat.]

So, that was my Tuesday. How did yours go? Have you done anything exciting in the holidays? Drop me an email or write something in the comments, I am sure that everyone will be interested.

4 Responses to “(peaceful) Tuesday”

  1. Tuesday marked a week since my surgery. No, I did not do anything exciting, besides watch movies, a movie marathon rather.
    Mr. Kay, I really am surprised when you say you are addicted to KFC?! After your comments during our last teacher’s meeting, about proper diet and all that, how can you? Do you know that the chickens they murder to make nuggets are mutant chickens? No beaks! They cannot move an inch since the time they are born. They live in filth, They have pneumonia when they are killed and thus, whatever illness they have will be transmitted in some odd way to the people who eat them!
    Please, please release your addiction, and if you just cannot live life without chicken, at least buy at Whole Foods, where it is organic.
    Good Health!

  2. Shai Romano said

    Mr. Kay , do you like cooking ?

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